Veterans of War of 1812

Time line of War



United States Declares War on Britain


June 19, United States Declares War on Great Britain.  


July 12, General Hull invades Upper Canada at Sandwich (Detroit River) Stars and Stripes
July 17, Captain Charles Roberts captures Fort Michilimackinac from the United States (Lake Huron)
Union Jack
August 15, Americans evacuate Fort Dearborn (Chicago), post destroyed by First Nations Union Jack
August 16, General Brock and Tecumseh capture Detroit with combination of militia, First Nations and British regulars
Union Jack
September 21, Americans raid Gananoque destroy military depot Stars and Stripes
October 13, Americans defeated at Queenston Heights (Niagara), Brock killed Union Jack
November, an American army approaches Lower Canada from the south but withdraws without attempting to capture the city or engage British troops. Union Jack
November 29, Americans cross Niagara River at Frenchman's Creek, withdraw after counter attack by British and militia. Union Jack


January 19, Battle of Frenchtown - Colonel Proctor with mixed force of regulars, militia and First Nations defeats U.S. General Winchester and compels surrender Union Jack
February 22, Lieutenant-Colonel George Macdonnel
raids Ogdensburg, New York
Union Jack
April 27, Dearborn's forces raid York (Toronto), British forces retreat on Kingston Stars and Stripes
April 28-May 10, Siege of Fort Meigs on the Maumee (Ohio) fails to capture the American post Stars and Stripes
May 25-27, Dearborn captures Fort George (Niagara), British forces under General Vincent retreat to Burlington Stars and Stripes
May 29, British raid on Sackets Harbor (Lake Ontario); fail to destroy American naval base Stars and Stripes
June 6, Battle of Stoney Creek, American forces withdraw to Fort George Union Jack
June 24, Battle of Beaver Dams, American detachment, surrounded by First Nation warriors, forced to surrender to Colonel Fitzgibbon following warnings by Laura Secord Union Jack
August 2, Attack on Fort Stephenson on the Sandusky River (Ohio) repulsed with heavy losses, Proctor retreats to Detroit Stars and Stripes
September 10, Battle of Lake Erie, British squadron captured. Proctor decides to evacuate Detroit and eventually withdraws completely from the area due to failing supplies Stars and Stripes
October 5, Battle of the Thames, British defeated, Tecumseh killed, General Proctor retreats on Burlington Stars and Stripes
October 26, Battle of Châteauguay in Lower Canada, American army under Wade Hampton retreats back over the border Union Jack
November 11, Battle of Chrysler's Farm, U.S. forces repulsed, American army retreats after word of the defeat at Châteauguay in Lower Canada Union Jack
December 10, General McClure burns Niagara and retreats to American side of the Niagara River  
December 19, British Capture Fort Niagara, destroy American settlements along the Niagara in retaliation for Niagara Union Jack
March 4, Battle of Long Woods or Battle Hill near Thamesville - American raiders from Detroit repulse attack by British regulars and Upper Canadian militia Stars and Stripes
Spring and Summer, Royal Navy raids communities and shipping along Virginia and North Carolina coastline. Economic blockade of the United States tightened  
May 6, British capture Oswego, New York, destroy depot Union Jack
May 23-June 21, Treason Trials at Ancaster Upper Canada (Hamilton)  
July 3, General Jacob Brown captures Fort Erie Stars and Stripes
July 5, Battle of Chippewa, British defeated under General Rial, retreat on Queenston Stars and Stripes
July 25, Battle of Lundy's Lane, British under General Drummond, Americans withdraw to Fort Erie next day Union Jack
August 4-5, Successful British defense of Michilimackinac Union Jack
August 12, British naval and army personnel capture two American war vessels off Fort Erie, the Ohio and the Sommers. Union Jack
August 14, British supply ship Nancy destroyed in engagement in Nottawasaga Bay Stars and Stripes
August 15, British attack Fort Erie, repulsed with heavy loss. Stars and Stripes
August 24, Battle of Bladensburg, British defeat U.S. forces and destroy part of Washington in retaliation for York. Union Jack
August 31, Castine and other coastal towns in Maine captured in joint action by British army and Royal Navy Union Jack
September 3, American war vessel Tigress captured off Mackinaw Island by British gunboats (renamed the Surprise) Union Jack
September 5, American war vessel Scorpion captured by Tigress (renamed the Confiance) Union Jack
September 11, Battle of Lake Champlain, British squadron defeated, General Prevost retreats without attacking American garrison at Plattsburg Stars and Stripes
September 17, Americans attack British siege positions, destroy Battery Stars and Stripes
October 19, Battle of Cooks Mills, last fight in Upper Canada  
November 5, American forces evacuate Niagara Peninsula  
December 25, Treaty of Ghent signed ending the War of 1812
January 8, Battle of New Orleans, British defeated, two weeks after the preliminary terms of the peace treaty were signed Stars and Stripes

"An American observer of the war, Nathan Ford, lamented the failure of the United States to gain a clear military advantage in a war that was to have been a "mere matter of marching":

Elias Bragg
Captain John Field's Company of Light Infantry
8th Regiment, 4th Brigade, Virginia Militia
 John H. Cocke, Commander
War of 1812
Sep 1784 - Jan 20 1861
Buried in Bragg Cemetery

General Peter Schuyler Post

came to Galesburg in 1854, died in 1861


Sgt. Hiram Everest

Sumner's VT MIL

War of 1812

Buried Hope Cemetery

Welcome Pigsley, Jr

New York

PVT. NY Militia

War of 1812

Nov 02, 1796  Sept 16, 1874

buried in the Hunt Cemetery, Indian Pt Twp., Knox Co., IL

Abraham Davis Swarts
Founded Abingdon, Ill 1836
Born Harford Co., MD 1783
Died Abingdon, Ill 1854
Served War of 1812 & Black Hawk War
Also Buried here
Wife Ann B. Carroll Swarts
1793 - 1851
and Daughters
Martha age 10
Ellen E. age ee
Marker placed May 1968 by
Col. Jonathan Latimer Chapter NSDAR

buried in Abingdon Cemetery

Abraham Elwell

submitted From Peggy Rehberg of California


Israel M.



Father, Veteran War 1812

Abingdon Cemetery


Col. Aaron N. and Clarissa (Root) Phelps



 Dr. Holcomb

was a surgeon in the War





PVT. Spanglers Co. IPA MIL

Camp Ground Cemetery aka Clark Chapel/ Housh



War of 1812

Finck Cemetery

Finck/Fink Cemetery

abandoned Cemetery in need of restoration

Cyrus and Margaret Church

War of 1812

Henry Ransom Ferris


Look'n for his last rest'n place
for a fellow researcher.
might be in the Ontario Cemetery
as some of his family is there???
James Walter

John W. and Hannah (Sumner) Walter. The father was born in Virginia and was a soldier in the War of 1812. The mother was a native of  South (sic, North) Carolina.

Buried in Walter Cemetery, Maquon Twp., Knox County, IL.  John has a very nice grandson of so many greats who has taken it upon himself to preserve the last resting place of his ancestors who came before him.



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