Black Hawk War Veterans of Knox County, IL


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Black Hawk War Veterans

This is one War, I don't even like to think about how our American, or otherwise ancestors treated the Indians and what we did to them.  I've never liked this part of our history at all. Have always felt they were very unfair to the Indians when the white man came to this beautiful country, took it over, made them all live on reservations.

William Clark And The Black Hawk War 

above link is off-site but good on the history of the War

Col. William McMurtry
McMurtry's Co. Ill. Mtd. Rangers
Feb. 20 , 1801 - Aug. 10, 1875

Lieutenant-Governor of Illinois

Rice ~ Blue Cemetery

James McMurtry, brother to William above*

Black Hawk War under Major Butler

Rice ~ Blue Cemetery
Major Thomas McKee

Black Hawk War under Major Butler

Rice ~ Blue Cemetery
Frontleroy Freeman

Black Hawk War under Major Butler, I believe Major Butler was from Warren Co., IL--have to check.


Thomas Maxwell, Sr.


 McMurtry's Co. Ill. Mtd. Rangers


Capt. Calvin Glass (1794 - 1878)

 McMurtry's Co. Ill. Mtd. Rangers
  Arrived by ox team from Ohio in 1830.
  Owned and platted most of this village
  site and gave this area as a free cemetery.
  Commissioned Captain at Rock Island
  during Black Hawk War. Built first water
  mill in Knox County 1833 on Henderson
  Creek. This marker erected in 1949 in
  grateful remembrance by Fred Dunbar,
  Glenn Glass and Albert Hickman.

This Stone Quarried in Flint Hills
of Kentucky. Came by Ohio, Mississippi,
Illinois River, to Peoria. Freighted by
Ox team to Mill Site of Calvin Glass.
Presented by
Great-grandson Glenn Glass

Stephen Osborn

 McMurtry's Co. Ill. Mtd. Rangers
1778 ~ 1841
An early Settler who helped organize & was the First Sheriff & Tax Collector 1830-1835 and whose devotion to duty has ever since his successors, this Monument dedicated in 1949 by Charles M Dahler, Sheriff 1946 - 1950, A. D. Hickman, Fred Dunar, Martin Sutor, & Glenn Glass.

John D. Roundtree joined with the volunteer soldiers for service in the Black Hawk War and after his death his wife drew a pension of about six or eight dollars a month.  
Barbero, Nathan

drove a team in the war

Aaron Noble Phelps

 McMurtry's Co. Ill. Mtd. Rangers
Born Sept 09, 1819
Died June 16, 1881
Sarah J., his wife
Born April 05, 1828
Died Sept. 16, 1890




William Lewis

 McMurtry's Co. Ill. Mtd. Rangers

Log city Cemetery
Foster, James M.  
Moses Edwardsa soldier of 1812

& Black Hawk War


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