Will & Estate Index of Knox County, IL

Will be working the next two weeks at the courthouse on some much needed wills I need to do complete for some people. Today is Oct 4, 2008. Have so much to catch up on. So, please be patient with me. Thanks!

Anyone who has mailed & I received two of them via the mail & will find them I am working at the courthouse right now to get caught up on doing these. Feel free to email me below so I can have your information handy.

Any contributions, corrections, or suggestions would be deeply appreciated!

Thanks!!! Without you there would be no here and now or yesterday....

The below information & service is just for Wills before 1900's, I believe that is the cut off year.  All wills & estate records after 1900 you may obtain

from Lily at the Knox County Courthouse:

Just tell her Foxie sent you!

Knox County Courthouse
200 S. Cherry Street
Galesburg, IL 61401

info@knoxclerk.org email
Request Pay for Vital Records


 County Clerk
Circuit Clerk

 (309) 345-3815
(309) 345-3859
(309) 345-3818

     In order to get copies or records from the Estate & Will department at the Knox County Courthouse you have to have someone go in and photograph them. I've done this project before with surprising results. Will scan some of the photos I have in order for you to see how it works.  Right now I need to get to the courthouse and do two of them for a couple of people.  I'm going to try out my new digital camera on them.  I rented a 35 mm camera before because the older digital wouldn't work. will see if the new one will. I'm hoping it will work. If not will have to rent one and cost of rental, film, processing, postage and such is the responsibility of the person requesting the wills or estates papers to be photographed.

Deposit required.  Since beginning this page I've found my new digital camera will work on the photographing of wills.

This is a sample photo taken this week May 02, 2006th at the courthouse.
Little blurry, wasn't using the tripod & then I get nervous. But with a steady
hand, tripod, and black background they turn out wonderful.

These were taken in the last couple of weeks.

These are some of the papers and what they look like.  This isn't an easy job.

    When emailing me about a will, I will need a deposit of $20.00 to start and balance before information is sent to you, the name of the person, year of the will, am not putting the Will & disposed of information on here to help me save time in putting this small little place together.   But a must on the full name and the year.  Also, will need your address and telephone number in case I have any questions that might arise in the course of doing this job. Thanks! Also, remember not all of the papers seem to be in the probate files, as before and still when people come in to research their family members they seem to take papers with them when they leave.  For referral information you can call Lily at the courthouse.

Send required deposit and information to:
Foxie Hagerty
RR #1 Box 63
1635 Sherwood Road
Dahinda, IL 61428

Surnames index of Wills & probate records online have my favorite Angel graphic from Thanks Granny Gran...


Working on the lists





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