Williams Cemetery

         Most photos I took today were in Black & white. Most of tombstones are old and they turn out better.
When taking the scenic photos forgot to turn on the color but it was so overcast with clouds, I think, they look a little funny when I did remember. Plus, it wasn't very warm out this morning when I was out to the cemetery. My starting out degrees was 13. I got a little cold but not too bad. Just would go to the car & get warmed up.

           You may click on a thumb nail for a bigger view of the photo which
will open in it's own window. Will post more photos on another page. took me quite awhile to figure out who is in the Knox Genealogical list, with the tombstones that are there in the cemetery and there were mistakes and they are marked. I'm probably the only one stupid enough to go out in this kind of  weather and take tombstone photos but it was fun. Enjoy.... Happy Days are here again.....

Road leading to Cemetery from IL Hwy #41

Williams Cemetery EST. 1881

Road going west from cemetery

heading back east from cemetery

close up of Sign

entering the cemetery.

This is tombstone over the fence

not on list. can't read photo

no name or anything & not on list bottom of stone not on list
This is the Joseph Rhykerd line not on list. only bottom of stone frozen to ground & not on list
Underwood Tombstone Photos for Leta
Leta these are for you.
Tombstone Photos to be continued......

Williams Cemetery sometimes in later years referred to the Clay/Mosser Cemetery when in actuality it should have been named the Underwood Cemetery.  Back in 1881 on the eighth day of February J. R. Williams and H. A. Williams saw fit when they owned the property to have Lot number, two (2) of the subdivision of the North West quarter of section thirty, 30, in Township Eleven North Range one East, being one hundred square rods of ground which is now fenced and used as a cemetery on said above described quarter.

This plot of ground was used for a cemetery long before it was deeded to be a cemetery.  from a listing I have and comparing with tombstones and such the first burial from the tombstones seems to be in the year of 1844; the son of A. R. & A. M. Halliwill aged 3years 5mo and 8days. They called him James Halliwill.

The Grantor, J. R. Williams and H. A. Williams for the consideration of One Dollars convey and quit-claim to H. Ellis, C. A. Rheichard, and John L. Cone as Trustees to the Williams Cemetery Association all interest in the following described real estate: ----as stated above--- situated in the County of Knox in the State of Illinois, hereby releasing and waiving all rights under and by virtue of the Homestead Exemption Laws of this State.

Dated this eight day of February A. D. 1881.

J. R. Williams   (Seal)

H. A. Williams (Seal)

In a later documentation of later years when the property had changed had it also states:

230.81 acres of land designated as Lot Number 8 of Revenue Plat of 1919 of the West half of Section 30, Township 11 North, Range 1 East of the Fourth Principal Meridian, Knox county, Illinois, recorded in Volume 8 of Plats, page 12, being the land described as the North 232.42 acres of the West Half of Section 30, in Township 11 North, Range 1 East of the Fourth Principal Meridian, Knox County, Illinois (except for seventy-four hundredths of an acre designated at Lot 2 and eighty-seven hundredths of an acre designated as Lot 7 on said Plat).

This is where the Williams Cemetery sometimes called the Clay/Mosser Cemetery sits.

    I had an ancestor contact me about this cemetery and it's condition.  The condition has improved not a whole lot but some and still needs some work since she was here and visited in 1991.  She was drove out of the Cemetery not being able by the person who holds the deed above to enter this cemetery.    I want to apologize to her and any other descendants that have tried through the years to visit this cemetery only to be told they could not by the person who said he owned the land when in fact   HE DOES NOT.  Says so right in his deed. I'm sorry for any in-convenience or hard feelings this gentleman may have caused anyone or anybody. This should never have happened to anyone and the gentleman in question knew it.  That what is so sad about this.  But I'm here to say sorry for his treatment of you.    Also, the lady in question who contacted me knows more about this cemetery than anyone in Knox County who I've talked to.  I found the deed records at the courthouse and have a copy of them here at my home if anyone is interested in a copy just email me and I will send them to you. But I had to put this on here.  

Many people are not aware that most cemeteries even older one might have a deed to them and people who own the property around them do not actually own the cemetery itself.  Most People also do not know or realize that it is a state law that a person who has a cemetery no matter how big has to provide a right-of-way to get to the said cemetery.  They can not tell you that you can not visit the cemetery or anything on that order.  It's not done or suppose to be done and if it is the person who tells you that is in the wrong.  So, go visit any cemetery you want.  If you have to cross land owned by somebody else I always ask permission first.  some of them don't realize the right-of-way that is suppose to be made available.  So, to cause problems, I just stop and ask somebody about it first.  I want people to know this.

Also, if you have relatives buried here in this cemetery would like your support in a clean up of it.  There tombstones down and over the fence and it also might need to be surveyed again to get the proper lineage back in place.  While visiting the cemetery today and taking photos of all the tombstones that were visible.  I spotted a tombstone over the fence in a pile of rail road ties.  I crossed the fence and took photos of that tombstone also.  All photos will be put online today or tomorrow with a link from this page.  But like support and help from descendants of people buried here to put tombstones back upright and to set some in concrete.

Thanks for your time. Feed my doggie emails he will love you.

        Also, want to say thanks to the people or persons who are or who started the clean up of this very old cemetery.  It still needs some work with the up righting of several very large tombstones.  But thanks for what you are doing and the people lying there would thank you too if they could.  It's always nice to be remembered.

Update-- A distant cousin of mine is doing the clean up of this cemetery, I recently found out. Their names are Ted & Hilary Hoffman. They can be reached at

Ted & Hilary Hoffman
537 N. Academy Street
Galesburg, IL 61401

Donations for restoring costs and gas for mowing and keeping the cemetery in the condition you find it today can also be sent to them at this address. Thanks!!!
For a job well done.

Ted & Hilary have done more research on the people buried here and have obituaries, and other info on them. They are also  in the process of putting the fence back to the original location and including a tombstone that ended up in the hog lot. Will be out that way later on in this summer and plan on taking some newer photos with my camera as some of the ones taken before are from and older camera and it was in Feb and I about froze to death that day. Thanks!!!! and any help on more of these fine people buried here would love to hear from you. Thanks!

created February 10, 2006


Surnames Given Name

Wife's surname

Date of Birth Date of Death Comments/Military
Rockwell David W. 1873 Dec 27, 1893 hand written stone... did not find this one.
Clay Irving Lowell September 20, 1839 May 05, 1880 age 40 years 7m 15das
Clay Elizabeth Underwood   info from a living ancestoer don't know if she's buried here or not???
Clay Mary A. Underwood January 13, 1814 1848  wife of S. Clay
Barnett John T. October 20, 1809 September 02, 1905  
Barnett Malinda November 11, 1806 May 14, 1893 wife of John T.
Williams Dannie G.   July 11, 1892 son of D. M. & R. C.
Baldwin Ida 1872 1900  
Baldwin Infant son   October 09, 1893 son of M. D. & E. I.
Riddell John 1849    
Riddell Mary Underwood 1851 1903 John's wife/married January 01, 1874, Knox Co., IL
Riddell May 1878 1900  
Riddell Clarence 1881    
Riddell Sadie 1889    
Riddell Dora 1894    
Rockwell David M. 1873 December 27, 1893  
Cone John October 08, 1797 June 02, 1879 ae 81yrs 7m 25da/**born in Westminister Vermont, October 07, 1797
Cone Lucinda March 24, 1796 June 19, 1887 born in Grafton, VT
Cone Leonora 1822 1912  
Cone John DeCarlos Feb. 04, 1825 June 27, 1885 **AE 60 years, 4 months, 23 days
Cone Sara B. Jan 06, 1835 Feb. 08, 1901 wife of John DeCarlos / **AE 66 years, 1 month, 2 days
Cone Lucia April 20, 1882 June 12, 1882 their daughter / **AE 0 years, 1 month, 23 days
Cone Mark R. 1871 1930  
Cone Fannie 1868 1924  
**Cone Leonora 1822 1912  
Kenan Henry January 03, 1824 January 07, 1897  
Kenan Indiana   April 11, 1874 age 46yr 26dayrs/ 1st wife
Kenan   June 19, 1882 February 24, 1895 dau of L. E. & L. A.
**Kenan Kaziah Underwood   info from living ancestor 2nd wife no tombstone
Hull Leroy P 1844 1883  
Hull Martha J. 1842 1906 Leroy's wife
**Hull Jane     only the name on the stone
Bruinington Benjamin February 09, 1811 October 30, 1895  
Bruinington Harriet J. June 30, 1818 February 05, 1880 Benjamin's wife
Bruinington Malissia J.   October 03, 1878 ae 33yrs 7das
Cowan Robert   Nov 27, 1892 ae 64yrs
Cowan Bertha   Dec 26, 1904 ae 68yrs his wife
Cowan John E.   Dec 26, 18?? ae 14yrs / didn't find his stone unless he is listed on the side that is one the ground and the stone is so big take a crane to lift it.
Russell Thomas S.   August 31, 1895 on the Cowan Tombstone
Haines     August 13, 1857 ae 36yrs/wife of Risley C. Haines
Barnhisell Samuel L. 1820 1860 Husband to Caroline
Barnhisel Caroline Underwood 1819 1897 **wife of Samuel info from a living ancestor
Barnhisel Clara B. 1850 1871 **Caroline & Samuel's daughter info from a living ancestor
Fauble Zach     45th Iowa Inf. Co. H.
Ellis Joseph T. May 06, 1825 June 29, 1892  
Ellis Mercy August 24, 1834 December 23, 1856 wife
Ellis Florence S.   November 25, 1854 daughter of J. S. & L.
Ellis Infant son   Jan 15, 1860 AE 2ms 1day
Ellis Cornelia B.   Mar 20, 1853 AE 25ys 1m 1d -- wife of Joseph T.
Ellis Evelyn D.   July 09, 1851 AE 17yrs
Rhykerd Charles A Dec 07, 1829 Dec 05, 1911  
Rhykerd Joann S. Dec 03, 1833 March 23, 1917  
Rhykerd Ruby May 31, 1897 Feb 16, 1899 dau of C A *H A.
Rhykerd Clark A. Feb 18, 1871 July 07, 1900 on back of Charles & Joan's tombstone
Rhykerd Mamie P. Jan 23, 1900 April 19, 1905 Charles Mother, Maybe?
Rhykerd Infant son     of Charles & Joan stone by itself and only half there
Rhykerd Charles Mar 02, 1875 Mar 23, 1876  
**Rhykerd Joseph April 26, 1797 Oct 28, 1853 has a new stone and the old one still there.
**Rhykerd Caroline March 27, 1800 1865 on new stone - didn't see an old one for her.
Rhykert Caroline   April 02, 1854 dau of L & C Aged 5yrs 5mos
Rhykert Lewis 1796 1866  
Rhykert Cornelia 1805 1860  
Rhykert George W. 1834 1860 son of Lewis & Cornelia
Rhykert Caroline 1849 April 02, 1864 Aged 5yrs 5mo---has her own tombstone also. all the Rhykert's from Lewis on down are on the same stone.
Slauson Eliza   March 29, 1868 aged 49yrs 11ms 16ds
Slauson Jesse   May 13, 1860 age 48yrs 8m ?ds
Sherwood Phebe Ostrom   Jan 29, 1888 AE 76yrs 5ms 25ds
Sherwood Steven   Oct 23, 1885 AE 81yrs 3ms 8ds
Sherwood Charles P.   July 31, 1855 age 5ms 3ds - their son- all same stone
**Sherwood Steven U.   Sept. 24, 1862? AE 54? yrs 6ms Ods taken from broken tombstone.
Porter Luther   Jan 10, 1867 AE 78yrs
Underwood Valentine   Feb 20, 1849 AE 37yrs 1m 15ds - his first name spelled wrong on stone.
Underwood John Oct 27, 1805 Nov 21, 1885 **Brother to Valentine above
**Underwood Cylene   Dec 21, 1858 AE 52yrs 1mo 16ds wife of John
**Underwood Cylena Nov. 05, 1806 Dec 21, 1858 wife of John Newer stone than above but for same person first name is spelled different. --- 2 stones
Husted William   May 15, 1856 AE 24yrs 2ms 2ds son of James & Sarah
Husted Calista E.   June 09, 1847 AE
Husted Fanny R.   Sept. 11, 1847 AE 22yrs 11ms 25ds dau of James & Sarah
**Husted George W.   April 27, 1859 son of ? & ? I expect James & Sarah.
**Husted James   April 26, 1866 AE 68yrs 4ms 1d
Ostrom Frank Knox   Sept. 27, 1851 AE 1yr 27ds  son of A & G.
Ostrom Andrew   June 26, 1863 AE 76yrs 11ms
Ostrom Joan   Dec. 21, 1864 AE 57yrs 8ms 9ds
Halliwill James   April 08, 1844 AE 3yrs 5ms 8ds  ~ 1st burial noted**
Hoffman Jesse R. June 20, 1871 July 26, 1917 Husband of Mattie
Hoffman Mattie M. Oct 11, 1872 Dec. 10, 1925 wife of Jesse R.
Wade John *P Feb. 29, 1829 Sept.07, 1899  
**Wade Willie ? 24, 1861 ??, 1875 son of J P & M E stone is broken and someone put together lay'n it flat on a base. Thanks
Harris Holland Sr 1832 1918 niece to Rachel Peckenpaugh

information sent in by a descendant on the Williams side of the family

Harris Rachel A. 1826 1898
Leamons Ellen *Nov. 12, 1813 *Sept. 22, 1879 wife of H. A.
Leamons Malinda May 30, 1865 April *24, 1878 dau. of Ellen & H. A.
Warner Ester J.   Feb. 11, 1868 AE 15yrs 6ms 1d
Williams Seba   Mar *30, 1866 AE 71yrs *15ds
**Williams Joseph   June 21, 1862 AE 79yrs 9m 27ds this I believe is on Seba's stone but a different side.
The People below along with the information you find above with ** before it is not on the any list but mine. I also, have tombstone photos will upload this week end of every stone I found except for a couple that were frozen down and I couldn't turn them over. Sorry, about that.
Wood Rozina S. wife of R. Wood ~~ stone is sunken in ground needs to be dug up but is frozen in ground right now. Could be more people in this plot. it's in the southeast corner, in the back.
Sawtell     June 08, 1864 dau of J P & O A couldn't read the first name of dau.
Sawtell George P.   ??, 1845 son of J P & O A
Williams Evettee   July 09, 1854 dau of ? & ? Williams
Williams Dannie C.   July 11, 1897 son of O M & B C Williams
Bradley D. W.   Feb 01, 1857 AE 40 yrs
Marshall Ell   March 03, 1863 dau of E. & MA AE  5ds
Gillespie Charley   Aug 15, 1865 son of D ? & M.
Ostrom Murray   Dec. 26, 186? son of A. & J. should of put him up w/ his parents.
Holmes Ann Augusta May 27, 1864 Sept. 20, 1865 AE 1yr 3ms 24ds  I figured out her birthday.
Abbott Johnston Mar 30, 1849 Mar 26, 1901 These two people are both on the same tombstone.  Don't know what that means.
Springsteel Mary Nov 22, 1821 June 21, 1890
      I put some, marriages here  from the Illinois index that might go with some of the people
 buried here. 
 If you would happen to have any information on 
anyone buried her or someone who is buried here and not listed feel free  to email me.
I would greatly appreciate the information and  add them to this list. Thanks. 





ALLISON, A E              UNDERWOOD, ETTA A 08/21/1910 E/ 264 WARREN







CLAY, SEWELL                 UNDERWOOD, ELIZABETH 04/29/1850 A/ 224 WARREN



ELLIS, JOSEPH T                 RHYKERT, ADALINE 12/25/1853 00A/0309 WARREN

HOOD, MAHLON S           RHYKERT, MARY JANE 08/21/1859 B/ 30 WARREN

MECUM, CHARLES            RHYKERD, LILLIE J 01/29/1879 D/ 18 WARREN

DUNCAN, EARL E      RHYKERD, NELLIE S 10/10/1915 00F/0163 WARREN

RHYKERD, CLARK A          YARDE, HATTIE A 08/17/1892 D/ 215 WARREN

RHYKERD, WARD J        SQUIN, NELLIE C 04/03/1883 D/ 81 WARREN



Here is more information on some of the people buried here from Leta, .

Here is some additional info about the Clay-Mosser Cem.  It is from a book I compiled several years ago.

(1) Zachariah Taylor Fauble born 1827, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, died 2 February 1878, near Cameron, Warren County, Illinois,  buried Clay-Moser Cemetery, Knox County, Illinois. He served in Civil War from May 10, 1864 to July 10, 1864 in Co. H., 45th Reg. Iowa Volunteer Infantry. He was discharged 12 September 1864, Keokuk, Iowa, after “hemorrhage” of the lungs after walking from Moscow, Tennessee. He enrolled May 10, 1864 at Mt Pleasant, Iowa.  Zachariah married 10 June 1850, Richfield, Ohio, Zabra Rose Wood born 1832, New York, died 10 January 1909, Galesburg, Illinois.  She was the daughter of William Wood born New York and Ann ___, born New York. In 1850, the couple were living with Zabra’s parent in Bath Township, District 141, Summit County, Ohio. Sabra was living Floyd Township, Warren County, Illinois, Post Office Cameron, when she applied for a Widow’s Pension in December 1887.
  a. Franklin Leroy Fauble born 21 November 1856, Richfield, Ohio, died 19 August 1937. He lived Galesburg, Illinois in 1933.
  b. Charles Alvin [Albert?] Fauble born 8 December 1858, Trenton, Henry County, Iowa, died 29 March 1933, Randall, Illinois, buried 31 March 1933, Linwood Cemetery, Block 39, Lot 26, Galesburg, Illinois, married 7 May 1885, Galesburg, Kellister Ann Sears born 8 September 1858, Camp Point, Illinois, died 6 March 1947, Galesbury, Illinois, buried Linwood Cemetery. She was the daughter of Henry M. Sears and Sarah Washington Cummins. Children: Mark Leroy Fauble born 24 August 1885, Coldbrook Township, Warren County, Illinois, died December 1966 Leavenworth, Washington; Rose Ellen Fauble born 4 February 1888, Coldbrook Township, Warren County, Illinois, married Leonard Carl Johnson. In 1933, lived Chicago, Illinois. Children: Leona and Leonard Carl Johnson Jr of Chicago in 1933; Leona Pearl Fauble born 15 November 1890, Coldbrook Township, Warren County, Illinois, died September 1977, Galesburg, Illinois, married Fred Whited born 9 January 1889, died in Pleasant View, Illinois, lived 1933, Iowa City, Iowa, in 1947 in Lamar, Missouri, in 1968 in Iowa City. Child Louise Whited married ____ Good and lived Iowa City in 1933; Arthur Ray Fauble born 3 March 1893, Coldbrook Township, died 18 November 1968, Galesburg, Illinois, buried 21 November 1968, Linwood Cemetery, Galesburg;
   A notice of funeral services for Charles Fauble who died Wednesday at his home in East Galesburg, will be held from the Christian church in East Galesburg, Friday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock. Burial will be in Linwood cemetery.


Charles Alvin Fauble was born in Mr. Pleasant, Iowa, December 8, 1858, and was the third child of Zachary Taylor and Zaber Rose Fauble. He resided in Mr. Pleasant until he was six years old when the family moved to a farm in Warren county, where he lived until his death which occurred March 19, at Randall. He was united in marriage to Kellister Ann Sears May 7, 1885, in Gales- burg and to this union were born two sons, Mark of Index, Wash., and Arthur at home, also two daughters, Mrs. Fred Whited, Iowa City, Iowa, and Mrs. Leonard C. Johnson of Chicago. There mourns his death a sister, Mrs. Lizzie Curl of Bellingham, Washington, a brother, Frank Fauble of Galesburg, three grandchildren, Mrs. Louise Good of Iowa City, Iowa, Leona and Leonard Carl Johnson Jr. of Chicago and several nieces and nephews.
     Last services were held Friday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock in the Christian church in Randall, the Rev. S. H. Zendt offi-ciating. The service of song was by Mrs. Omer James, Mrs. Maud Moon, O. L. McCann and Ira Johnson with Mrs. Hershel Moon as accompanist and the selections were “The Old Rugged Cross”, “Sweetly Resting” and “It is Well with My Soul”.
     Interment was in Linwood cemetery and the casket bearers were Thomas Lane, Robert Devore, Ira Johnson, Hubert Bradburn, Chester Jeffreys.
     Present from out of town were Mr. And Mrs. Will Bigham, Mr. And Mrs. Hugh Bigham of Oneida, and a niece Mrs. Bob Catterson of Oquawka.
  c. Elizabeth “Lizzie” Fauble born 1861, Trenton, Henry County, Iowa, married 1st Jacob Lewis Curl born 1868, Henry County, Iowa, son of David Curl and Mary Van Dorn, married 2nd 5 September 1880, Monmouth, Warren County, Illinois, John Thomas McKeague. They lived Bellingham, Washington in 1933.
  d. Howard Hiram Fauble born 18 May 1862, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, died 29 May 1927, Galesburg, Illinois, buried Greenmound Cemetery, Keith-burg, Illinois, married 28 July 1887, Warren County, Illinois, Laura Bell Groff born 22 July 1870, Warren County, died 6 February 1951, Warren County, Illinois, buried New Boston Cemetery. Children: Franklin Leroy Fauble born 28 July 1888, Kirkwood, Illinois. He left home about age 16 years and whereabouts unknown; Etta/Edna Mae Fauble born 1890, Coldbrook Township, Kirkwood, Illinois; Myrtle Nadine Fauble born 29 January 1892, Galesburg, Illinois, died 1956, married Rollie Matthew Beene that died in 1958, Children: Mildred Beene married Forest Hamilton and had three children including a daughter that married ____ Gabbert, Harold Arthur Beene married Mildred Tompson; Elmer Elsworth Fauble born 7 July 1893, Galesburg, Illinois, died 30 October 1958, buried New Boston Cemetery, by his mother, married 20 February 1917, Jenny Abigail Mealman daughter of George Mealman and Ida Shanklin. She was born 8 January 1895, Galva, Henry County, Illinois and died 16 October 1956, Keithsburg, Illinois, buried Greenmound Cemetery, Keithburg, Illinois. She married 1st William Edward Cagel and had William E. Cagel born 1915, died 24 October 1935. Elmer and Jenny had: Zola Fauble born 1917, died 1985, married Ben Nylin and had four children; Walter Howard Fauble born 1919, married Charlotte _____; Clarence Leroy Fauble born 22 May 1920, died 24 April 1968, buried Rock Island National Cemetery, Rock Island, Illinois, Arthur Elsworth Fauble born 1922, died 1958, Idabelle Fauble born 1924, married Leo McCully; Charles Elmer Fauble born 1926, died 1995, Betty Rose Fauble born 1928, died 1978, Gilbert Loren Fauble born 1930, Jackie Richard Fauble born 26 November 1932, Illinois, died 13 March 1980, Los Angeles, California,  Bonnie Louise Fauble born 1935, John Morice Fauble born 1940. Louis Curl Fauble born 1894, died 1894, Galesburg, Illinois; Esther Jeanette Fauble born 14 January 1899, Galesburg, Illinois, died 5 May 1961, married 1st Lawrence Mills, 2nd Robert Catterson that died Oquawaka, Illinois, 3rd Charles Bilger. Children: Kenneth Mills, James Catterson, Child Catterson, Billy Catterson born 1933, died 1951, Oquawake, married Bonnie ____ and had one child; Vera Mae Fauble born 11 October 1902, Galesburg, Illinois, married George Mealman born 7 October 1893, died 21 July 1971, Galesburg, Illinois. Children: Earl Mealman, Lorn Mealman, Ernst Mealman, Child Mealman, Female Mealman married Robert Eaves died 1971, Galesburg, Illinois and had eleven children, Male Mealman married ____ Clark and had one child, Female Mealman married 1st John Stranger died 1983, married 2nd ___ Burton, married 3rd ___ Brewer. She had four children by Stranger and and two by Burton; Rollie Fauble [female] born 1910, Galesburg, Illinois, died 1939; Phildelia Rose Fauble born 1908, died 1996, married James Hugh Gilliland born 22 August 1905, Kentucky, died 20 July 1983, Muscatine, Iowa. Children: Female Gilliland married Thomas Dawson and had four children, Female Gilliland married Antonio Butler and had three children, Female Gilliland ____ Reifert son of Jack and Trudie Reifert. They had two children; Frederick Earl Fauble born 12 November 1914, Galesburg, Illinois, died 21 February 1920.
      (2)George Fauble born May 1828 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, died 1 May 1908 in Salem Township, Allegan County, Michigan. He died from abscess in abdomen caused by injuries from Civil War. George was a farmer but was unable to perform manual labor from 1865 through 1908. George served in Company I, 83rd Regiment of Illinois Infantry during the Civil War. He was wounded the last of February 1863 at Fort Donelson, Tennessee, when he received a gunshot ball which was left in his body.  Red headed, eyes of hazel, five foot 11 inches tall George married 1st on 01 March 1861, Harriet M. Shultz daughter of Jermia Shultz.  She married 1st ___Kindred. Harriet died of heart trouble 9 September 1901, Salem Township, Allegan County, Michigan, aged 63 years, 7 months and __days. She was born in New York.  George received two land patents in Crawford County, Michigan. The 1st consisted of 17.77 acres in East Saginaw on 30 January 1885 described as 18/27N/1W. On 25 February 1890 he received 160 acres described as 32/27N/1W. It is possible that this is another George Fauble. It was said that he lived in Warren County, Illinois at the time he enlisted in the Civil War.

Foxie, Keziah Underwood, 2nd wife of Henry Kenan, died 23 Jan 1913, Pocatello,
Idaho. I do not know where she was buried,  Jane Elizabeth Underwood married 1st
George Washington Fickel in Knox Co. 1863. Their son Austin Fickle born 25 Aug
1864, died 16 Sept 1864 but I do Not know for sure where he is buried.
    Elizabeth Jane Underwood Barnhisel was living in Pocatello, Idaho when she
signed a document on 21 Feb 1921.
   Mary Elizabeth Beach born 25 Aug 1830, Medina Co., Ohio. died 20 Aug 1874,
Knox Co, Ill., buried Galva Cem. Galva, Ill. She was the wife of Michael
Underwood. Children buried in Galva Cem: Edwin A. Underwood born 18 Apr 1850,
Medina Co., Ohio, died 7 Nov 1853 near Galva, Ill. He is buried section 5B,
Galva Cem.; Mary E. Underwood born 28 Apr 1858, died 24 Aug 1859, Galva.



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