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I began this alphabetically and didn't have all information handy when I started so am just going to add the others at the end instead of trying to add and put in alphabetically. Have two different lists am working from here and it gets a little hard. Thanks for your patience in this matter. Will eventually probably have to make a page for each Alphabet letter.

This is not a complete listing of "A" Surname in the courthouse for Wills & Probate records.

Feel Free to email me any corrections, additions, comments, etc.

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Name of Estate


1840 Albro, Samuel Albro, Polly, Asel Holmes
1843 Albro, Samuel Asel, Holmes
  ***Foxie's note: this is the same man, Samuel Albro,  did this will & probate records for a lady.  If you are related, please contact me as she is looking for his Samuel's & Polly's last resting place.
1847 Adams, Sebastian

Sebastian Adams, Jr.

1846 Allen, Samuel Thomas N. Wells
1849 Allen, Jesse B. Benjamin F. Allen
1850 Armstrong, William James Knox & James W. Knox

Allen, Barber

Nelson Allen
1858 Allen, Barber Nelson, Allen
1860 Alcott, Josiah Sara G. Alcott
1863 Allen, Joseph John Eads
1866 Allen, Benjamin Mary Allen
1870 Aldrich, William Chauncey S. Aldrich
1870 Allen, Nelson Moran Baker
1872 Allen, Daniel Will not probated
1872 Allen, Susan Frank & Willard Allen
1875 Armstrong, William Casandana Armstrong
1864 Abrey, James M. D. Cooke
1870 Abbot, Bickford Jacob D. Hand
1891 Abels, Henry N. G. Chesbrough
1864 Abrey, James M. D. Cooke
1865 Adkins, Philip Polly A. Adkins, Owen Betterton
1864 Addleman, Jacob William Richey
1895 Abbot, Elizabeth Will not probated
1872 Aitken, David Will not probated
1894 Aitken, Margaret William D. Cook,
N. A. Milroy
1875 Adams, Andrew Jennett P. Adams
1879 Adams, James Christina Adams
1883 Adams, Edward R. Edward I. Adams
1885 Adams, Andrew B. F. Adams
1889 Adams, Christine Gideon Pitman
1899 Adams, Charles C. T. J. Kightlinger
1892 Ahern, Peter Daniel G. McCarthy
1892 Ahern, Ellen Daniel G. McCarthy
1916 Abbott, Elvina Thomas Castle
1916 Abbott, Elvina R. Y. Campbell
1916 Abbott, Frank John W. Kenan
1901 Abbott, Johnson William H. Kierman
1949 Abbott, Mark John Foley
1919 Abbott, Sophia Mae H. D. Skidmore
1949 Abdill, James Franklin Freda B. Perry
1955 Abels, Henry O. Will not probated
1900 Abernathy, Albert P. Kate M. Abernathy
1959 Abernathy, Henrietta Farmers & Mechanics Bank
1929 Abernathy, Kate M. Ralph Abernathy
1955 Abernathy, Milo Will not probated
1955 Abernathy, Milo Inheritance tax only
1930 Abrahamson, Alfred Matilda Abrahamson
1943 Abrahamson, Carl Oscar Kenneth Abrahamson
1908 Abrahamson, Charles W.

Anna E. Abrahamson

1959 Ackerman, Frank
also known  as Frank Accomando
Marjorie Ackerman
1902 Ackerman, Jacob A. G. Burnside
1910 Adams, Alfred G. James Adams, Samuel Adams, Fanny Adams
1922 Adams, Charles T. Lida M. Adams
1910 Adams, Delila John A. Adams, Clara M. Adams
1900 Adams, Eleanor Fannie L. Burns
1921 Adams, Frank L. M. O. Williamson
1904 Adams, John T. Nancy A. Adams
1902 Adams, John W. Abbie Adams
1904 Adams, Sarah A. T. J. Kightlinger
1912 Adams, Sarelda J. Milton Deatherage
1915 Adams, William H. Melvin H. Taylor
1906 Adams, William J. Minnie T. Adams
1908 Adams, Ziba H. John A. Adams
1907 Addis, Catherine Irving Addis
1900 Adkins, Lewis Henry Bond
1921 Adkison, Robert Caleb Ingles
1910 Adler, Julius G. B. Hardy
1892 Ahern, Ellen Daniel G. McCarthy
1892 Ahern, Peter Daniel G. McCarthy
1917 Ahlgren, A. P. Arthur Wainright
1903 Aiken, Francis M. E. D. Aiken
1907 Aiken, William Frank L. Conger
1922 Akeyson, Ingar William Akeyson
1900 Akeyson, John Wilhelm Akeyson
1915 Akin, William P. O. H. Akin
  more to come.......

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