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1857 Call, Isaiah Will not probated
1857 Casey, Patrick Michael D. Casey
1858 Coziahr, Lewis Will not probated
1861 Caldwell, Oliver Desire Caldwell
1865 Camp, John Henry M. Sisson
1859 Camp, Charles F. Weltha Ann & George D. Camp will filed.
1857 Camp, Thomas Charity T. Camp
1854 Cameron, Dugald Will not probated
1861 Candee, Morgan L. Will not probated
1832 Crammer, Jonathan Henry M. Gillett
1840 Carpenter, Benjamin Enos Campbell
1846 Cackler, John Peter Cackler
1840 Campbell, William Enos Campbell
1855 Campbell, Jesse Amasa B. & Elizabeth Campbell
1855 Chappell, Leonard Delia P. Chappell
1856 Chapin, Gad Daniel Chapin
1857 Champlin, George B. Thomas McKee
1863 Champlin, Henry G. Henry Weaver
1864 Champlain, Elias E. James R. Randall
1851 Carpenter, Benjamin Joseph T. C. Carpenter
1841 Carpenter, Stephen Will not probated
1859 Carpenter, Jerusha Orramel D. Carpenter
1848 Charles, Alvah G. Arminda Charles
1862 Charles, Susan  Harvey A. Charles
1848 Charles, John Harvey P. Charles
1851 Cheravoy, Francis William H. Holcomb
1854 Childs, David W. Will not probated
1851 Clarke, Almon Laura W. Clarke, John G. West
1851 Cleveland, Jesse Henry Lauder Jr.
1855 Cobb, David Will not probated
1858 Cochran, Josiah C. Sarah Ann Cochran
1861 Coe, Philip L. Moses Coe
1841 Condreay, Mathew Samuel Maddox
1843 Conner, Charles H. John H. Conner
1845 Cook, John Mark Cook
1850 Cook, Mark Sophia Cook
1844 Cooper, Henry S. A. M. Richard
1845 Cope, Joseph Wesley Cope
1839 Corbin, Anderson William Fountain
1855 Cowman, George B. Elizabeth Cowman
1852 Cox, Emily B. George W. Cox
1863 Cox, William M. Nicholas Russell
1848 Crane, Zina Harriet Crane, Edward Crane
1832 Cranmer, Jonathan Henry M. Gillett
1850 Crawford, Andrew Will not probated
1847 Crow, Jacob George Mowrey
1855 Crump, William H. John A. Spooner
1852 Cumming, John David Cumming
1844 Cunningham, Benjamin John Burt
1853 Curry, Isaac Martha Curry
1846 Curtis, Elijah S. Edmund Law
1846 Curtis, Elijah S. Edmund Law
1853 Curtis, Elijah S. William McGowan
1848 Curtis, Elijah S. Abraham M. Richards
1859 Currier, Sarah E. Lydia S. & James H. Knapp
1859 Cravens, Mary Will Filed
1859 Conser, William Melinda Conser
1860 Crowell, James Owen Betterton
1860 Campbell, Jonas Sovena Campbell
1861 Curry, John M. Abraham Vangilder
1861 Cullison, Jeremiah Christian Harshbarge & Rebecca Cullison
1861 Culver, Andrew Emiline S. Hurd & Forestis I Hibbard* check out Me*
1862 Curtis, Harvey Thomas Frose & Elan S. Hitchcock & Milly Melvin Curtis
1863 Collins, Michael Will not probated
1864 Copley, Joseph Herman Copley
1864 Conger, Uzziah Hannah & Crayton H. Conger
1864 Colby, John L. Ruth K. Colby
1864 Carothers, John Charles Carothers
1865 Corcoran, Patrick Thomas & Bridge Kane
1866 Christopher, William T. John Christopher
1866 Childs, Henry Dicey Childs
1866 Cline, Chapman C. William H. Prescott
1867 Collins, McEntrie John R. Smith
1867 Cannon, Handy Jesse Burr
1867 Cashman, John H. William Crawford & Harvey R. Cashman
1868 Cheney, Socrates S. Matha Cheney
1868 Cambridge, Littleton Phebe A. Cambridge
1868 Cochjran, Reuben Robert E. Coshran
1868 Carmody, Martin John Moore
1869 Chapman, John William Chapman
1869 Condra, Abel Tabiatha Condra
1869 Chambers, Matthew Jacob S. Chambers
1869 Chitty, Charles Martha J. Chitty
1869 Cummings, Silas G. George W. Brown
1869 Chillson, Seymour Lorinda D. Chillson
1870 Craver, David Elizabeth & Thomas R. Craver
1870 Crandall, Edwin J. B. F. Arnold
1870 Clark, Saviah Merritt M. Clark
1870 Conver, Samuel Peter Conver
1870 Cragin, James  
1870 Conyers, Josiah B.  
1870 Chicken, Jacob H. Jesse B. Strode
1870 Callison, Israel J. Mary G. Callison
1871 Corbin, Henry J.  John J. DeGrummond
1871 Cubbage, Abraham Anna Cubbage
1871 Carney, Thomas J. Carney, Julius A.
1871 Chrisman, George P. Charles L. Roberts
1871 Christopher, Francis M. Sarah Jane Christopher & Charles G. Gibbs
1872 Corey, David Sr. David Corey, Jr.
1872 Cox, George W. John E. Cox
1872 Culver, John D. Lowry J. Edger
1872 Crowell, John James P. Stevens
1872 Canfield, William P. lewis Canfield
1872 Clelland, John H. Phebe A. Clelland
1872 Clark, Mason J. Anna E. Clark
1873 Collins, John Sr. John Collins
1873 Chapman Elijah  
1873 Clark, Mason J. Edwin H. leach
1873 Culver, Adeline D. Lowry J. Edgar
1873 Charlson, John  Laura Charlson
1873 Caldwell, John Anthony W. & William H. Caldwell
1873 Cunningham, Joseoph Nelson Cunningham
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