World War I Veterans of Knox County, IL

"They saw not clearly nor understood, but yielding themselves to the Master-hand, Each in his part as best he could. They played it through as the Author planned"

"Wagoner Printing Company, Knox Co., Illinois, 1920" of Galesburg, IL

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Timeline of World War I

Event Date Location Significance 
Archduke Ferdinand assassinated June 28, 1914 Sarajevo, Bosnia Unsteady alliances erupt into war as Russia, Serbia's ally, begins to mobilize
Germany declares war on Russia and France August 1, 1914   Although guaranteeing Belgian neutrality, Germans march through Belgium into France.
Nations align for war August 1914   Bulgaria and Turkey join Germany and Austria-Hungary in the Central Powers. France, England, Russia (later Japan and Italy) join the Allied Powers
Wilson declares U.S. neutrality August 4, 1914 Washington, D.C. Reflecting strong public opinion, Wilson states that U.S. will not join the war
Germany declares waters around British Isles a war zone February 15, 1915   Neutral vessels are warned of potential u-boat attacks. Wilson warns Germany that it would be accountable for any loss of American life
Lusitania sunk by Germans May 7, 1915 Off coast of Ireland Torpedoed without warning, the Lusitania sinks in 18 minutes, killing 1198 (128 Americans)
Arabic Pledge September 1, 1915 Berlin Germany promises not to sink unarmed liners following sinking of British liner Arabic
Sussex Pledge May 31, 1916 Berlin Following sinking of French steamer Sussex, Germany again agrees to "visit and search" rules, but insists that Great Britain should also agree to obey international laws regarding freedom of the seas
Wilson wins 1916 presidential election November 1916 U.S. Declaring "he kept us out of war," Wilson and Democrats barely defeat Hughes and Republicans (277 to 254 in electoral college)
Wilson calls for "peace without victory" January 22, 1917 Washington, D.C. Frustrated with his efforts to mediate a peace, Wilson becomes convinced  both sides needed to cease hostilities
Germany resumes unlimited submarine warfare January 31, 1917 Berlin Confident U.S. help would be too late, Germany seeks to starve England into submission
Zimmermann note discovered February 1917 Berlin to Mexico City Foreign minister Zimmermann asks Mexico to join Germany in exchange for return of southwest U.S. British intercept message
Wilson asks Congress for greater powers February 1917 Washington, D.C. Senate, led by La Follette of Wisconsin, refuse to grant Wilson power to wage an undeclared naval war
Russian Revolution deposes Czar Nicholas March 15, 1917 Russia Instability in Europe encourages Wilson to act
Wilson asks for declaration of war April 2, 1917 Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. "The world must be made safe for democracy," Wilson insists
Food Administration formed May 1917 Washington, D.C. Herbert Hoover heads effort to conserve food and boost agricultural output
Creel Committee issues official propaganda May 1917 Washington, D.C. Daily "Official Bulletins" seek to convince Americans of the crusade for freedom and democracy and the bestial nature of the "Huns"
War Industries Board created May 1917 Washington, D.C. Led by Bernard Baruch, the WIB set prices and determined what goods should be produced by private industry
Selective Service Act passed May 28, 1917 Washington, D.C. Nearly 10 million men are listed and a lottery chooses first 687,000 to serve. Eventually 3,000,000 men serve as draftees in the war
14 Points declared January 1918 Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. Wilson lists his goals for a war-free world, including a League of Nations
Cantigny May 28, 1918 North of Paris First victory for American troops
Chateau-Thierry May 1918 France French and American troops block German advance
Belleau Wood June 1918 France American forces suffer heavy losses but defeat Germans
Second Battle of the Marne July 1918 France Allied forces defeat Germans who begin retreat east
Meuse-Argonne September to November 1918 Eastern France Gen. Pershing loses 120,000 men (10%) of his troops in heavy fighting
Sedan October 1918 Eastern France American troops cut German supply lines 50 miles behind German front
Germans surrender, expecting a peace drawn up under Wilson's generous 14 Points November 11, 1918 Compiegne, France Worst war in world history is over. 10 million soldiers killed, 10 million civilians die from disease and starvation
Treaty of Versailles signed June 28, 1919 Versailles, France Germany signs treaty drafted by "Big Four" which includes huge reimbursement demands
MAGINNIS, William J.  1886 - 1955 USA WWI

buried in the Abingdon Cemetery, Cedar Twp., Knox Co., IL

RAY, Ora Everett 5/2/1890 ~ 8/9/1948

IL Elec USN WWI Am. Legion

buried in the Abingdon Cemetery, Cedar Twp., Knox Co., IL

MORRELL, Torrance buried 5/2/1936 in Abingdon Cemetery

IL Pvt 273 Aero Sqd.

William J. McGinnis

US Army WW I

buried Abingdon Cemetery

Miller, Fremont Bernard, Galesburg

Sergeant, 501 Co. M. O. R. S., 3rd Corps. Son of Peter Pearson & Sophia Miller; born March 22, 18990, at Galesburg,  Enlisted at Moline Sept. 19. 1917, promoted to Corporal April 18, 1918; to Sergeant of Ordnance May 21, 1918; overseas; in major offensive at Meuse_Argonne Sept. 26 to Nov 11, 1918; in Army of Occupation Feb 10 to Aug., 10,. 1919; in service 2 years; discharged Sept. 15, 1919

Sloan, Benjamin Harrison, Mt. Streling

1st Class Private, Co I, 342nd Reg., 86th Div. born May 19, 1888, at Morganton; N. Car. Entered service June 23, 1918, at Galesburg; to Camp Grant; transferred to Third Provisional Training Regiment; February, 1919, to 106th Guard Co., A. S. C. promoted to Private, 1st Class, Dec, 1918; in service 1 yr, 9ds; discharged July 02, 1919.

Oberschlake, John B. Galesburg


Horseshoer, co A, 123rd M G Bn 33rd Div. Son of George and Carry Oberschlake; wife, Ethel Oberschblake; born Feb 22, 1889, 2 Clinton, Ill. Entered service Sept 21, 1917, at Galesburg; to Camp Doge, Iowa; overseas, arriving in France May 24, 1918; in battles at Bios-de-Cbaunee Oct 09, 1918; BoisdeChaunee and Bois-dePlatcheuc Oct. 11, 1918; Marcheville, Reaville, St. Hiliare, Nov 11, 1918; Army of Occupation Dec 12- Dec 17, 1918 and April 1-12, 1919: in trenches 51 days; returned to USA May 26, 1919' in service 21 months; discharged May 30, 1919.
Johnson, Godfrey J., Galesburg Cook, C., G, 350th Inf., 88th Div. Son of Mr & Mrs Swan Johnson; wife, Ruth E. Johnson; born Jan 16, 1891. Entered service at Galesburg April 29, 1918; to Camp Dodge; overseas; in trenches 21 days; in major offensives at Haute, Alsace Toul; in sercie 403 days. discharded June 06, 1919.
Sperry, Holland Robert, Galesburg Sergeant, 11 Co., 1st Reg 161st Depot Brigade. Son of Edward and Mary Sperry: Born Jan 26, 1893, at Galesburg. Entered service at Galesburg Sept. 04, 1918; to Camp Grant; promoted to Corporal Oct 08, 1918; to Sergeant Nov 20, 1918; in service six months; dichargfed Feb 17, 1919.
Robinson, John Private, Military Police Detachment. son of Ed; and Kate robinson; born at Galesburg. Entered service at Galesburg, April 29, 1918; to Camp Travis, Texas; discharged Dec 02, 1918
Vance, Carmon Reece Riner Corporal, Co. B 5th Limited Service Reg., 161st Depot Brigade. Son of Strander L. & Lettie E. Vance; born March 19, 1896, in Elba Twp, Entered service at Galesburg, Sept 02, 1918; to camp Grant; promoted to Corporal Oct 10, 1918; discharged Nov 30, 1918.
Tucker, Clyde T., Williamsfield Private, 1st Class, Battery A, 53rd Artillery, C A C son of S. B. & E. J. tucker; born June 10, 1892, at Williamsfield. Entered servie April 02, 1918, at Galesburg; to Ft. Screven, Ga;with A E F from Aug 14, 1918, to March 11, 1919; in major offensive 45 datysl ub servuce 366 days; discharged April 03, 1919
Tucker, Harley R., Williamsfield Private, 1st Class, Batter A 53rd Artillery, C A C Son of Samuel B. & Eliza J. Tucker; born July 09, 1893, at Williamsfield, Entered service April 02, 1918, at Galesburg; to Ft. Screven, Ga; with A. E. F. from Aug 14, 1918 to March 11, 1919; in major offensive 45 days; in service 366 dyas; discharged April 03, 1919.
Puffer, Carl L., Yates City Private, Base Hospital No 17 Son of A. L. & A. B. Puffer; born Oct 18, 1892, at Saunemin, Ill. Entered service at Omaha, Neb Dec 04, 1917 to Ft. Logan, Colo., and Ft. Riley, Kansas; overseas; thirteen months in france; seventeen months in service dischared May 12, 1919.
Kerr, William Grant, Yates City Sergeant, Entered service at Jefferson Barracks May 11, 1918; later, transferred to Waco, Texas, and on Sept. 23 sailed for France; landed at St. Nazaire and three weeks later was place in the 41st Division at St. Aignan; on Nov. 15 was transferred into the Postal Service at Tours, remaining there until Aug. 30, 1919; sailed from Brest Sept. 10, landing at Hoboken Stpe 22 discharged from Camp Dix Sept 29, 1919.
McNamara, William James, Galesburg Private, 43rd. Son of W. P and Catherine McNamra; born August 25, 1888, at Galesburg, Entered the service May 27, 1918, at Galesburg; to Camp Gordon in 43rd Co, 4th Rep Regiment; transferred to Co C 4th Rep Casual White Lats Assignment 4th Co., 1st convalescent Bn; in service 11 months, 3days; discharged April 30, 1919
McNamara, Leo J., Galeburg Private, Co. F, 5th Development Battalion Son of Mr & Mrs Win McNamara; born Nov 05, ---at Galesburg, Entered service at Galesburg May 23, 1918; to Camp McArthur, Waco, Texas; dischared Nove 25, 1918
Merritt, Archie L., Galesburg Private, Co., A 310th Machine Gun Battalion. Son of Frank and Ora Merritt; born Aug 04, 1894, at Henry, Ill. Entered service at Philadelphia, Pa., April 20, 1918 to Camp Mead; to France; wounded in Argonne Forrest Nov 04, 1918; discharged February, 1919.
Merritt, Walter Eugene, Galesburg Sergeant, Co d, 23rd Infantry. Son of Frank and Ora Merritt; born Jan 05, 1892, at Henry, Ill. Entered service at Galesburg, January, 1912; to Jefferson Barracks; sailed for France Nov 04, 1917; gassed Somewhere in France in August 1918; wnt "over the top" six times; ws in two raids; still in service, in China, Dec 06, 1919.
Genetos, Basil, L., Galesburg Private, Co B, 5th Regiment. Son of Callonn and Lonofont Genetos; born in 1892 in Dara, Greece, Entered service Sept 03, 1918, at Camp Grant; discharged Dec 14, 1918
Johnson, Harry T, Galesburg Private, Co. C 57 C. A. C., 31st Div. son of Mr. & Mrs Fred Johnson; born Oct, 27, 1888, at New Windsor, Ill. Entered service at Galesburg April 02, 1918; to Ft. Screven, Ga.; Oversears; survivor Otranto shipwreck Oct 06, 1918; discharged Feb 01, 1919.
Abel, Henry Otto, Abington Private, 1st Class, Co., A 341st Reg. 86th Div. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Able; Born Nov 28, 1891, at Hanover, Ill. Entered service June 24, 1918, at Galesburg; to Camp Crant; made 1st Class Private Sept 15, 1918; discharged Jan 24, 1919.
Swanstrom, Edward, Wataga Corporal Co B, 321 Field Signal Battalion, Son of Mrs. J. Swnastrom; born Feb 12, 1884, at Wataga, entered service July 26, 1918, at Jefferson Barracks; oversears Aug 23, 1918; made Corporal Sept., 01, 1918; transferred to 321st Field Signal Battalion Sept 28, 1918; discharged April 29, 1919.
Riesebieter, Harry, Altona Private, Co., F, 105th Engineers, 30th div. Son of Henry and Bertha Riesebieter; born Jan 12, 1897, At Ashland, Ill. Entered service Sept 05, 1918 at Galesburg; to Camp Forrest, Ga., In 13th Provisional Recruit Co.,; transferred to 5th Sappers Repl. Bat., Oct. 25, 1918; transferred to Co. K, 11th Engineers, Nov 10, 1918 transferred to Co F, 105th Engineers, Dec 09, 1918; overseas from Octo 31, 1918, to april 19, 1919; oversseas 170 days; in service 236 days; discharged April 29, 1919.
Harvey, Mack, Galesburg Private, 316th Service Bat., 97th Div. Son of Virgil and Lue Harvey; born Sept,15, 1893, at Evansville, Ind. Entered service at Toledo, Ohio, July 20, 1918; to Camp Sherman, Chillicothe. O; to Newport News, W. Va., 302nd Stevdore Reg. sailed for France Sept 15, 1918; landed at Brest, France, Sept. 28; made Sergeant Medical Corps Oct. 06; returned to USA and landed at Norfold, W. Va., July 31, 1919; in service 1 year, 19days; discharged Aug 08, 1919
Wilder, Raymond H., Galesburg Bugler, co., B 323rd Reg., quartermaster's Corps. Son of Henry & Rebecca Wilder; born April 16, 1890, at Galesburg. Entered the service April 29, 1918, at Galesburg; to Camp Crant; promoted to rank of Bugler June, 1918, overseas 13 months in the service 16 months discharged Aug. 18, 1919
Hamblin, Adolph Putman, Galesburg Private. Son of John T. & Carrie M. Hamblin; born Jan 11, 1896, at Galesburg. Entered Service at Chicago July 01,1918; in service 6 months 5days; discharged Jan 05, 1919
Carter, Clarence richard, Galesburg Acting Supply Sergeant, 52nd co., 13th Tr Bn 161st Brigade. Son of Lewis & Lewis Carter; born Aug 19, 1889, at Galesburg. Entered the service Sept 03, 1918, at Chicago; to Camp Grant; Transferred To Bakers and Cooks School completting the course of instruction; received certificate of proficiendy, graduating as 1st Cook Dec 05, 1918; in the service 5 months 9 days; discharged Feb 09, 1919.
Carter, Harold W., Galesburg Sergeant, Co A son of Lewis & Emma Carter; born July 21, 1892, at Galesburg, Entered service May 01, 1918, at Galesburg; to Camp Grant; promoted to Sergeant; served as pianist at YMCA some of the time; discharged Feb 01, 1919.
Edwin E.

Pvt 1CL 52 Reg C.A.
Walnut Grove Cemetery
Milo? P.
IL Master Eng (J.G.) 168 Trans Corp WWI
Walnut Grove Cemetery
Prin.Musc.148 IL Inf. Enlisted Co D 17 IL Vol Inf May 26 1861, Re-enlisted Prin.Musc.149th Reg Jan 26 1865
Walnut Grove Cemetery
Clinton R.
buried 4/11/1925
So. Dak. Sgt 34 Engr.
Walnut Grove Cemetery
Lars Warner
Altona Cemetery
Altona Cemetery
Altona Cemetery

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