World War II  1941 ~ 1945

"They saw not clearly nor understood, but yielding themselves to the Master-hand, Each in his part as best he could. They played it through as the Author planned"

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Timeline of World War II

On December 7, 1941, Japan paralyzed the Pacific Fleet in its attack on Pearl Harbor. In the Philippines, Japanese fliers destroyed most of MacArthur's air force on the ground. Freed of effective opposition, Japanese forces took Burma, Malaya, Singapore, and the Dutch East Indies in rapid succession. By March 1942 the Japanese had conquered an empire.

1943 Galesburg Register-Mail Paper:

Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Baker's on, Gale of Avon, has the following address now: PFC Gale C. Baker, A. S. N. 36433124, Med Dept., Oliver  General Hospital, Augusta, Ga

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Stone of Avon have received the address of their son, recently induected into the army. Pvt. Ernest E. Stone, 36767664, Co C. 1632nd S. U. R. R. C. Brks. 261, Fort Sheridan, Ill.

PFC George N. Stroops of the 1335th Guard Sqdn., Woodward Army Air Field, Woodward, Okla. is spending a 15-day furlough with his parents Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Stroops, 1063 South Seminary. Street.

The present address of PFC Bob Butler is 59th Training Grp. Sqd., 598-9, Keesler Field, Miss.

Ward Brotherton, S-2c, has returned to the Great Lakes Training station after a leave of nine days spent with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brotherton, of Maquon.

PFC Robert L. Holloway, son of Mr. And Mrs. F. G. Holloway of 438 East North Street, after spending several days on furlough visiting relatives and friends in Galesburg and Moline, left Saturday morning for the O. U. T. C. at Flora, Miss.

PFC Jack Brodine has returned to the air base at Douglas, Ariz. after a fifteen day furlough spent with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brodine, 800 Florence Avenue.

Sgt. Delbert Ritchie of Camp Fannin, Tyler, Texas, is here on 10-day furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Ritchie 534 Monroe Street

Following is the address of Lt. William R. Kounter; Company M 323rd Infantry, APO 81, Camp San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Richard Cunningham, S 2-c, in care of Fleet Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif. is the new address for the young man who has been stationed on the west coast in recent weeks.

Sgt. James H. McMaster, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. McMaster, Route 1, Galesburg, is a member of another class of serial triggermen in guard army air forces bombers who were graduated last week from the Harlingen, Texas, aerial gunnery school. Along with his diploma he received a pair of serial gunner's wings.

A-C Otis (Bob) Bowman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Bowman, Knoxville, has completed his schooling at Syracuse university and was sent to Nashville, Tenn., a for a qualification test and he qualified as a pilot. He has now arrived in Santa Ana, Cal., to finish his schooling. His address is: A-C Otis R. Bowman, Sqd. 14-A A. F. C. C. S. A. A. A. B., Santa Ana Calif.

Vernon C. Blixt, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Blixt, enjoyed Thanksgiving  and a few days at home with his parents and relatives. His address is Vernon C. Blixt, A. R. T., 2-c, Aviation Radio Technician 1312 16th St. N. W. Washington, D. C. Word has also been received from another son, Paul, that he has arrived safely somewhere in Australia. His address is Pfc. Paul A. Blixt, 36447007 APO 711, c-o Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif.

A photograph recently taken shows Captain Paul A. Crum of Dallas City, just after his return from a bombing mission into enemy territory. His promotion from first lieutenant was announced recently somewhere in England by Lieut. Gen. Ira C. Eaker, commanding general of the Eighth Air force. At his left in the picture is his pilot on the raid and squadron commander, Major Marcus M. Elliott, of Los Angeles, Cal. A squadron bombarded in the Flying Fortress group commanded by Col. Maurice A. Preston, of Tulare, Cal., Captain Crum has been awarded the air medal with three oak leaf clusters for exceptional achievement in serial flight.

    The former university of Illinois football player is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Crum of Dallas City. His wife, Mrs. Marilyn E. Crum, is now living at 531 Lombard street, Galesburg. Captain Crum entered the service in October, 1941, and received his commission and bombardier's wings as an officer in November, 1942, at Kirtland Field, Albuquerque, N. M.

Aviation Cadet Harold E. Bayless, to begin the final nine-weeks phase of his military pilot training. After flying approximately 70 hours in two-engine training planes and taking 70 lectured hours of combat subjects in ground school, Bayless will be awarded the silver wings of army air forces pilot and appointed a flight officer or commissioned a second lieutenant, Bayless was employed by the Power and Light company just previous to entering the service. He was graduated from Galesburg High school in 1938.


The Navy department reported Chief Watertender Harold Oehmigen Calhoun, of Carthage, among those missing in action.


Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Davis on Thursday entertained Lieut. and Mrs Gene Estes and PFC Max Estes at their home at a Thanksgiving dinner. Both soldiers were home a brief leave and furlough.

Others at the dinner included Mr. and Mrs. Charles Estes, Mr. and Mrs. George Estes, and Mr. and Mrs. George Elliott, Francis Hale, and Carole Davis and Thomas Bowen.


Elwood Phares left Tuesday for Ft. Sheridan to enter active army service. He had been employed at the Hiram Walker plant in Peoria for several years.

Lieut. John Selander, who has been in Panama the past year and a half is visiting his sister, Mrs. T. R. Wire, He has a 30-day furlough before entering an engineering school in New York City.

Knoxville, November 24, 1943-- Armed Forces Club Hold Regular Meetings-

The Armed Forces Club No 2 held its regular meeting in the city hall last Friday night, with 25 members and ten visitors present. The president, Merle Courter, presided, and the regular order of business was carried out. Mrs. Martin was given the oath of office as a trustee, to all a recent vacancy. There were several "War Dads" present and Floyd Spencer has assumed the job of organizing this club. Major Cameron from the Mayo General hospital gave a talk on its needs. The club voted to purchase a drum for the hospital orchestrea. The rummage sale will be held next Saturday, Nov 27, 1943 at 6 East Main street in Galesburg. Articles are wanted for this sale and can be left at Mrs. Herbert Whitsitt's or call Mrs. Courter. Mrs. Myers the president of the Galesburg Club gave a talk on the sun room and the furniture, which the club was donating at a cost of $400.

After the meeting was closed a social hour was held and refreshments were served by Mrs. Mabel Gilson and Mrs. Alma Larson assisted by several other members. The next meeting will be held the first Friday, December.

Knoxville-Nov 24, 1943


A fried chicken dinner was held last Friday night in the honor of Alvin E. LaFollette home in honor of his brother-in-law and sister, Lieut. and Mrs. Luther E. Dooley, ferry command pilot, who stopped over on his way to Monterey, Cal, from Detroit, Mich. Lieut. Dooley is to be stationed permanently at Monterey and will fly the military personal of the fourth army. Lieut. Dooley has made several trips to the war zones such as India, Iran, and China, to deliver bomers, etc.

Mrs. Cynthia Lorance, an aunt from Lamoni, Ia. was guest for the dinner. There were 14 present and Mrs. LaFollette was assisted by Mrs. Harold Wilt, a sister to Mrs. Dooley, Mrs. Lorrance returned to her home on Saturday and Lieut. Dooley will report Nov 29 after visiting his wife and son in Monmouth.

Sgt Glen Raymond Miller of Camp Howe, Texas and wife and daughter Shirley of Kewanee came Saturday noon and visited until Sunday noon at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs Roy Miller. Other visitors at the Miller home Sunday were Miss Jaunita Miller of Galesburg and Mr and Mrs Peter ?Grubic and daughter Betty Jean.

Altona World War II Mothers meet Today

Altona, Nov 26, 1943--A meeting for the purpose of organizing a unit of "Mothers of World War No. II" will be held at the home of Mrs. S. F. McCaan Monday afternoon, Nov 29, 1943 at 2 o'clock.


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