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  Need Research Help?


Please be specific about what you're looking for - and be as specific as possible with names, dates, and places.  We cannot search other counties.  If you need documents from the Peoria County Courthouse, please contact them directly.  We can only check the indexes up to 1916.


We ask for a minimum donation of $10 per surname, and 25 per page for copies.  Your donations are greatly appreciated, and will help the PCGS help you!


What we can do to assist in your research:


1) Search our holdings and PCGS publications at the Peoria Public Libary, which includes:


     * Cemetery books.

    * 1880 Peoria County History.

    * 1873 Peoria County Atlas Index.

    * Prairie Roots Index and file (Society's quarterly).

2) Make one trip to the Peoria Public Library and:

    ** Check the newspaper microfile for obituary (if exact date is given).

    ** Check the printed 1850, 1860 & 1870 Peoria County Census.

    ** Check the printed 1888 Peoria city census

    ** Check Peoria City Directories


3. Perform limited research at the Peoria County Courthouse

    *** Need approximate or exact date.

    *** Specify the record to be searched (birth and death records begin     in 1877; marriage records begin in 1825; access to the indexes only to 1916).

    *** We will search land records for an additional fee of $15 per hour for a basic search, plus copy charges.


Send your Research Request (along with a Self-addressed, Stamped-envelope) to:

Peoria County Genealogical Society
Post Office Box 1489
Peoria, Illinois 61655-1489

Questions:  Email Fred Katko