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and Thomas were elected president and clerk respectively, and S. K. Conover, A. J. Conover and J. B. Pettit, directors. They were in fact the successors of the old cemetery trustees -a body in name only, and being so, agreed to purchase the land between the old cemetery and First street, S. K. Conover being a committee to negotiate such purchase with Gen. Thomas. Messrs. Agard, Pettit and A. J. Conover were to plat the grounds and build a fence. The tract was purchased for $100, and sold at from $1 to $15 per lot; E. S. Conover was first superintendent. In 1872 J. C. Copestake, J. Hawks and S. K. Conover were elected directors; in 1873 A. G. Hammond, G. W. Scott and Samuel Pierce were chosen directors, the president and secretary holding over; in 1874 E. S. Conover replaced S. Pierce, and C. Collier was appointed collector of an improvement fund. This board continued until 1877, when the president, secretary with Robert Jordan, John Wrigley and S. F. Otman were chosen, and the latter elected president. In 1880 Rev. Wm. Walters, John Wrigley, S. F. Ottman, A. G. Hammond, F. Thomas and J. C. Copestake formed the board,, with Capt. Otman, president, and Isaac Thomas secretary and treasurer. In 1882 A. G. Hammond was chosen president; in 1883 the same officers served and continued in office down to the present time. James Buckley, the first regular sexton, is now filling that position. Isaac Thomas, who for years has been secretary of the association, permitted J. G. Greene to make the following entry in the old school record, which is also the cemetery record, April 28, 1858. It is witnessed by H. A. Holst and regularly signed by Greene: "I hereby agree to give Isaac Thomas $5 a year for abstaining from the use of tobacco from this date." The present cemetery at Wyoming may be said to be opened by the burial of Artemus Lake, brother of Mrs. Barley and Mrs. Sewell Smith, next Wm. Godfrey, and next Ann Carney Hodges. The land was donated by Gen. Thomas to trustees for public use on condition that it would be fenced and kept in order.

Wyoming cemetery contains the remains of many pioneers of the village and of the district. The list tells what old Father Time has done. William C. Thomas, 1846; Nancy (A. McDonald) Crone, '80; James Woods, '78; Charles M. Teeter, '83; Jane Ingram, '78; Lizzie S. Edwards, '80; Anna Frantz, '81; Thomas H. Jackson, '58; Anna Dixon, '86; Sarah Dawson, '67; Charles Brunger, '73; Henry A. Holst '75; Sally A. Holst, '68; Mattie Kerns, '77; Mary A. Dewhurst, '80; Sarah Walters, '72; William Kerns, '73; Elizabeth Brown, '81; John B. Brown, '80; Zeuriah Greenwood, '64; Rachel Dixon, '60; Simon Dixon, '60; Samuel Pierce, '79; Emma Otman, '64:; William Denchfield, '57; William H. Denchfield, '65; Dan. M. Beers, '46; Ezra Wooden, '57; Henry M. Rogers, '78; James Gibson, '60; Betsy E. Wrigley, '64; David Rouse, '69; James H. Bloomer, '62; M. W. McMullen, '54; Pollv Thurston, '63; Hartwell Thurston, '45; Mary Butler, '78; Rebecca Butler, '65; H. Augusta Butler, '65; Capt. H. Butler, '64; Lydia S. Whitney, '83; Ward B. Dana, '73; Anna Curfman, '81; Hannah B. Cox, '85; S. Keelin, '84; Mary E. Cox, '81; Clara M. Davis, '83; Sol. Wilkinson, '85; Mary A. Lefflers, '82; Capt. A. E. Ewer, '79; George Marlatt, '68; Barbara E. Smith, '82; B. W.


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