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Stark County Help

This is a volunteer project. All information placed online is placed here by volunteers. Any data that has genealogical or historical value is welcome. Do you own any photos of schoolhouses, town buildings, churches, or tombstones? Do you have access to a library with microfilm of newspapers or census data? Do you own any class lists from local schools? Anything with a name on it is a genealogy tidbit for someone! If you are near a library with census microfilm, but don't have time to transcribe a complete census, consider doing only five pages. It just might inspire someone else to do the next five!

Since photos use a large amount of space, I will decline any portrait photographs. It is not my intent to use the web space available for someone's personal photo album. If you wish to post your family photos on your own web site, I will link to it. I will happily post any group photos (school, church, etc.) you may have.

Now get out there and TYPE something!!