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Hi one and all,

        I sure hope all of you enjoy these census as they were a lot of work to put together.  Kitty Smith, my assist, typed them in Excel.  Then I had to format them into FrontPage to get them to work here for your convenience  and let me tell you it was not easy.  But Kitty and I finally got the job done.  It takes me awhile to get it to work but I can get it to work.  Also, with a few ideas from my pals at American Genealogy and History Project on our yahoo chat site. Thanks guys for all your help and for all your wonderful ideas.  In order to get these to work right each Township will be in 4 - 5 pages.  There will also be a link from one page to the other in each township and then when get more of them online will also put a link to each township but just to the title page of that township. 

    These are not your ordinary census that you will see online.  I can gain nothing from some of them I've seen.  I have enough trouble reading census so I wanted to do mine different even though it makes it more work for me and Kitty.  Here you will find the names of each person who was listed living in the township with dwelling no., Surname, place of birth, school, age, sex, the only thing I left off was if they could read or write.  There weren't enough check in order to put the column online and made it easier for me to work with when I deleted the columns.  Also, there will only be the heading at the top of each page.  I had to take out the ones Kitty put in or my FrontPage was freezing on me all the time.  I just hated it.  So, if you have a slow internet connection they may take a bit to download just give it a few minutes. Also, will try and have the pico search engine put on this page for you to search.  When using the search engine on any website beings mine or another's, use the surname first and then go from there.  You can generally tell by the results if you are going to get a hit.  Good Luck and have fun.... I know I will or at least try to... thanks for you kindness and your patience.

    Hi, one and all, this is an update.  I forgot about Kitty typing up all these census and I found them in a folder and have been diligently the last couple of days making them into web pages.  Just have allot going on right now but am getting there.  Finished up and uploaded Berwick Census pages on April 10, 2005. And now today on my mother's birthday which is April 13, 2005, I have uploaded the four pages of Coldbrook Twp 1870 census.  This takes time and my frontpage freezes on me sometimes because the files are so big.  Still have Hale, Ellison to do.  I think I have most of them that Kitty typed up.  Will have to get busy.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day... your host and webmaster~~~ Foxie


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Link bar to the 1870 Census of Warren County, Illinois

Just click on the township you'd like to view.  You can use the find on the edit  of you browser to easily locate your ancestor.  

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You May click on the appropriate name above and it will take you to the web page.


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