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1927 History of Monmouth & Warren County, IL

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Henry Richard Jewell
Merritt S. Jewell
John K. Teare

John C. Gabby

Charles Johnson
Charles M. Johntson
John E. Wallace
Thomas B. Wallace
William Christopher Wallace
Frederick Wallis
Horace W. Wallis
Warren Chapin
William Chicken
James Costello
George E. Cox
C. H. Davis
John J. Glenn
Frank L. Hall

L. B. Cowick
Henry L. Jewell
John L. Ray
Henry H. Riggs
Charles E. Russell
H. C. Honsman
William Hopper
Samuel Law
LaFayette Marks
H. W. Mauck
Benjamin F. McCurdy
George F. Meacham
John Clark
Aleri Rogers Graham
Merett S. Jewell
Richard G. Ray
Charles J. Thomas
George Tucker
David R. Warren
Benjamin F. Watt

Gus Norgren

Joshua W. Barber
Nathaniel A.Rankin
F. W. Meacham
Josiah C. Lucas
Timothy Thomas

Draper Babcock
Elijah Coddington Babcock
Earl F. Chapin
William A. Clark
Fred Eli Cline
Robert John Cochran
Frank M. Hallam
Samuel S. Hallam
John Hamilton Hanley
Sarah Bond Hanley
Ennis C. Hanna
Fred E. Harding
Wallace Eugene Hauswald
Fredrick Thomas Hayden
Jacob Hoppaugh
Archie Clyde Horney
Clinton M. Huey
Robert Hull
Willis M. Humphreys
James Hunter
Max Miller Huston
Charles Isaacson
John C. Johnson
John O. F. Johnson
Olaf Johnson
William H. Johnson
Elbert Lincoln Terpening
Darwin N. Thayer
Joseph Neer Thomas
Fred W. Torley
Samuel Torrence

Angus D. Irey

William P. Graham

Willis F. Graham

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all biographies below typed by Ann Maxwell

Thanks so much Ann.

Albert Ray Tubbs
Charles A. Tubbs
George Shirley Tubbs
James Arthur Tubbs
Willard C. Tubbs
Spencer C. Youmans
Charles M. Young
Harry M. Young
Philip Young
John E. Zimmer
Henry S. Zimmerman
David M. Holgate

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