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       Just a short introduction and to say a very big to for allowing me the opportunity add his family ties to my Warren County, Illinois, web site.  Martin lives about 60 miles west of Austin Texas, in the small town of Kingsland, on a beautiful lake, L. B. J.  This will be a little bit of a challenge for me as he has sent me so many pages.  So, check back frequently for an update... will let you know when it's the end; which in my line there is never and end.             Don't just love it?????  

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           Hello my name is Marvin Smith, and I'm here to tell you about my Smith family and their connections to Warren County, IL.  Hopefully will be able to help some people out and to come in contact with people who can add to my family file.  Foxie is kind enough to do this for me and with her help and the help of others who come in to view this site we can make it one big happy family.... 

William B. Smith 1793-1856, is my 4th great grandfather & is buried in the northeast corner of the Lenox union cemetery a broken stone, by his son Andrew Jackson smith.
There is still a lot of family members living there and surrounding communities, with your help, could benefit froma family history book
I want to send to you, to benefit the community. There was a very nice article about him and his family in the Review Atlas, December 1959 and his untimely death
to save his grandson.

Note from Foxie: Try and get it online very soon...

Descendants of John Smith

 Generation No. 1

 1.  JOHN2 SMITH  (JOHN1) was born 1800 in KY., and died October 28, 1839 in Warren County, Illinois.  He married URSULA HENDRICK 1822 in warren County, Ky., daughter of JAMES HENDRICK and KESIAH GARDNER.


                   i.       ELIZABETH3 SMITH, b. 1820.

                  ii.       DAVID SMITH, b. 1824.

2.              iii.       KEZIAH JANE SMITH, b. March 11, 1827;

d. March 08, 1895, Berwick Twp., Warren County, Illinois.

                 iv.       NANCY SMITH.

                  v.       BRYSON B. SMITH, b. 1837.

                 vi.       WILLIAM H. SMITH.

3.             vii.       JAMES A. J. SMITH.

               viii. JOHN T. SMITH.

Generation No. 2

2.  KEZIAH JANE3 SMITH (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born March 11, 1827, and died March 08, 1895 in Berwick Twp. Warren County, Illinois.  She married ORVILLE RAY February 01, 1844 in Warren County, Illinois Berwick Twp., son of HICKERSON REA and SARAH KELLEY 

Children of KEZIAH SMITH and ORVILLE RAY are:

                   i. JOHN H.4 RAY, b. Aft. 1844.

                  ii.       ARCHIBALD M. RAY, b. 1845, Warren County, Illinois; d. January 01, 1874, Kansas;

m. MARY ELIZABETH WELCH, Warren County, Illinois.

4.              iii.       ELIZA RAY, b. 1847, Warren County, Illinois.

                 iv. IRA T. RAY RAY, b. 1849, Warren County, Illinois; d. Gage County, Nebraska;


                  v.       HARVEY LUSTER RAY, b. October 26, 1852, Warren County, Illinois  Berwick, Illinois; d. March 08, 1912, Warren County, Illinois  Berwick, Illinois; m. MALINDA JANE CARR, February 13, 1879, Warren County, Illinois.

                 vi.       VICTORIA RAY, b. 1856, Warren County, Illinois; m. JOSHUA ROSSELL, December 15, 1874, Warren County, Illinois.

                vii. SILAS ORVILLE RAY, b. June 11, 1864, Warren County, Illinois  Berwick, Illinois; d. December 03, 1938, Warren County, Illinois; m. ELLA J. MORRIS, January 29, 1891, Warren County, Illinois.

3.  JAMES A.J.3 SMITH (JOHN2, JOHN1).  He married ZELDA ANN RAY January 09, 1949 in Warren County, Illinois, daughter of STEPHEN REA and CYNTHIA COWLES 

Child of JAMES SMITH and ZELDA RAY is:

                   i.       THOMAS M.4 SMITH.

 Generation No. 3

4.  ELIZA4 RAY (KEZIAH JANE3 SMITH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1847 in Warren County, Illinois.  She married JOHN WESLEY SMITH October 26, 1873 in Warren County, Illinois.

Children of ELIZA RAY and JOHN SMITH are:

                   i.       NORA5 SMITH.

                  ii.       HENRY SMITH.

                 iii.       ARTHUR SMITH.

      iv.       LENA SMITH.

         Wm. B. Smith and his wife Christina Sites filed a long separation papers, that they could not get along, and have decided to live apart the rest of their lives, this was august 1843, it was with Abraham Lincoln, the Uncle to president Lincoln to see that Christina was comfortable for the rest of her life.

          Wm. B. Smith came to Warren County, Illinois with his house maid and daughter, they were married in Monmouth in 1850, after he died, his son, David, had papers drawn up and she relinquished all rights to his estate, her name was Mary Olinger and for $3, 500 she backed out of his estate.  I have no clue where Mary is buried, his estate was valued at $15,000 in 1856. Most of the fine farm lands went to the descendants of David's son Charles Jefferson Smith.

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Echoes From the Past.....

 Descendants of William Barnum Smith


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