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 PUBLISHED 1889 BY Chapman BROS.

Page #353   

    Andrew H. Black, a gentleman of push and energy among the numerous citizens of his vocation, that of a farmer, resides on section 14, Tompkins Township.  He was born in Greene Co., Ohio, June 16, 1823, his parents being William and Elizabeth (George) Black, natives of Virginia and Pennsylvania respectively.  the parents were married in Greene County, Ohio, and there the father followed the occupation of a farmer until 1838, when he came to this State (IL), and located at Monmouth, this county, and where he remained for about three years.  He was consequently a pioneer of this county, and was here to see the broad and uncultivated prairie lands in their original condition.  He remained at Monmouth for the time stated and then moved to Henderson County, where, near Olean, he purchased 80 acres of land.  Here he located with his family and was engaged in his chosen vocation until his death, which occurred in 1858.  His wife survived him until 1885.  Their family comprised nine children, five sons and four daughters.

    Andrew  H. Black, whose name stands at the head of this notice, was the second in order of birth of his parents' children, and remained on the old homestead, assisting his father in the labors of the farm, until he attained his 28th year.  At this age in life, he left the parental roof-tree and went forth to battle against the trials of life alone, hoping to procure a competency.  He at first rented land, and for three years was engaged in farming in that manner, when he purchased a farm of his own, consisting of 80 acres, in close proximity to the village of Olean.  On this land he located and passed his years in labor until 1864.  He then sold it and came to Kirkwood, and purchased a lot and residence there, where he resided for two years, when he sold his village property and bought 60 acres on section 14, Tompkins Township, on which he removed and there resided until 1880.  During this year he rented his farm and again moved into Kirkwood, where he lived four years.  At the expiration of that time he moved back on his farm and has resided there ever since.  He is engaged in general farming, having been brought up to that calling, and following it the major portion of his life is consequently possessed of that knowledge of agriculture which enables him to make a success of it.

    The marriage of Mr. Black to Miss Martha Rankin took place January 16, 1851.  She was a native of Indiana, where she was born, May 27, 1832.  Her parents were Joseph and Lutitia (Brown) Rankin, natives of Ohio and Pennsylvania respectively. (Note from Foxie: This means they were first from Pa. and then from Ohio.) They came to this State, IL, in 1837 and purchased land in Henderson County, IL, and lived there until the latter's death, in 1847 (meaning Mrs. Rankin died). Mr. Rankin went to Kansas after his wife's death, and was there engaged in farming until November 01, 1878, when he crossed the river to meet his companion in the land of the hereafter.

    In politics, Mr. Andrew Black is a strong advocate of the principles of the Republican party, with which party he always casts his vote.  he and his wife are the parents of one child---Melissa, who is the wife of James Riggs, and by whom she has had four children, who have been named, Cora, Edna, Hugh O. and Albert GMrs. Black is a member of the United Presbyterian church, with which she untied at the age of 18 years, and has since been a consistent member in good standing.  She first united with that branch of the church known as Secreders, but joined with the union of the Secreders and Associate Reformed when they united.

I do not know if these people are related but have put them here with this Mr. Andrew Black, plus, some Berrys for another fellow genealogist who is looking for his ancestors.  I received A. H. Black's first name from a descendant, Dave Buell, I've been doing research for, thanks Dave.  His first name is Andrew H. Black.

Genealogical Abstracts from Warren County, Illinois


I, Foxie, bought this from the Warren County Genealogical Society for $16.00

    October 30, 1846 Died on the 26th inst. Robert M. Black, Esq. aged about 60 years.  He was one of the first settlers of the county.

    January 08, 1847  All persons having claims against the estate of Robert M. Black, deceased, late of Warren Co., should notify William Nash, ;Exr. by March next.

February 5th, 1847 died at residence of her sister, Mrs. Lucinda Berry near Monmouth of consumption on 5th inst, Miss Milly Berry, aged 60 years.

July  23, 1847, All persons having claims against the estate of James McKee, deceased, late of Knox Co., should notify Almira McKee, admx. & George Black, adm. by Sept. next.

    October 1, 1847 Monmouth Atlas Review


Wyatt B. Stapp, Captain William D. Day, 1st Corporal
George C. Lamphere, 1st Lieutenant James W. Robertson, 2nd Corporal
George W. Palmer, 1st 2nd Lieutenant Joseph Mackey, 3rd Corporal
John H. Mitchell 2nd 2nd Lieutenant George L. Shippey, 4th Corporal
John Holliday, 1st Sergeant Benjamin P. Fifield, 1st Bugler
James Townsley, 2nd Sergeant Robert M. Snapp, 2nd Bugler
Nicholas Pl Earp, 3rd Sergeant Robert C. West, Farrier and Blacksmith
Samuel Douglas, 4th Sergeant  


Robert C. Armstrong John C Fonday Ezra H. Nichols
William Averill James E. Gordon James A. Poland
David Brownlee Alonzo Grover William C. Owens
George R. A. Barnard Elias Guthrie Samuel Pike
Ezra G. Bartram Brice M. Henry Absalom Peckenpaugh
Isaiah Berry Richard Hatton James S. Parmenter
Esau Brown William Hatton Leicester Parmenter
William Barnsley Samuel Harding Orlando Porter
Edward O. Beebee Samuel Henderson Job Rhodes
John Black John B. Howard John F. Ruddle
Samuel J. Backus Ishmael H. Holcomb George H. Ruddle
Oliver Clanhmin Thomas G. Hogue John Reed
Reuben M. Coe Ezekiel Kent James Shields
David S. Cowan Michael King John Sissell
Zechariah Cutlip Calvin Kelley Leander Stanley
Job L. Carter William Kelley George W. Stegall
Thomas H. Davidson George Lanphere William Williams
Warner J. Daniel Clark Lanphere Cyrus Wells
Dixon s. Daniel Augustin Lillard Albert Webb
Joseph M. DeLaBar George W. McNeil Isaac Wilson
Charles Drain James W. Mitchell Luther P. Watson
Nicholas Dunlap William Monteith John J. Worden
Darius Dennis James A. Miles Henry Weston
James D. Eads John T. McWilliams James E. Wilson
George W. Foster George W. Morgan Warren R.  Wilson
Michael Fitzpatrick John Moffit Larkin Wells
James Furgus John B. Motley  

November 19, 1847 We publish list of deaths in the First Illinois Rgt. (Mexican War)

COMPANY A:  Died on the River:  J. Posey; At Ft. Leavenworth: Oliver Moreton; en route to Santa Fe: George Petra, Elias Allen, Lewis Hebiner; at Santa Fe: Felix Ammons, Isam Pierson.


COMPANY C:    Died at Leavenworth: James Baker and Joseph Watkins; Died enroute to Santa Fe: John W. Collins and Robert Easly; at Santa Fe: William N. Jones.

COMPANY D:  Leavenworth:  John McDickens; Santa Fe:  Thomas Angel.

COMPANY E:  Died enroute to Santa Fe:  A. J. Campbell and William Turner; at Santa Fe:  B. F. Brown.

COMPANY F:  Died en route to Santa Fe:  F. McDaniels; at Santa Fe: F. Spencer Pratt, John W. Wheat, Edgar Rools and William F. Black.

COMPANY G:   Died en route to Santa Fe:  Harvey Tresner; Died at Santa Fe:  David S. Blackman and James Carr.

COMPANY H:  Died at Leavenworth:  Daniel McArty, Thomas Morrow, Jacob Penrod, William Jones; died at Santa Fe: William A. Carr.

COMPANY I:  Died en route to Santa Fe:  Captain F. Niles and John Jewett; Died at Santa Fe: James Vincent.

COMPANY K:  Died en route to Santa Fe: William M. Hobbs and G. M. Seely; Died at Santa Fe: William H. Brents.

February 27, 1848, one mile west of Monmouth by Erastus Rice, Esq., Mr. John Black to Miss Anne Weaver.

March 15, 1850, William Nash, Exr. of the estate of R. M. Black, deceased, will sell real estate.

March 29, 1850, G. Turnbull, grandson of William Turnball Black, a minor over 14  years, notified John Black, Harvey Black, Henry Black of his intent to resign guardianship.  Warren Co.

May 10th, 1850, died in Milton Twp. on 5th inst., Mr. J. H. Black, aged about 28 years.

June 21, 1850, Letter from Sarah Ann Talbot of Portland, Oregon, dated February 04 , 1850, describing trip and conditions.  Mentions death of ______ Berry, sister-in-law to "Kelsoe" of Camden, Major McCoy, the first man in the valley was well; Dr., Maley was dead; the Finley's had gone to California; mentions Mrs. Finley was a Ritchie; Matthew Ritchie and wife were alive and well in California -- all news that Indians killed him was false.  McCarver family were in California and immensely wealthy.  He has married again.  White and family in Oregon City, also wealthy.  No tidings of Holcomb or William Adams.  Mentioned  "Widow Henderson Humprhey's brother" were there4 fro  Iowa but took ship for Calif.  Alek Rodgers is up the valley and doing well.  "Tell Joseph you heard from me."

September 13, 1850, died near Monmouth on 2nd, Hannah Black wife of John Black aged 55 years.

October 11, 1850, All persons with claims against the estate of John M. Black, deceased, of Warren Co., are hereby notified to present them to Mary Ann Black, Adm. by Nov. next.

March 26, 1852, married 16th inst., by Reverend Mr. Matthew, Robert Gablow to Miss Mary Jane Black.

June 25, 1852, Warren Co.:  John Drake, adm. of estate of Lewis Clayton, deceased, defendant (sic) vs. Samuel Black, Rezin Smith, Jr., Aaron York, Christina Clayton and Mary Margaret Clayton, defendants.  Bill in chancery.

August 13, 1852 married in the county on the 5th inst. by Rev. R. S. Monroe, Mr. James H. Brown of Knox Co., IL, and Miss Laura A., d/o Rev. W. F. Ferguson D. D. of McDonough Co., IL..

August 13, 1852 married in the county on the 5th inst. by Rev. John Scott, Mr. Robert B. Davidson of Monmouth to Miss Eliza J. Black.

September 03, 1852, married on Wednesday last by Walter Earp, Esq. Mr. Damuel Daggat to Mrs. Mary A. Black, all of this county.

January 21, 1853, , died very suddenly on Wednesday evening last in this city, Simeon s/o Mr. John Black, aged about 19 years.

August 04, 1854, married at the National House, Independence, on the 15th by Rev. Ashby, Mr. W. M. Mason and Miss Sarah Berry, all of Warren Co.

December 29, 1854, married on the 14th inst. by Rev. R. C. Matthews, Mr. Robert Martin and Miss Margaret Black, all of Warren Co.


From the Past and Present of Warren County, IL, published in 1877:

Warren County War Record:


pg 183; Black, A. enlisted Feb. 25, 1864, transferred to Co. E 61st Ill. Inf.

Company E. RECRUITS----Transferred from 83rd Ill. Vol. Inf.

pg 195; Black, A. enlisted February 25, 1864 mustered out September 08, 1865 (this is same person as above.

same page as above different Co.

    Fiftieth Infantry  Company I.

Black, S. R. enlisted September 16, 1861. (doesn't say how he left service)

    pg #184, COMPANY F


Black,  W. J. enlisted August 12, 1862 m.o. June 26, 1865

    102nd Infantry  Company A.

Corporal W. H. Black enlisted August06, 1861, mustered out February 17, 1863, priv., disab.


page 189; Black, J. M. enlisted August 22, 1862 mustered out as Corporal June 06, 1865.


     TOMPKINS TOWNSHIP page #316   Past & Present of Warren Co, IL, 1877

Berry, J. C.; grocer; Kirkwood; rep; Meth; from Ohio.

Black, A. H.; farmer; Sec. 14; PO Kirkwood; rep; from Ohio; 60 acres.

Black, James, retired farmer; Kirkwood; rep; from Pennsylvania.

Black, John; teamster; Kirkwood; rep; UU. P. ; from Pennsylvania.

Black, Miller; traveling agent; PO Kirkwood; rep; U. P.; from Pennsylvania.

Black, W. W.; laborer; Kirkwood; rep; from Pennsylvania.

    Spring Grove Township page #309 Past & Present of Warren Co, IL, 1877

Black, Daniel,; farmer for E. Wallace; Sec. 3; PO Alexis; rep; from Penn.

    Monmouth City page #204 Past & Present of Warren Co, IL, 1877

Berry, John, local editor Review; boards at Baldwin House; rep; from Pennsylvania.

Black, Jno; retired; rep; U.P. ;from Ireland.

School Commissioners, School lands, trustees and County Superintendents. page #131 

 Past & Present of Warren Co, IL, 1877

Ellison lands sold March 31, 1836, and here terminates the official records of Alexis Phelps, the first school commissioner of this county.  He was succeeded by Wyat S. Berry, who sold the school lands of Swan Township for $4,070.90, January 15, 1838.

    Monmouth page #143   Past & Present of Warren Co, IL, 1877

The licenses for opening stores were generally from seven to ten dollars, and were renewable each year.  S. Phelps & Co. were granted one at the June term, 1835, for $8.00.  Elijah Davidson, the first grocery man, was given his license December 05, 1831, for $2.50.  He was appointed county treasurer in the spring of 1832, and held the office several years. Martin McCowen was granted license to open a grocery in 1834, and, as in all grocery licenses, the rates of charges also given.  W. B. Stapp and W. S. Berry were granted license to "vend merchandise" in the summer of 1835, and paid $11 license fee.  At the same time Ferdinand Vandyke and William Tracy received their permits for the same purpose.

    The voters were: Wm F. Smith, Daniel McNeil, Jr., R. W. McMillen, Mordecai McBride, B.  F. Berry, Yost Huffman, J. J. Caldwell, G. W. Vaugan, J. P. Hogue, Samuel Brazelton, Geo. H. Wright, Alex. Hoque, F. Vandyke, James McCallon, S. T. McBride, Thos. Butler, Andrew Robinson, Frank Kendell, Peter I. Dodge, Thos. G. Hogue, Elijah Davidson, Harry Jennings and Alex. Ritchie.  What these people were voting for was for the town of Monmouth to be incorporated November 29, 1836, to incorporate Monmouth as a town, as recorded, were law of the State in force at that time, being the act approved February 12, 1831, entitled "an act to incorporate the inhabitants of such towns as may wish to be incorporated." Ten days prior to November 29th, a notice had been publicly posted up in compliance to law, and in pursuance of this call " the male citizens of the town of Monmouth" met at the school house at this date, and having organized by calling Elijah Davidson to the chair, and Harry Jennings as clerk, "the object of the meeting was fully set forth" and voting for and against the incorporation of the town commenced.  Twenty-three votes were cast in favor of the incorporation and none against.  Note from Foxie "Will try to get rest of information about the formation of the city of Monmouth on-line at a later date......"

on page #152 a T. V. Berry is listed as being one of the  resident ministers engaged in Christian Church of Monmouth, since the organization in 1839.

    MONMOUTH TOWNSHIP  PG #229  Past & Present of Warren Co, IL, 1877

Berry, George, farmer; Sec. #17, PO Monmouth; rep

Page #116--The first public school---supported by subscription---was opened in Monmouth by Robert Black, in 1831, and shortly after, another was started by Alpheus Russell.  Then this is again mentioned only said a little differently on page #147 about the schools.

On page #319 under    SPRING GROVE TOWNSHIP   Past & Present of Warren Co, IL, 1877

    A Mr. R. W. Gerlaw, Farmer and stock Raiser; sec 34; PO Gerlaw; born in Greene Co., Ohio, March 04, 1817; came to this ?County in 1850; rep; owns 700 acres, valued at $35,000; wife was Mary J. Black, born in Ohio; married March 16, 1852; five children; one son and three daughters living.

Same township as above, page #316:     Past & Present of Warren Co, IL, 1877

Rowe John W., Carpenter; Alexis; born in Franklin Co., Pa., July 05, 1846; owns house and lot, value $800; was in army, 21st Pa. Vol., Co., C.  Married Angeline Black, November 19, 1867, who was born in Xenia, O., February 28, 1849; they have four children, two boys and two girls.



Black, John married Caldwell, Eleanor on September 15, 1831

Black, John married Weaver, Sarah Anne on January 27, 1848

Black, John H. married Williams, Mary Ann on March 31, 1849

Black, Joseph C. married Gordon, Nancy A. on October 29, 1858

Black, Jeremiah married Carrithers, Sophia J. on April 29, 1858

Black, William married Provost, Aliff R. on November 20, 1862

Black, Enos married Harlan, Nancy on March 30, 1863

Black, Henry M married Pulse, Elizabeth A. on December 22, 1863

Black, William W. married Buck, Polly W. on November 29, 1864

Black, Richard married Gibson, Elisa J. December 23, 1865

Black, William J. married Mozier, Jane on September 06, 1866

Black, Andrew married McAllen, Eliza on October 24, 1867

Black William H. married Dawson Mary J. on October 28, 1867

Black, William T. married Culbertson, Mary H. on December 21, 1869

Black, Samuel married Miller, Mrs. Sarah on January 21, 1871

Black, Daniel R. married Wallace, Jennie E. on September 14, 1 876

Black, James M. married Stevenson, Maggie E. on January 02, 1879

Black, William married Lawler, Lou on December 19, 1893

Black, Grant married Pence, Ora on June 26, 1895

Black, Walter J. married Vollmer, Lillie B. on December 14, 1 900

Black, Ralph C. married McKee, Mrs. Elizabeth C. on May 05, 1913

Going to put the male marriages listed in my book by the last name of BERRY here for a very nice man from MO., whom I've been doing some research for and they corinside with his Black's.

Berry,, Wyatt S. married Keith, Sarah E. March 05, 1839

Berry George William married Frantz, Amy C. on October 24, 1860

Berry, Michael married Hogan, Mariah on November 07, 1862  has over the date ---NOT USED.

Berry, David married Berry, Mrs. Eveline on December 17, 1870

Berry, Jeremiah C. married Sweger, Lyda C. February 07, 1871

Berry, John R. married Smith, Mary J. on May 07, 1873

Berry, William married Maley, Margaret A. on September 12, 1873

Berry, Eugene C. married Gillett, Ellen F. on November 26, 1878

Berry, George W. married Frymire, Lissie on December 07, 1881

Berry, Frank A. married Riggs, Cora M. on September 21, 1892

Berry, Clyde married Clark, Della on March 14 , 1899

Berry, Howard married Stevenson, Martha on July 30, 1902

Berry, J. H. married Barnett, Blanche on July 12, 1908


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