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Here is a bio on Emeline's parents.

Mr. M. B. Ray, one of the large landowners of Lenox Township, a gentleman of more than ordinary executive ability and a successful farmer, residing on section 26, Lenox Twp., is the son of Garland and Sarah Lee Ray, both natives of Kentucky
His parents came to this county in 1835, and will consequently take rank among it is pioneer settlers.  They located in Roseville Township, where they continued to reside for about a year, when they removed to Lenox Township, where they lived until their death, the decease of Mr. Ray's, mother taking place Feb 24, 1868, and that of his father April 12, 1881. Their children were ten in number, namely: Amelia A., Harriet E., Henrietta M., James W., M. B., Eletha, Clarinda J., Julia A., Susan A., and Nancy Elizabeth.
The gentleman whose name stands at the head of this notice was born in Edmonson Co., KY., Feb. 06, 1828, and had reached the age of nine years when he came with his parents to this county, where he has continued to reside until the present time.  Mr. Ray may be said to have followed the vocation of an agriculturist from childhood, as he was brought up to that occupation and has made it the pursuit of his life.  He is at present
owner of over 1,200 acres in this county, all of which, with the he exception of 30 acres of timberland, is under an advanced state of cultivation, and with the exception of 210 acres in Roseville Twp., is all situated in Lenox Township.  He keeps upon his home farm, which comprises of 500 acres, about 100 head of cattle, 20 head of horses and colts, and fattens about 100 head of hogs annually.  What of this world's goods he possess, and the same , as will be readily seen is not small, has been accumulated through his own indomitable energy, pluck and good judgment.
The marriage of Mr. Ray, which occurred in Lenox Township, Sept. 05, 1850, when Miss Nancy C. Ray became his wife, has been blessed by the birth of ten children.  Mrs. Ray is the daughter of John and Sarah Ray, natives of Kentucky.  Their children are Richard H. Emeline, Laura J., Letitia, John L., Theodosia, Mary, Hiram, Hattie and Martha.  Martha is deceased; Richard resides in Lenox Township; Emeline is the wife of Tilford Rice and resides in Lenox Township; Laura J. married John Chapman, who resides in Iowa; Letitia became the wife of William Ken, also a resident of Iowa; John L. lives in Lenox Township; Theodosia married William Parrish, also a resident of Lenox Township; Mary was untied in marriage with Theo. C. Alexander, who is a farmer in Lenox Township; Hiram is also residing in Lenox Township; Hattie became the wife of Martin Landon, who is a farmer in Berwick Township.
Mr. Ray has held the office of Highway Commissioner and Overseer of Highways.  In politics, he cast his vote with the Democrat party. Himself and wife both belong to the Missionary Baptist Church.
We present a fine view of Mr. Ray's substantial homestead on page #368. 
If you would like a copy of the bio out of the 1898 P & B of Warren County Il by the Chapman Bros. and a picture of the homestead email me you snail mail address.  Only cost 10 a copy and the mailing cost.
From Male Marriages 1825-1915
Alexander, Theodore  married Mary Frances Ray December 19, 1882.
Chapman, John T. married Laura J. Ray on January 10, 1875
Parrish, William A. married Theodosia E. Ray on November 23, 1876.
LANDON, MARTIN    RAY, HATTIE G  05/25/1885 00F/0121 00007450 KNOX Co, IL... got this off of the IL marriage index.  link to IL archives at bottom of my signature.....
Ray, John L. married Dora E. Carr on February 07, 1888.
Ray, Richard married Rosanna Murphy on June 02, 1853
Ray, Hiram E. married Delia Jane Eaton
Out of 1860 Federal Census for Warren County, IL, Lenox Twp.

Ray, Garland    age 61  Farmer  real estate value $11,000 personal $7,935  born in KY

       Sarah age 62  born in KY
        Richard age 24  born in KY
Ray, M. B. age 29 age 32  Farmer real estate $5,500 personal 2225  born KY
       Catherine  age 32 born KY
       Richard H.  age 9 in school born in IL
       Sarah E.    age 7  in school born in IL
       Mary J.      age 5  in school born in IL
       T. H.         age 4  in school born in IL
       Bedacia      age 2  in school born in IL
        John L.     age 4/12     born in IL
The above has to Marshall B. Ray's family.   Nancy must of went by Catherine.  and it did say they had ten children.   Some of the children match and some don't could be on account of names being misspelled or going by their middle name but it's the only one that matches.
Going to put down all of the Rice's in the 1860 Federal Census of Warren County, IL.  Can't find Tilford's name perhaps he had another name he went by when younger and you know it.
Ellison Twp., 1860 Census
Rice, S. B. age 42 Farmer  personal $490  born in OH
       Rebecca  age 39  born in VA
       Lucella age 17   born in OH  in school
       Benton S.   age 14 born in OH in school
       Mary J.    age 03 born in IL
       Frank V.  age 1 born in IL
Roseville Twp., 1860 Census
Rice, John N. age 27 Farmer real estate $1,200 personal $215 born PA
        Amy  age 26 born in PA
        Orilla E.  age 05 born in IL
        Evangeline  age 03  born in IL
        John S.     age 01  born in IL
Rice, Lawrence age 35 Farm Laborer...born in PA  living with or on land owned by Axtell, P. F.
Berwick Twp., 1860 Census
Rice, H. B. age 26  Farmer real estate $400 personal $#71 born in PA
    Nancy age 28 born in MD
      William H. age 7 born in IN
        Matilda A. 6/12  born in IL
Hastings, Eliza age 55 Real estate $400 personal $33 born in MD
               Martha  age 15 born in OH  in school

Green Bush Twp, 1860 Census

Landon, Thomas  58 Miller personal  born PA

               Martha  58 born  unknown where born can't read


1860 Federal Census for Warren County, IL, Tompkins Twp. 
Alexander, John age 50 Farmer  real estate $4000 personal $500  born TN
              Elizabeth D. age 40 born SC
              Joseph age 15       born IN in school
             Charles S.   age 11 born IN  in school
              Theopolus  age 7 born IN   in school
              John age 5 born in IL in school
              Mary E.  age 03 born IL
              Anna B. age 3/12  born IL
Alexander, Isabella age 25  School Teacher  born IN    this is Hale Twp., and she is living on the homestead of James Smiley.
Carr, James   age 42  Merchant  real estate $1000  personal $100 born NY
      Mary E.  age 49  born RI
       William H. age 20  Clerk born NY
       Louisa     age 17 born NY in school
Carr, Nathan, SR.  age 56 Farmer  real estate $4,200  personal $1500  born NY
         Sarah           age 54  born NY
         Franklin       age 24  Farmer  born NY

Landon, W. F. age 47 real estate $2800 personal $675 born SC

              Jane age 47 born in IN

          Margaret age 22 born in IN

             Nancy age 20 born in IN

Under Kelly Twp., 1860 Census

Landon, William age 49 Farmer real estate $$2400 personal $469 born VT

              Betsey age 39 born in NH

              John age 21 Farmer also in school born NY

      Margaret E. age 20 born NY

               Merrill age 17 born NY in school

Clute, Roxina age 08 born IL in school

Under Berwick Twp., 1860 Census

Landon, Ebenezer age 63 real estate $3400 personal $2158 born NJ

          Electra age 61 born CT

           Isaac age 22 born NY

     McCone, Isaac age 05 born IL

Landon, S. C. age 26 Farmer personal $350 born NJ

       Britta age 30 born NY

      Flora J. age 9/12 born IL

       Martin age 30 Farmer personal $325 born NJ

Landon, Thomas age 26 Farmer real estate $2000 personal $518 born NY

        Frances age 21 born IL

        Franklin age 02 born IL

        Edward age 9/12 born IL

Bay, Robert age 18 born IL in school

Landon, Joseph age 30 Farmer born NJ

            Ann age 24 born PA

           Harriet E. age 02 born IL

           Martha age 9/12 born IL

Under Floyd Twp., 1860 Census

Parish, Preston age 44 Farmer personal $300 born KY

      Elizabeth age 42 born KY

        Charles age 22 Farmer born IL

           Mary age 20 born IL

        William age 18 born IL

under Lenox Twp., 1860 Census

Parish, John age 30 Farmer born OH

            Sarah age 31 born OH

Under Monmouth Twp., 1860 Census

Eaton, Jesse age 31 born KY

          Mary M age 32 born KY

            Darthula B. age 10 born KY

Eaton, William L. age 64 Farmer real estate $2000 personal $450 born NC

             Nancy age 61 born KY

             John age 30 Farmer born KY

           Franklin age 21 Farmer born KY

             Westley age 20 Farmer born KY

Eaton, James age 24 Day Laborer born KY can't read or write married in the year

          Ann age 22 born KY married in the year.

1850 Federal Census for Warren County, IL. 

This isn't broken down into twp.  But I found allot of my ancestors this way.  The book is filled with them... So am going to put your surnames here also.

Ray, Zachariah  age 25 Farmer born in KY
      Octava   age 19
       Woodford N. age 1
Ray, Garland age 52  born in KY   farmer  personal $5000
       Sarah   age 54  born in KY
        Letha  age  19 born in IL    in school
      Clarinda J.   age 17 born in IL            in school
   Juliann    age 15  born in IL   in school
   Susan   14   born in IL    in school
   Nancy E. age 11  born in IL
   James W.  age 24       Farmer  born in KY  married in the year.
   Nancy C.   age 20  born in IL married in the year.
Ray, John   age 41 Bap. Preacher personal 720 born KY
       Sarah  age 39  born in KY
      Miriam  age 18 born in KY           in school
      William H. age 16  born in KY  Farmer   in school
      Martha Jane age 14   born in KY   in school
     James B. age 12 born KY  in school
     Richard G.  age 11 born in KY   in school
     Sarah F. age 9 born in KY in school
     John H.  age 7 born in KY in school
     Susan Ann age 6 born in KY   in school
     Mary E.  age 5  born in KY 
     George W.  age 3 born in KY
     Jesse L.  6/12  born in IL
Ray, Thomas  age 25 born in KY
       Henrietta  age 19  born in KY
       Melissa J. age 2 born in IL
Ray, Wyatt  age 33 Farmer
       Cynthia Ann age 29 born in KY
        Henderson W. age 8 born in IL
        Sarah C. age 5 born in KY
         Nancy J. age 3 born in IL
        Henry W. age 2 born in IL
       Margaret  age 1 born in IL
Ray, Greenberry age 25  Farmer personal $900 born in KY
      Mary Ann  age 21 born in KY
      Martha Ann age 03 born in KY
       Elizabeth age 9/12 born in IL
Ray, Edward  age 24 born in KY Farmer personal $1000 living on Thompson Brooks homestead.
Ray, fountain  age 55  Farmer personal $1200 born in KY
       Cynthia Ann  age 50 bon in KY
       Lucy Ann age 14  born in KY
       Artemsia age 10 born in KY
Ray, Pleasant  Male age 27 Farmer personal $300 born  in IL
       Julia Ann age 26   born in IL   These two were married in the census year.
          Margaret 6/12  born in IL
Ray, Nicholas O.  age 35 Farmer born in KY
       Maria age 28 born in KY
       Woodford  age 7 born in KY
        Melissa J. age 4 born in KY
        Martha S. age 01 born in KY
Ray, Marshall  age 20 Farmer  born KY   Married in the year
      Alice     age 16  born OH  
The two Ray's above were living on the homestead of Daniel Warner.
Ray, John age 36 Farmer personal $500 born in NH
      Martha  age 28 born in IL
      Elmira  age 04 born in IL
       Edward Ray  age 02 born IL
Ray, Hickerson age 57 Farmer personal $500 born in KY
      Sarah   age 45      born VA
      Hickerson  age 18  born KY
      John C.  age 14  born in KY
      Jane   age 12 born in KY
      Emily C. age 10  born in KY
      Amelia  age 1 born in IL
And last but not least yours..... I didn't know if Marshall B. would be here or not.  But here they are and not children in first year like the other one....
Ray, Marshall B. age 21 born KY  Married in the year.
       Nancy C.   age 20 born KY  Married in the year.
For the surname Alexander there is only one and he is living on the homestead of Solomon Perkins  which this should be around Berwick Twp. as that is where Solomon Perkins lived   His father Solomon Perkins helped to found Warren County, IL.....
Alexander, Woodford  age 25 born in IL   Farmer

No Rice's in the 1850 Federal Census for Warren County, IL.

Parish, Preston age 34 Farmer born KY
         Elizabeth  age 32  born KY
         Charles T. age 12 born KY
         Mary S.      age 10 born IL  in school
       William N. age 8 born IL    in school
        Littleberry age 7 born IL    in school
        Delia Ann  age 5  born IL  
        Melissa age 4 born in IL
         John A. age 2 born in IL
Chapman, Thompson  age 34  Farmer born KY
               Eliza Jane age 32 born KY
               William L. age 10  born KY         in school
               Margaret Ann age 10 born KY      in school
               Nancy Jane age 8 born KY          in school
               John R. age 2 born IL

The only Chapman's in the 1850 census for Warren County, IL are Franklin and William  both born in OH  Franklin is 21  and William is 13  they are living on the homestead of Judith Griffith  who is a Male carpenter born in NY.  Franklin is a laborer other

  Carr, Benjamin F.  age 28  Farmer born OH  can't read or write
         Lore   age 30   born OH can't read or write
          Peter age 10  born OH   in school
           Lydia A. age 08 born OH in school
       Benjamin     age 06  born OH  in school
        Mary E. age 03 born IL
        Dorcas   age o3 born IL  Looks like twins**
Carr, Otho  age 45 Farmer born KY
         Nancy age 45  born KY can't read or write
         Redman age 13  born IL in school
         James O.  age 09 born IL in school
         Lucy Jane age 06 born in IL
Gunter, Elizabeth age 14 born in KY
Carr, Absalom age 49 Farmer born KY
        Sarah age 47  born  KY can't read or write
       Lewis   age 17 Farmer   born IN
       Thomas age 13 born IN in school
       Hannah age 11 born IN in school
       Malinda  age 09 born IN
      William H. age 07 born IL
Carr, Nathan    age 56   born in NY Farmer  personal $1200
       Sarah        age 54   born NY
    Franklin       age 12   born NY
Carr, Nelson R.  age 34  Farmer  born NY
         Sarah J.    age 31  born NJ
          Cornelia M. age 08 born NY
          George M.   age 06  born NY
          Jane            age 02 born IL
Landon, Ebenezer age 51  Farmer  born in PA Can't read or write
           Lattia  age 49  born PA   Can't read or write
            John age 26  Farmer  born NJ
            Thomas age 18  Farmer born NY Farmer
            Isaac  AGE 13 born NY
            Harriet E age 11 born NY
Landon, Thomas  age 50 Miller personal $200 born NY
            Martha   age 50  born MA   Can't read or Write
            Joseph age 21  Farmer  born NJ
            Sidney  age 17  Farmer  born NY
             Mary   age 12  born NY
Murphy, Joseph   age 52  Preacher   personal 1800 born KY]]
          Julia          age 50  born VA
          Arminus B. age 23  School Teacher  born KY
          Henry        age 21  Farmer   born KY
          Elizabeth    age 18   born KY  in school
          Meril          age 16   born IL in school
         Adaline       age 14   born IL  in school
         Patrick        age 12  born IL   in school
         Julia           age 09  born IL    in school
         Lanissa  F  age 08   born IL   in school
Murphy, John E.  age 44 Preacher  personal $7200 KY
           Frances    age 40 born KY
        William P    age 20  Farmer born IL
        Elizabeth     age 18  born in IL
      Henderson W. age 16 born IL   in school
      James T.         age 14  born IL  in school
      Nancy I.         age 06   born IL
       Mary            age 03  born IL
      Emma D.      age 4/12 born IL
      Nancy         age 85       born IL
Murphy, Irene  age 40 Widow born in KY
         Susan age 14  born in IL     in school
         Paul C.  age 12 born in IL   in school
Taylor, John O. age 07  born IN   in school
       William H. age 10 born IL     in school
            Alicia  age 08 born IL       in school
            Hezekiah age 05 born IL   in school
Murphy, Rosannah    age 50  Widow personal $1,800 born KY
            Jane              age 13 born IL 
            Logan M.      age 08 born IL
            Isaac T.         age 06 born IL
Shirley, John         age 24  Farmer personal  $300  born IL
No Eaton's in the 1850 Federal Census for Warren County, IL

These are look-ups I did at the Warren County Courthouse in Monmouth on These families:

Corey E. Married John Ewing  Married  on February 28, 1894
Book C #66 born 1895  Name Edna
Book C #66 born 1896  Leote Ray
Book C  #68  born 1898  Harland Ellsworth 
Zoe Myrtle married John Oliver Blair
Their are no children listed in the births at the courthouse for this couple.
Stella M. Married Levi D. Lewis  on November 16, 1893


Book 14#9970  Mildred Geraldine born 1900  out of Birth Index
Inez Tabitha Married W. C. McProud  on December 22, 1904
Book D #204 Donald Ray   1904   out of Birth Index
Book D #207 Female  (2)   1907    out of Birth Index
Also, all the girls were born in Warren County.  only have the year as I didn't have time to go through the birth books separately for them.  have that written down but can't find my paper at the moment will get back to you on that.
There was the 6th daughter born in the year of 1887, I think not sure.  No name.  suppose be your Jesse.  Also, the first Rays. were married in Warren county, IL.  have the dates on that also on the paper I've misplaced for the moment meaning Marshal and Nancy.  Didn't have time to look up them all but got some of them for you.. I've had such a head ache today it's a wonder I got anything done.

Out of the 1878 Past and Present of Warren County, IL,

Under Lenox Twp., page #298

Rice Tilford, Farmer and Stock Raiser: Sec. 27: P.O. Lenox; born in Kentucky March 01, 1848; came to this Co. in 1869; Dem; Bapt; rents 160 acres of land.  Mr. Rice makes a specialty of raising Bronze Turkeys, Bramah Chickens, and Poland China Hogs; also deals in Ky, high grade cattle, having sold over $2000 in the last three years; married Miss S. E. Ray, daughter of Mr. B. Ray, December 27 1871.

Ray Bedford, farmer; PO Monmouth; dem; Bapt; 650 acres, $39000/

Ray H. W. farmer; sec 27; PO Lenox; dem; Lib.

Ray Garland, Farmer; Sec. 35; PO Berwick; born in Kentucky in 1798; came to this Co., in 1835 or '36; Dem; U. Bapt; 500 acres, value $40,000; is 79 years of age, and is the oldest settler now living in Warren Co.; he has been here 42 years.

Ray J. C. farmer; PO Berwick; dem. Bapt.

Ray I. W. farmer; sec 35; PO Berwick dem; United Baptist; 150 acres, value $7500

Ray Richard Sr., farmer; PO Lenox; dem; Bapt.

Ray Richard Jr., farmer Sec. 29;l; PO Lenox; Bapt; 80 acres, value $5,000.

Ray Robert, farmer; Sec 29; PO Lenox; dem; Lib; 80 acres, value $5,000.

Ray Warren, farmer; sec 29; PO Lenox; dem; Bapt; 80 acres, value $5,000 born KY.

Under Monmouth Twp., page #229

Alexander Charles L., farmer, lives with his mother; Sec. 9; rep; United Presperterian.

Alexander T. W. farmer, lives with his mother; sec 9; rep; United Presperterian.

Alexander John W. farmer, lives with his mother; Sec 9; farmer, lives with his mother; Sec 9; rep; United Presperterian.

Alexander Elizabeth D. Farming; SEc;9; PO Monmouth; born in Chester District, S. C., August 08, 1829; came to this Co. in 1854; U.P. owns 160 acres, value $8000; married John W. Alexander, Dec. 01, 1842; he was born in Blout Co., Tenn.; he died Nov. 21, 1863; has six children, four boys and two daughters; lost two.

under Green Bush Twp., page #243

Alexander W. Farmer; Sec. 34; PO Prairie City; born in Ill., Dec. 03, 1852; came to this Co., in 1855; Dem; owns 160 acres land, valued at $9,600; married Carried Matthews, July 10, 1876; is the son of E. A. Alexander, who lives in McDonough Co, IL.

Under Spring Grove Twp., page #309

Alexander J. E. station agent; Alexis; dem; German Ref; from Maryland.

On page #133:

Warren County Agricultural Society which was organized August 07, 1852, at a public meeting held at the court house in Monmouth.  Mr. J. E. Alexander is listed as one of it's officers in 1877. 

On page #168

Under the Town of Alexis, it is stated that Alexis was laid out  in Nov., 1870 by Robert Holloway and J. E. Alexander upon land owned by them.  The first house was moved to the town site Nov. 20, 1870, and upon the first train North on the Rockford, Rock Island and St. Louis RR J. E. Alexander moved his goods, and established the station.  He has held the office of Station and Express Agent since the opening of the Railroad.  The books of the Co., show that from this point there has been shipped 500 cars of stock in a year, and sometimes 140 cars of grain  per month.  The growth of the town has been rapid, and although a sweeping fire in Jan. 1877, destroyed nine business houses, new buildings are rising to take their place, showing the confidence there is in the stability of the town.


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