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Date: 09/18/05 21:46:24
Subject: Brick Walls
I have a great-grandmother Eliza A. Cole (Colwes) who was born in Warren County and I have been trying to find her parents.  I have attached a word file showing the censuses she was listed on in the years 1855, 1860, 1865, and 1870.  On the 1855 New York State census "Liza Cole" is listed as a child along with Charles, with Emily as the Head of Family, however on the 1865 New York State census, "Eliza Cowles" is listed as a niece with Charles as head of household and Emily listed as Mother.
I am trying to find out who Eliza's parents are.  She married my grandfather, William Cauklin Knapp in March 1873.  I will forever be indebted to you if you can help me.  Thank you so very much.
Darwin Richardson
 Attached Census

1855 New York State Census 7 June 1855 Town of Horicon County of Warren

                   Relationship to

Name     Age  Sex  County   Head of Family      Years Resident in this town

Emily Cole    54    F   Warren   Head of Family  Widowed          3

Charles Cole    25       M   ˝   Child      Married                   3

George Cole     17        M    ˝       Child

Liza A. Cole    2    F     ˝       Child                              

1860 United States Federal Census New York Warren Horicon

Name            Age  Sex       Birth      Occupation                 

Charles S. Cole    30     M    Warren        Peddler       

Emily        ˝     59     F     Warren        House Keeper 

Eliza A.     ˝      7      F    Warren

1865 New York State Census 7 June 1865 Town of Chester County of Warren   

Name   Age    Sex      Birth       Head of Family    married     the parent

Charles S. Cowles      35  M   Warren   Head of Family  Married 1                

Harriet Cowles       21    F   Vermont      Wife             1                

Emily Cowles    65  F    Warren   Mother   Widowed   2

Eliza A. Cowles   12    F        Warren       Niece          

1870 United States Federal Census New York Saratoga Northumberland 

Name     Age      Sex       Race                   Occupation

Kingsley, David      55    M    W                   Farmer

----- Phoebe A.     51   F    W         Keeping House

----- Lowell    18    M    W    Farmer/Laborer

----- Nelson    13   M     W                   Farmer/Laborer

----- Ella      9     F      W

Cole, Eliza   17    F     W                   Domestic servant


           Thanks ! 





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