Blood Cemetery

Blood Cemetery, is located in the west half of the southeast quarter of Section 26 in Berwick Township on land originally owned by he Blood family. As the land has changed ownership throughout the years the care and maintenance of the cemetery has also varied. The cemetery is less than a quarter mile north of Illinois highway #116 with access by walking through the adjacent cornfield. The cemetery is about 20 x 30 feet in size and is surrounded by a four to five foot tall cement wall. There is a cement stile in the front part of the wall with the Blood inscribed in raised letters. Above this block is another cement block with a raised inscription thought to reads August 10, 1915, some of the inscription has worn away. This cemetery has many weeds and saplings. In August 1982, the inscriptions in blood cemetery were identified as listed below

Anyone having any information on these people I am interested in learning more about them even though not part of my family tree. Feel free to Email me. Thanks for your time

We are planning on trying to find this cemetery. Have an idea where located just not sure.

Surname/name Birth Death Relationship Information/War
Blood, Freeman   Nov. 3, 1845   age 42
Blood, Freeman Feb 9, 1803 Nov 3, 1845    
Blood, Mary Sept. 14, 1808 Aug. 31, 1881 his wife  
Blood, Hannah        
Blood, Hiram        
Blood, James        
Blood, Leonard        
Merrill, Eliza Jane        
Merrill, Grandmother        
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