The Houlton Cemetery, Ellison Township, Warren County, Illinois

The Houlton Cemetery, is an old abandoned burial ground in the south half of the northwest quarter of section 32, Ellison Township, a half mile south of U. S. Route 124, and about five miles west of Roseville, in the old Boston Corner's neighborhood.

This burial ground is on the east side of a gravel road, in a thicket of trees, just north of a hedge fence which separated it from an abandoned house and a feed lot. There have been no burials here for a good many years. It is not easy accessible, bears a good crop of weeds and several of the stones are flat and some of them are covered with leaves and rubbish.

Three graves were found. They were Willard Hurd, who was seriously injured in the Ellison Tornado of May 30, 1858. William Hurd, his wife Harriet, and son Willard, Jr., were killed instantly in this storm. The stones gave their date of death as May 30, 1858.

Other stones at the time, 1987, that were found were:

Frederick,  son of A. & M. A. Burtt, died Sept 4, 1861.

Corah, daughter of J. S. & T. Allard, September 29, 1868

Levina, daughter of Wm & M. Hodge, Dec 28, 1859

Eunice, daughter of A. & S. Mark, March 31, 1859

Charles W., son of J. & E. Nichols, October 23, 1875

Edward, son of W. & A. Smith, Oct 19, 1862

Hollis E., son of J. and M. G. Ray, May 5, 1856

Alice M, daughter of S. & S. Mark, March 31, 1859

John A., son of J and M. G Ray, September 9, 1854

Mary, daughter of J. and M. A. Torrance, Apr 24, 1860; Infant daughter of J. and M. A. Torrance, Feb 19, 1861.


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Godfrey Cemetery, Ellison Township, Warren County, Illinois

In the northeast quarter of section 20 of Ellison Township, there was at one time an old United Brethren church on the west side of the angling road. It burned long ago, the cemetery was in back of the church and on he south side of the creek which flows west through sections 20 and 29.

It is now part of a hog pasture, 1987, and only one stone was found along with a base. The name on the stone was that of Lillie May, daughter of Nancy Collyar, died August 19, 1869, aged 5y 11m 4d. There had apparently been a number of burials here but no trace of them were found.

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