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from the old timer column in the Review Atlas dated July 29, 1937,

comes this article about Sugar Grove Cemetery.

    This cemetery is located  a mile north of Old Salem (one mile north of Route #124  and a little over a half mile west, on a farm owned by Lee Johnson of Roseville. It is situated on a knoll a short distance south of the house.

    Nancy Piper Meacham, wife of Miles G. Meacham, is buried there, she dies in 1845, was nineteen years of age at the time of her death. His second wife, Rebecca Coleman Meacham, was also buried there in 1852.

    Just a short distance east, on the road running north and south is an old church, known as the Sugar Grove Church, and was of the United Brethren denomination. The building was still standing in 1937. It has since been blown away in a storm and hit by lightning.  and at that time it was used for a machine shed. It hadn't been used for a church services for about 35 years.

    The church and cemetery are located about a mile south west of the place where the town of Lancaster once stood, and no doubt it was known as the Lancaster cemetery to some.

Information on this cemetery & tombstone phot0s contributed for this web site by Bill Timmons I want to thank Bill for all of this new info on this cemetery and for the Photos below. Bill is also looking for anyone interested in persons buried here. And his Timmons family line. Thank you bunches!!! email me with any information you may have. I am also interested if anyone out there would happen to have a photo of any kind of the Church that once stood here or any of the town of Lancaster that once was. Thanks!!

Photos Below

Surname/name Birth Death Relationship Information/War
McWilliams, Stattirm     Oct 19, 1845 wife of R. R. McWilliams   22yrs
McWilliams, Alexander   May 8, 1847 49yrs  
-----infant son   May 6, 1876    
-----Orpha E.   Oct, 5, 1879 7yrs  
Meacham, George G.   Nov 6, 1854 1y 6m 28d son of J & E
Meacham, Nancy F.   Dec 2, 1854 19yr 3ms wife of M. G.
Meacham, Rebecca       wife of M. G.
Ray, Unica   Sept 22, 1845 20yrs
Toll, Andrew J.   August 28, 1854 1yr son of W. P. & E. M.  
Ward, Elizabeth   Apr 6, 1855 39y 3m 29d wife of Hiram  
Lewis, Elizabeth I.   Sept 8, 1851 8m dau of W. W. & M. A.  
Briley, Porter Y   Dec 9, 1852 23y son of W./ G. & E  
Carter, Willie H.   May 20, 1860 son of H B & M J  
Johnson, Mary   Oct 15, 1854 wife of J J  
Timmons, John   Mar 12, 1855 47y  
Briley, William A.   Mar or May 14, 1860 3y son of H B. & M  
Booth, John Calvin   Apr 13, 1858 son of Royal & M. 2y 6m 28d  
Timmons, Martha A.   Mar 17, 1855 wife of E. Timmons 77yrs
Nichols, Julia A.       not on original listings
Angelene Godfrey      
Photos below taken by Bill Timmons

The cemetery is now in a grove of trees, but they are black walnut and not sugar maples.

The first time we were there I waded head high Johnson grass to get into the plot. He was keeping the cattle out. The last time I was there he had let the cattle in the plot even though there is little to eat under the walnut trees.
We took a shovel and hit the ground and found Martha's stone. If one took a potato fork or a pitch fork and went around hitting the ground, one might find other stones. I think that John and Martha probably died from the plaque. His wife Barsheba is buried somewhere, I think in Carroll Co Iowa, but she defies being found

Timmons, John b 1808 d Mar 12, 1855
Angelene Godfrey b Oct. 1814, d Aug 26, 1859
John Timmons b 1808 d Mar 12 1855
William, son of Henry and Matilda Timmons Briley,
b 1857   d Mar 14, 1860
Timmons, Martha Patty Holloway
D Mar 17, 1855 age 77 yr 5 mth. Mother of John and wife of Ephriam Timmons who d 1830 Ross Co Ohio.
Elizabeth d of WW and MA Lewis
d Sept 8 1854 aged 8 m 14 d
The bottom half of a stone with the name of Julia A Nichols.
Vance Smith who owns the property around the cemetery.
Mary wife of J. J. Johnson d Dec. 1854  
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