Known Cemeteries in Warren County, Illinois in their prospective Townships

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  Samuel G. Morse final resting place & not in Berwick Cemetery

Warren County IL Twps

Cemetery Name

Sumner Township



Little York Cemetery W/Tombstone photo gallery

 added January 27-282006

Cedar Creek Cemetery

Denny Cemetery

Spring Grove Township

Gerlaw Cemetery

Spring Grove Cemetery

Kelly Township

Cemeteries w/Photos take awhile to download please be patient.


 Hope Cemetery  now w/photos

Terpening Cemetery

 takes 14:43m dwld over slow net connect. going to have to make another page. Got carried away putting on newer phtoos.

Miles Cemetery

Potter Cemetery  now  w/Photo link page

Takes 5min over slow internet connect to dwnload.

Potter Tombstone Photo Gallery new link & update

Potter Cemetery 

Britt Cemetery/ is no longer

there.  The people buried here were

moved to the Pioneer Cemetery in Monmouth, IL

Britt Cemetery/ is no longer

there.  The people buried here were

moved to the Pioneer Cemetery in Monmouth, IL

Adcock Cemetery has photos


Hale Township

Pleasant Green Cemetery

Sugar Tree Grove Cemetery

Memorial Stone

 Monmouth township

This will take a bit to dwn load as it is a collage of photos of the tombstones in Monmouth cemetery.

Monmouth Cemetery

w/tombstone pictures

Monmouth Cemetery

new sections added May 28, 2006 working on this along w/other projects.

 this cemetery covers 65 acres of ground.  

  Have a great day.


Mosher Cemetery

Mosher takes 8m dwld ovr slw net connect -Apr 19, 2007

St. Mary's Cemetery

Pioneer Cemetery

W/photos wrkgcopy April 24, 2006

Pioneer takes 5.30 min dwnld over slow connection still working on it.  04/25/06

Hogden Burials

 Cold Brook Township


Horney Cemetery

Scotchtown Cemetery

Note:   the above cemetery no longer exists.  Do NOT know what happened to it or the people buried there*****

Patterson Cemetery

Old Cold Brook/Parker/Savannah Cemetery

Note:   the above cemetery no longer exists.  Do NOT know what happened to it or the people buried there*****Look'n into this one as some say it is still there & others say it was plowed over and made into a cornfield.

Ogden Cemetery

Firoved Cemetery

Tompkins Township

Center Grove Cemetery listings coming.

Center Grove Cemetery Map

Hickory Point Cemetery


 Lenox Township

 Lenox Union Cemetery by Teresa

   Lenox Union Cemetery Photo Gallery

takes a bit to download over a slow internet connection Thanks & enjoy!!! more to come

 Floyd Township

"Tombstone Photos are another page. Cemetery listings on 2 pages. More photos to come."

Silent Home Cemetery Listings


is online now~ many thanks to Foxie & Kate!

"w/more to come"

Military People

Ellison Township

Ellison Cemetery

Ellison Cemetery Listings

by Teresa Smith Many thanks!!!!

Sugar Grove Cemetery

Asbury Chapel Cemetery

 have all tombstone photos in the cemetery to date April 15, 2007

Houlton Cemetery

Godfrey Cemetery

Patch Cemetery

Salem Cemetery tombstone photos

Roseville Township

Roseville Cemetery  

by Teresa have photos

Memorial Park ==coming soon.

Berwick Township

Berwick Cemetery

with many thanks to Kath & Foxie who typed this up.& now a tombstone photo gallery page has been added.


Meridian Cemetery

also added a tombstone Photo Gallery to Meridian Cemetery 11/04/2009

Pierce Cemetery

Pierce tombstone photo Gallery

Blood Cemetery


 Point Pleasant Township

Point Pleasant Cemetery

Boyd Cemetery

Colfax Cemetery

 w/photos from cemetery tombstones were moved to

April 24, 2006update

Swan township

Stice Cemetery

Jared Cemetery by Teresa

at other Warren site

Ratkin Cemetery by Teresa

at other Warren Site

Greenbush Township

*updated July 07, 2005--- Holeman Olive Cemetery photo gallery also uploaded... same night.

Photo Galleries take a bit to download; so be patience.  Click on thumbnails to see a bigger view of tombstone photo's...Thanks & Enjoy!!!

Bond Cemetery---

W/photos will take almost 7 minutes to download.

Holeman/Olive Cemetery w/photo Gallery page

Holeman Olive Cemetery with photo gallery link takes 5:58 min to download over slow internet connection but worth the wait....

Greenbush Cemetery----

w/photo gallery link takes 8.11 minutes to download--212 photos

second tombstone photo gallery added May 25, 2006 underconstruction

Old Prairie City Cemetery by Teresa

McMahill cemetery takes 3min dwld over slow net connect.

McMahill Cemetery


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