The Ratekin Cemetery is located west of Swan Creek, IL., in the southeast quarter of the northwest quarter of Section 19 in Swan Twp. This cemetery has been abandoned long ago and is overgrown with trees and brush. Access to it is by climbing a pasture fence, walking through the pasture, crossing a creek, walking up a slight hill and then you have to climb over the barbed wire fence that surrounds the cemetery. This fenced area is about one acre, but there are only a few tombstones visible. Many of the stones have been destroyed throughout the years, and possibility of  burial sites were never marked

BURK, Henry C. died June 23, 1870 age 40y 3m ?d

BURK, Ruth A. Gunter died Mar. 15, 1869 age 2?y 1m 2d his wife


GUNTER, Joseph B. died Jan. 6, 1860 age 51y 4m 6d

LONG, William H. died Sept. 14, 1868 age 1y 4m 25d son of W. H. & B. G. Long

RATEKIN, Elisabeth died Feb. 9, 1875 age 81y 7m 6d Joseph died Mar. 20, 1865 age 1y 1m 26d

RATEKIN, Elizabeth E. died June 10, 1870 age 30y 9m 12d dau of (unable to read)

RATEKIN, Fountain died Sept. 15, 1846 age 22y 8m 13d son of J. & E. Ratekin

RATEKIN, Lafayette died June 24, 1851 age 26y 4m 23d son of J. & E. Ratekin

RATEKIN, Mary E. died Oct. 30, 1861 age 4m 27d dau of C. V. & C. M. Ratekin

RATEKIN, Mary Jane died July 24, 1851 age 19y 2m 22d wife of Lafayette Ratekin

RATEKIN, Zennia Katharine died Sept. 7, 1851 age 4y 8m 1d dau of G. & L. M.

TATE, George W. died Sept. 12, 1861 age 4y 4m 20d son of T. & S. J. Tate

TATE, William T. died 1860 son of T. & S. J. Tate

WAUGH, Bumiese died Aug. 23, 1861 age 15d

WAUGH, Elisabeth died Sept. 28, 1865 age 39y 8m 2d wife of J. A. Waugh

WORDEN, Aline died July 11, 1864 age 4y 17d dau of G. W. & V. Worden

WORDEN, Verlinder died May 9, 1872 age 41y 18d wife of Geo. W. Worden

_________ , Everet (no other markings on stone)


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