What used to be known as the Colfax Cemetery

    In the fall of 1939, through the efforts of many civic minded individuals, many of the tombstones from family and neighborhood burying grounds in Warren County, IL; were moved to larger, established cemeteries in the county.  These old burying grounds had generally been long abandoned and virtually forgotten.  In most instances, the stones were so broken or separated from their bases that they could not be identified with the graves they were meant to mark.  When possible, the remains of the deceased were reinterred, and appropriately marked, elsewhere.  When impossible to determine the gravesite, the tombstones alone was moved to the appropriate cemetery so that, at least, recognition of and dignity for the individual could be maintained.

    During that time, November 1939 Issue of the Review Atlas Newspaper, Monmouth, IL; tombstones from the George W. Davis farm in Section 24 in Point Pleasant Twp., were transferred to the Pioneer Cemetery in Monmouth, IL.  They were identified as:

If you would care to have someone put out flowers or some kind of decorations on your loved ones grave email me for more information. Costs of flowers, etc. will be the responsibility of the person requesting this service. Thanks.

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This Pioneer Cemetery is very much in need of some help. If you would care to donate your time, donations to help with repairs, have family buried here, or anything you could do to help in the renovocation of this cemetery either click on my doggie to email me or write me at

Foxie Hagerty
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Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


     The people listed below are not actually buried in this cemetery. Their tombstones were moved by a gentleman who called himself the Old Timer and wrote articles for the Dailey Review Atlas in the 1930's. He took it upon himself to gather up the tombstones and put them in the Pioneer Cemetery. 

     This cemetery is located in Monmouth, IL, on Sixth street right across from the Monmouth College.  As you can see, Mr.  Moffitt felt they would be better taken care of here at the old Pioneer cemetery and I believe he was wrong. They are all broken lying in the dirt and sinking into the ground. One of them there is very little left of it, as you can see from the tombstone photos below that Kate I took while visiting the cemetery last summer.    

    This cemetery is just mowed and that's about it.  Most of the tombstones other than newer ones are either broken in a group and piled up or lying flat on the ground broken up. take your pick.  It's really hard to believe that this can happen and right in the middle of Monmouth.  But it does.  These are not marked as to where they originally came from or anything and they should be.

     The tombstone photos I cropped and then are thumbnails of the crop and not that big.  Just click on the Thumbnail and they will open in their own window for better viewing.  Also, keep a look out for when I put the Pioneer tombstone photos online.   Below this is a few of the piles of stones you can look forward to seeing when visiting this cemetery.

Booth, Emma S. died November 20, 1854   age 14d dau of M. & C. Booth

Cunningham, Arah died November 20, 1864 

 age 28y 10m 5d  wife of J. Cunningham

Latheny, Harriet died______ (broken stone) 1862 

 age 17y  ___d. dau of _____ Latheny

Murphy, Stockley died March 10, 1864

age 15y 8m son of C. P. & A. D. Murphy

Spurlock, Angeline died May 09, 1859, 

   15yrs 1m 12d  dau of S. & S. Spurlock

Stevens, Lucy  died April 05, 1860 

 age 7m 11d  dau. of N. & E. Stevens

  Pile in back corner.
view looking across the back side of the cemetery. North to South another pile.

Stairs leading down to sixth street

Kate on stairs leading up to cemetery front view.
There are also several other small family cemeteries that had the tombstones placed in the Cemetery. One was called the Britt Cemetery, it was located on my 3rd great grandfather's farm and I have no idea who was buried in this cemetery. Charles Britt and husband to Irene Wallace sister to Emma Wallace Terpening owned the farm at that time.

Boyd Cemetery

Boyd Cemetery is located in the northeast quarter near the center of Section 2 in Point Pleasant Township.  It is necessary to walk about a half mile from the road to get to the cemetery.  There was at one time a sturdy fence with a gate around the cemetery.  Now the gate is missing and much of the cemetery has received no care for several years and is overgrown with weeds and saplings with many of the stones broken and lying on the ground.  In July 1983, the inscriptions were identified by the Warren County Genealogical Society and Foxie obtained a copy of this by copying it for 10 cents a sheet at the Galesburg Public Library.



Boyd, Drury B. died September 07, 1856  age 76 y 3m 26d

Boyd, John died July 05, 1864 age 50 y 1m 19d

Boyd, Sarah A. died May 06, 1863  age 12 y 5m 27d dau of J. & E. Boyd

2 buried stones

Dixon, Malissa J. Died September 20, 1858 age 4y 6m 5d dau of John F. & S. J. Dixon

Dixson, Amanda  In Memory of Amanda Dixson Wife of  Stone Buried unable to read

Dixson, Stephen died March 01, 1879 age 65y 2m 10d   Father

Dixson, Amanda died April 03, 1861 age 37y 21d  Stepen's wife/Mother

Hughen, Susannah  died Noveember 02, 1862 age 2y 7m 5d dau of F. E. & E. M. Hughen

Keys, Mary F. died March 06, 1864 age 7m 8d dau of J. M. & M. J. Keys.

Matteson, Arthur son of A. L. & M. E. Matteson   No other information

____ttison, Maggie E.  died May 16, 1879 ae __y 4m 12d wife of ____ttison

Owen, James Dec. 17, 1819---Dec. 16, 1893  Father

Owen, Demarius E. July 14, 1829-----------James' wife/Mother

Children of J. & D. E. Owen

Calphernia died Sept. 15, 1868 ae 7m 26d

James S. died June 02, 1881 ae 34y 26d

Cassius M. died Sept. 21, 1885 ae 24y 21d

Lucinda died Sept. 19, 1860 infant

Mary F. died Jan. 23, 1864 ae 16d

Nancy J. died Feb. 26, 1866 ae 5y 21d

Owens, James May 06, 1847--June 21 1881  Member of Co H 83rd Ill Vol Inf.

Also a Military stone for James.

For the children listed above there are also separate stones for them. 

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