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David Starr's Ancestor's

from Warren County, IL


These photos are out of an  Album belonging to his great-great-grandmother, Almeda Florence Noakes Starr.  Almeda was the daughter of William & Minerva Wilcox Noakes.  William came from Lincoln Co., KY.  His first wife died . William then married Widow of Solomon Reasoner, Minerva Wilcox Reasoner.


Click on the above Certificate for a better view.

   This is a beautiful Marriage Certificate.   

This the marriage certificate for Mr. Emory A. Starr and Miss Almeda F. Noakes were united in Holy Matrimony

on the 18th day of February in the year of 1892  by Rev.  Robert Bartin, Methodist Minister, and witnessed by

David P. Salter & Elmer R. Starr

William & Minerva


Rebecca Noakes


This is  Emerory & Almeda Starr Family

about 1902; 1910-1915

Below is a picture of the house & what it looks like today.

it is located at 1020 s 8th St.. Monmouth IlL.


his mother, Amelia

 his son Ernest Starr



Amelia Billings Starr

and her children

Emory, Elmer, Susan &




These photos are copywrited by

Dave Starr 

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