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David Starr's Ancestor's

from Warren County, IL, page 2


Amos &  Eleanor

Mott Billings.



Amos &  Eleanor Mott Billing



Frank Clark Webster

Susan Longwell Webster

are my Webster and Holden families from Nebraska and New York that ended up in Alexis.

 The bearded man and older woman Was Franklin Clark and Susan

Longwell Webster (my 3rd great grandparents) who lived in Alexis. 


served in the 139th Illinois Regiment in the Civil War

and is also cousin to

Noah Webster the Dictionary writer,

 the separate photos of the younger

adults are my great grandparents William and Grace Webster Holden,
Grace is Daughter of Franklin and Susan Webster and the family pic is of
William, Grace and my Great grandmother Ina Holden Starr and her siblings,



Grace Webster Holden

William Holden


William & Grace Holden Family


These photos are copywrited by

Dave Starr

Click on the send email to obtain info on copies or the families.

Also, will be adding some more photos that maybe someone out there can Help Dave  identify and a bio on Amos Billings. Thanks!

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