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David Terpenning


  David Terpenning, is a citizen of Kelly Township, and came to Warren County within the first year of his life, with his parents, of whom an account is given on other pages of this work in connection with the sketch of another son.  (See sketch of his brother John Peck Terpenning, page 561-563.)

            He (David) was born December 23, 1835, (family records have David’s Birthday recorded as December 22, 1825, making a note of this) in the township of Clifton Park, in Saratoga Co., N. Y.  He came to this township and county in 1836, and grew to the age of manhood within its limits.  He lived with his father and mother (Ezekiel and Olive Terpening) until he was 31 years of age, and was most of the time, particularly at first, engaged in the pursuits of the farm.  He was occupied also in the capacity of a collector, and traveled in the States of Illinois and Iowa.

            His marriage to Catherine J. Keiger took place February 25, 1856.  David and Catherine’s children are named Albert (it’s printed in the P&B of Warren County, IL, book as Albert but his name was Elbert) Lincoln, Jessamine A., Ulysses Grant, Perlie D., Mindwell E., Jennie M., and Daisy R.

            Mrs. Terpenning was born October 17, 1836 in Galia, O., and removed from there to Stark County, in 1839.  A few years later another removal of her family was effected to Knox County.  At the time of their marriage Mr. And Mrs. Terpenning settled on the farm on which they are now living.  It is part of the Homestead of his father, and is in good agricultural condition.  In 1875, his buildings and the timber standing on his farm were badly injured by a tornado, which swept over the place.  His loss was estimated at $3,000.

Source: The 1886 Pictorial and Bibliographical Album of Warren County, IL, published by the Chapman brothers.


Catherine Keiger Terpening & family

Picture of Catherine Jane Keiger Terpening wife of David Terpening

at their homestead in Kelly Twp., Warren County, IL. Not sure of who

the men are standing and sitting by the trees.  It is believed they are children of Catherine and David Terpening.  but depends on when it was taken.  Also, there is a doggie in the picture.

Walter Jenny (dau. of Catherine & David) Terpening Brown & family                Picture taken early 1900's