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Turnbull Funeral Home Records, Warren co., IL 1884-1900 This is not complete. The above is address & phone number plus link to their site with directions on how to find the Turnbull Funeral Home. It's been there for an awful long time. I have no further information on any of these people if you want anything else you will have to contact the Funeral Home listed above for that or for conformation of them having buried them. Thanks for you support. Foxie
For these people listed below there was not a year of the death only the month & date or of that when they were buried.

Margaret Torrance, 77years, died Apr 29, buried May 2, typhoid fever, Rockport, Ky.

Grace McMichael, 18 years, died May 01, buried May 03.
Fred L. Robinson, 25 years, died May 08, buried, May 10. consumption, Berwick Cemetery
T. W. Frantz, 7 days, died May 10, buried May 10.
Clark Floyd, 60 years, died May 10, buried may 12, Heart.
??Geo. Bareer child, died Aug 16, 1880, buried May 13, 1892, shipped from Racine, W.. the years on this beings there are years have to be wrong. They wouldn't of held a child or anyone for that matter that long from being buried unless he was buried there and exhumed and reburied.??
Jessie M. Blackborn, 24 years, died May 13, buried May 14, shipped from Clinton, Ia.
David Foust, 62 years, died May 12, buried May 15, Gerlaw Cemetery
Martha Hickman, 52 years, died may 13, buried May 15, .
Edith McFall, 18 years, died May 13, buried may 15.
G. G. McCost, 46 years, died May 12, buried May 16, killed, shipped from Waukegan, IL.
France (ro s) Kenney, 65years, died May 16, buried May 17.--taralysis
Silas Flaherty, 9 mos., died May 19, buried May 21.
Infant of C. G. Peterson, 2 days, died May 19, buried May 20, Sugar Tree Grove Cemetery.
Anna M. Lam, 24 years, died May 25, buried May 27, consumption.
Mr. Haskel, died May 25, buried May 27, shipped from Iowa. Silent Home Cemetery.
Henry M. Rulon, Jr. 22 years, died May 22, buried May 28, drowned
Anna C. Kellogg, 26 year4s, died May 28, buried may 30, inflammation of the bowels.
Mrs. J. c. graham, 49, died June 02, buried June 06, from Kansas City,
J. B. Wasson, 58 years, died June 5, buried June 7.
Arnold C. Massey, 5yr. died June 7 buried June 8.
Infant of H. F. Riller, died June 9, buried June 10, still born.
J. H. Danforth, 1yr died June 7, buried June 9, Silent Home Cemetery. on further research he this little guy died in the year of 1892.

This section seems to be when they got paid for the funerals they served to these people.  With buying coffin's from the county or getting money from county or estates for the funerals. Not sure but what it appears to me to be.

January 19, 1884, Funeral for William Pinkerton
January 31, 1884, J. F. Cameron for funeral of Mrs. Cameron
January 18, 1884 Warren Co Township for coffin for Mrs. S. Dean
January 18, 1884 GAR Post for Mrs. S. Dean Funeral
February 21, 1884, George A. Barnes for his burial
September 17, 1884 James Lair Estate Funeral
Sept. 24, 1884 B Y Hagadone Estate for his funeral
Sept 24, 1884 Seaton Carson Estate for his funeral
Oct. 3, 1884 Nathan Carr Estate for his funeral
Aug 13, 18884 Charles Carr for his funeral
Oct 11, 1884 Martin P. Mercer Estate for his funeral
Oct 22, 1884 William flack for his mother-in-law
Oct 15, 1884 Warren Co for coffin for James Welsh
Oct 15, 1884 James Welsh Estate for his funeral
Nov 6, 1884 Fran Quinby to express one child
Nov 6, 1884 Hunningham for Jerry Sullivan funeral
Nov 25, 1884 John N. Bruen Estate for funeral
Dec 10, 1884 Peter Alexander Estate for funeral Kansas City, Mo.
Dec 6, 1884 W. B. Eden Estate for funeral
1885 B. F. Williams Estate for funeral
Apr 23, 1885 Warren Co township for coffin for Mrs. E. Dallon
Jan 23, 1885 Warren Co Lenox Township for coffin for child
Feb 1, 1885 John Lafferty Estate for funeral
Mar 15, 1885 E. C. Babcock Estate for funeral
June 4, 1885 D. F. Findley Estate for funeral
June 13, 1885 S. W. Shelton for William Dawson funeral--buried Silent Home Cemetery
Sept 11, 1885 Warren Co for J. Claycomb funeral
July 3, 1885 Thomas Campbell Estate for funeral
July 16, 1885 Warren county Coffin for Thomas Jefferson
Oct 7, 1885 Rev. E. D. Campbell Estate for funeral
Aug 4, 1885 Miss Eliza Irvin Estate for funeral
Nov 23, 1885 Mrs. N. W. Dees Estate for funeral
Aug 3, 1885 Mrs. Estes Campbell Estate for funeral
Feb 18, 1886 Warren co for Henry Wintersteen funeral
Dec 13, 1886 Samuel Stephenson Sr. Estate for funeral.
Mar 17, 1886 Warren Co coffin and box for Cox child
Jan 19, 1886 W. O. A. Mitchell for Mrs. P. Mitchell funeral.

Apr 5, 1886 Mrs. C. M. Rice's Estate for funeral
Mar 2, 1886 Warren co for coffin for M. Dudley
Mar 2, 1886 J. T Brewer Estate for funeral
Mar 3, 1886 G. W. Peters Estate for funeral
Mar 10, 1886 Carrie McConnell Estate for funeral
June 15, 1886 Duncan for J. W. King funeral
Mar 10, 1886 Wilten B. Raines Estate for funeral
Mar 15, 1886 Samuel L. Baine Estate for funeral
May 4, 1886 M. Hood Estate may 5, 1886 Hugh Nash
June 3, 1886 Miss Mary Glenn Estate for her funeral
June 1, 1886 Warren co for Denton at Poor Farm
Aug 20, 1886 George E. Armsby for funeral of C. P. Wilson
Sept. 2, 1886 Warren Co for coffin for Fleming Snowden
Sept 16, 1886 Rev J. H. Brown Estate for his funeral
Oct 1, 1886 Martha S. Fuller for funeral of D. E. Camp
Oct 21, 1886 Warren co for funerals of Peterson and Isidoor Bariseele
Nov 03, 1886 United Presbyterian Church, Little York for funeral of Mr. Hamilton
Dec 7, 1886 Oscar VanSkyke Estate for his funeral
Dec 6, 1886 W. H. McQuiston for funeral of S. Walker
Dec 28, 1886 R. S. Hook for coffin of G. W. Hook

Mar 5, 1887 M. A. Sorrle for funeral of H. G. Harding
Feb 17, 1887 A. Gordon Estate for funeral
Feb 16, 1887 E. Jenks Estate for funeral
Apr 2, 1887 Rev J. S. Buchanan Estate for funeral
may 21, 1887 Mrs. E. Eilenberger Estate for funeral
June 1, 1887 Mr. Joseph Martin Estate for his funeral
June 22, 1887 H. R. Norcross Estate for his funeral
April 19, 1887 R. Laham for funeral of Mary H. Wakefield
July 16, 1887 George C. A. Gofffor funeral for Mrs. Saloway
Aug 27, 1887 Miss Hanna Smiley Estate for her funeral
September 17, 1887 C. E. Russell for funeral of C. H. Ewan
Sept. 20, 1887 Miss Emily Brownlee Estate for her funeral
Sept 27, 1887 Warren Co for H. Hopper and W. Hutton Funerals
Sept 16, 1887 Mrs. L. Walker's Estate for her funeral
Oct 2, 1887 Richard Floyd's Estate for his funeral
Oct 6, 1887 Mrs. Alice VanSkyke's Estate for her funeral
Oct 11, 1887 George Jacob Estate for his funeral
Nov 18, 1887 Mrs. E. Chapin's Estate for her funeral
Nov 28, 1887 David T. McConnell Estate for her funeral.

Jan 9, 1888 James C. Brown's estate for his funeral
Jan 2, 1888 S. A. Wilson for funeral of Mrs. J. G. Wilson
Jan 2, 1888 Samuel Diffenbaugh's estate for his funeral
?? 9, 1888 Mary Scott's estate for her funeral
? 28, 1888 Mrs. Sarah Sheldon's Estate for her funeral
?? 8, 1888 Washington Wright's estate for his funeral
?? 29, 1888 J. T. Piper's estate for his funeral
?? 24, 1888 John Patterson, Sr. for his funeral
?? 13, 1888 Warren Co for James Hamilton funeral
?? 20, 1888 Fred H. Harbaugh for funeral of Mrs. W. F. Harbaugh
?? 19, 188 Mrs. S. H. Price for funeral of Samuel Hardin Price
?? 20, 1888 Warren Co for coffin for William Maeller
?? 26, 1888 W. Jones estate for his funeral
Sept. 8, 1888 James Findley estate for his funeral
Sept 13, 1888 William clar4k's estate for his funeral
Sept 13, 1888 Mrs. A. Brown for funeral of A. Brown
Sept 25, 1888 Olof Olin Estate for his funeral
Oct 1, 1888 Mrs. Morris' Estate for her funeral
Oct 4, 1888 Hannah Conkey's Estate for her funeral
Nov 15, 1888 Rev A. G. McCoy Estate for his funeral
Nov 19, 1888 for Isaac J. Plamer's Estate for his funeral
Nov 19, 1888 George Findley's for funeral of Joseph Hogue******
Dec 16, 1888 Warren Co for funeral of Mrs. Ericson
Jan 1889 Mrs. E. M. Clines Estate for her funeral
Jan 14, 18890 William Jamieson's Estate for his funeral
Jan 19, 1889 John Savilles' Estate for his funeral
Jan 21, 1889 James Mackey Funeral paid by his wife
Jan 24, 1889 Hugh Martins' Estate for his funeral
Feb 6, 1889 Thomas W. Embletons Estate for his funeral
Feb 13, 1889 John B. Jamieson Funeral paid by Miss S. L. Jamieson
Feb 16, 1889 B M. McNamara Estate for his funeral
Feb 25, 1889 received from Rob Ackinson and A. G. Parker for R. E. Higgins funeral
Mar 03, 1889 Michael O'Conner estate for his funeral
Mar 03, 1889 George H. Allen Estate for his funeral
mar 08, 1889 Charles S. Savage Estate for his funeral
Mar 14, 1889 Rev. W. J. Watson for funeral of miss H. F. Goodwin
Mar 18, 1889 Harry Lear for C. Wick funeral
Mar 26, 1889 Ed. F. Reids' Estate for his funeral
Apr 02, 1889 Jacob Funk Estte for his funeral
Apr 9, 1889 Steven Lieurance Estate for his funeral
May 06, 1889 Warren Co for Ware Claycomb infant
May 09, 1889 James L. Reynolds estate for his funeral
May 15, 1889 B. G. Leavitt's estate for funeral
may 28, 1889 Emma Sodenburg's estate for her funeral
June 05, 1889 Jacob McCormick's estate for funeral
June 06, 1889 Marietta Lafferty's estate for funeral
June 06, Leander Finley for his funeral
June 24, 1889 Warren Co for S. P. Burgreen funeral
June 27, 1889 R. C. Grier's estate for funeral
July 09, 1889 Mrs. Jennie W. Martin's estate for her funeral
Aug 04, 1889 Andrew Whiteneck's estate for his funeral
Aug 04, 1889 Mrs. Hattie Fleharty funeral by John Fleharty
Aug 14, 1889 Mrs. Anna C,. Skyes estate for her funeral.

Sept 16, 1889 Thomas H. Rice estate for funeral
Sept 16, 1889 Mary Thames estate paid by C. Hanna
Sept 26, Robert McCaslin estate for his funeral
Sept 29, 1889 Henry johnson's estate for his funeral
Oct 08, 1889 Cyrus G. Rankin for funeral paid by Miss M. A. Rankin
Oct 09, 1889 Mrs. Mary Azdell's estate for her funeral
Oct 23, 1889 M. L. Palmer estate for funeral
Nov 10, 1889 John Parkinson's estate
Nov 21, 1889 Thomas Murdock's for his funeral
Nov 22, 1889 Royal Ranney's estate for his funeral
Nov 30, 1889 David Farnan Estate for his funeral
Jan 05, 1890 Lewis C. Powell's Estate for his funeral
Jan 09, 1890 Charles E. Maxey's Estate for his funeral
Feb 15, 1890 J. M. Tracy's Estate for his funeral
Mar 09, 1890 Edward Skinner's Estate for his funeral
Apr 25, Thomas J. Floyd's Estate for his funeral
Apr 29, 1890 thomas Hunt's Estate for his funeral
May 07, 1890 Mary N. Brewer Estate for his funeral
May 07, 1890 Swan Swanson's Estate for his funeral
May 23, 1890 John Turnbull's Estate for his funeral
June 01, 1890 Margaret Arthur's Estate for her funeral
June 05, 1890 Eliaz Hart's Estate for his funeral
June 11, 1890 Robert Darke's Estate for his funeral
Aug 19, 1890 Jonathan Mackey's Estate for his funeral
Aug 26, 1890 Henry C. Burkholder's Estate for his funeral
Sept 13, 1890 Henry Smith Estate for his funeral
Oct 10, 1890 Mrs. Lydia Ann Warren's Estate for her funeral
Oct 17, 1890 George Henry Raymond's Estate for his funeral
Oct 22, 1890 Rhoderick McLean's Estate for his funeral
Oct 30, 1890 H. D. Hefner's Estate for his funeral

This is a work in progress

Jan 24, 1891 Maria Hart, age 3 years, died of pneumonia shipped in from buried Monmouth Cemetery
Jan 28, 1891 Mrs. Hodassa Calver, aged 66 years, died of Lung fever, buried Little York Cemetery

the following two persons are buried in the same grave site at Cedar Creek Cemetery:
Jan 31, 1891 George Bigsen, aged 78 years, died of general debility & Feb 01, 1891 Mrs. I. Gibsen, aged 76 years, died of congestion of the lungs.

Feb 02, 1891 D. Cratcherville, aged 13, died of consumption, buried Monmouth Cemetery
Jan 03, 1891 John Sullivan, aged 2 years, died of lung congestion, buried St. Mary's Garden.
Feb 06, 1891 Paulina Weir, aged 54, died of heart disease, buried Sugar Tree Grove Cemetery.
Feb 11, 1891 Harry Stoak aged 14y died of lung fever
Feb 14, 1891 William W. McCollum, aged 77y, died of softening of brain.
Feb 15, 1891 Hazel G. Paine, aged 11 months died of bronchitis
Feb 27, 1891 Eva L. Preed, aged 24, died of consumption, shipped in from Air Smith, Il
Feb 27, 1891 Mary M. Buffington, aged 87y, died of old age
Mar 01, 1891 Infant of John Young, aged 3days
Mar 1891 Mildred Freburg, aged 11/2 years died of pneumonia
Mar 09, 1891 Infant of Tewd Morfley stillborn
Mar 15, 1891 Timothy c. Page, aged 28y, died of consumption, buried St. Mary's Cemetery
Mar 16, 1891 John Ray, died of pneumonis, aged 16y buried at Sugar Tree Grove Cemetery.
Mar 17, 1891 John Lieurance, aged 84y died at farm, buried at Greenbush
Mar 19, 1891 C. M. Patterson, aged 14y, died of blood poison bureied Norwood Cemetery.
Mar 20, 1891 Mable M. Giddings, aged 3 months, diedof lung fever, buried Berwick
Mar 19, 1891 Cyrenas Sickmon, aged 58years killed on the RR.
Mar 22, 1891 Mary E. Stanley, aged 77 years

This is a work in progress


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