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    Ellison Township cemetery information


This is information that was gathered on the Ashbury Cemetery from the July 17, 1937 article "Old Timer" Column of the Review Atlas Come this item on the Asbury Cemetery.

    The Asbury Cemetery, is located on the east side of Section 34 in Ellison Township  It is on the grounds of The Asbury Methodist Church which was closed around 1922.  Although occasional services were held there.  The building, we understand, now belongs to the cemetery. " I , Foxie, your host of this website, was just at the Ashbury Cemetery and there is no longer a Church standing anywhere near or around the cemetery.  Will post a picture here taken at the time.  I traveled to the cemetery by going through Roseville, IL, traveling west on IL Rt. 116 to 40 East Ave where you turn south off of IL RT. 116.  There is also a sign directing you.  Just go south a little ways on the road and you will see the Asbury Cemetery on the west side of the road.

    The grounds are well kept, are large and spacious, and contain many attractive stones.  The earliest burials included:

James King Bricker, 1872; Elizabeth D. Johnson, 1877 Elizabeth McCurdy, 1876; Elijah Godfrey, 1877; George A. Painter, 1869; Margaret Hughes, 1861; Emma Sefort, 1861; Henry Webber, 1859; Susan Hughes, 1859; Lucicia, 1864 and Joan, 1865, daughters of Reverend and Mrs. CH Wornom; Benjamin Godfrey, 1854.

    Some Markers are broken and some difficult to read, and many record earlier burials in some cases.  Most of the burials however seem to be or rather recent date.

    Familiar names in this cemetery include:

    Moore, Jones, Godfrey, B.F.Sampson, Taylor, Almore, Spegal, Vaughn, O'Neal, T.Thompson, James Hume, Joshua W. Cozad, Piper, Rezner, Henry and Fred C. Krhon, J.B. Lozier, Oscar Meacham, M.P. Lee, Ross, Orr.

    On one large stone erected to the memory of J. J. and Jane Johnson is surmounted by an open book engraved with their names and the words, "Gone but Not forgotten".

    Soldiers residing in the Asbury Cemetery are listed as follows:

Jahue Godfrey                83rd Ill. Inf

Albert E. Jones               11th Ill. Cav

Cary Jones                       12th Ill. Cav.

Isaac Painter                    12th Ill. Cav.

The cemetery is approximately 7-10 acres in size and still used today.  It is well kept.  A lot of the older stones in the older section of the cemetery are degenerating rapidly as though no one cares anymore.

    The Old Salem Cemetery is approxiamtely 3 acres in size and at the time it was walked by the society members it was being fairly well kept. " Note these are Foxie's direction to "---The cemetery is situated about three and one-half miles west of Roseville on IL State Rte. 116, to Warren County country road 30S Street, you turn south here, there is also a sign directing you to the cemetery.  Keep heading south and you will see it. It's up on a hill on the east side of the road.  I almost drove past it.  It is pretty country side.

    Old Salem was listed as a "New Light" Church, and was active for many years but is now closed. There is no sign of a Church or where it might have once stood.   The cemetery is however still being used today.  The first grave seen on entering the cemetery is that of Mrs. Elizabeth Kriser, a grandmother of George Kritzer of Monmouth.  She died in 1872 at the age of 75 years.

    Early deaths in this cemetery include:

Daniel Stivers, 1860; Sarah A. Bradley, 1863; Fanny C. Arter, 1863; Francis M. Daley who died at Paducah, KY, 1850; Mercena, Susan and Nancy Beasley, 1856; John Wl Daniel, 1868.  There are several other names of well known residents of the southern portion of the county such as; A.S. Smith, A.J. Loftus, several of Livermores, Birdsalls, Muncey, Mishael, Crosier, O'neal, Short, Means, Ross, Wilcox, and Strong.

Soldiers residing in the Salem Cemetery are listed as Follows:

Crozier, Martin                        83rd Ill. Infantry

Dally, Francis M.                      83rd Ill. Infantry

Folsom, Geoge W.,                  83rd Ill. Infantry

Livermore, Thomas Weston,     83rd Ill. Infantry

Marks, Samuel S.                     12th Ill. Cavalry

McMillen, John A.                    12th Ill. Cavalry

McMillen, Perry                        28th Ill. Cavalry

Nichols, Jefferson                    War of 1812    from Mass.

Roberts, Henry                        Civil War

Stivers, Daniel                          Civil War

Strong, John M.                        83rd Ill. Infantry

    The above article was taken from the July 16th, 1937 "Old Timer", in the Review Atlas, Monmouth, Warren County, Illinois. More to come here here later on the people buried in these cemeteries.

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