Ellison Village


            Among the early towns of the county platted was that of Ellison.  It was laid out under the proprietorship of Joseph Dehague, and the plat was recorded May 10, 1836.  It embraced the southwest quarter of the northwest quarter of section 6.  William Butler was the surveyor who laid it out.  This village grew with the settlement of the township and there was at one time quite a trade carried on here, in fact, until its destruction by the tornado of 1858.

            After this calamity most of the trade was transferred to Roseville.  There is a post office here, which is presided over by James Watson.  Mr. Watson is also proprietor of a general store.  J. E. Painter carries on a grocery, and harness saddlery business.  The blacksmithing is attended to by W. L. Richards.  There are also two wagon and repair shops, carried on by J.M. Kelly and G. Davidson.  The most important industry of this village is the tile factory which was started in 1882.  The clay used is very superior quality and taken from a bank about a mile from the town.  Mr. Edwards employs on an average five men and has one kiln.  Dr. E. Wilkinson attends to the sick in the village.

            Ellison has a good school and a very popular teacher in the person of W. F. Shirkey; average attendance at this school is about 45 pupils.


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