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George Franklin Shenault/Shenaut  m  Arleigh B. Curry


Roy died infancy

George William Shenault/Shenaut

Robert William Shenaut  Twin to Katheryn

Katheryn Arleigh Shenault/Shenaut  Twin to Robert

Arleigh B. Curry Shenaut died two days after giving birth to twins.

She is buried in the Wataga Cemetery, Sparta Twp., Knox Co., IL.

She died and then he married Ida Slouth Alfred 

After marrying Ida they moved to Camp Point, Adams Co., IL.

George and Ida Shenaut had two boys.

Lloyd Shenaut

Donald Shenaut  

On April 17, 1919, George Franklin Shenaut died of heart failure.

 I think he had a heart attack.  I know that his parents names are

William and Elizabeth Shenaut, I have a death certificate for George's brother and it gives their parents names.  His father died sometime before he did on account of in the newspaper of the Knoxville Republican She married to a Butts or Blutts.


Would like to hear from any Curry, Shenault's or anyone who would know any of these people.

             Thanks !         





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