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    Hello, here are some of photo's of my ancestors.  If you would like photos of yours added here with your photo attached and I will upload it to this page or make a page of your photos. Which ever you prefer.  Enjoy and Thanks!  Foxie

Terpening Family of Kelly Township

Ezekiel Terpening      Olive Terpening

Ezekiel and Olive Terpening  my 5th great-grandparents.  I scanned these photos from Ezekiel's will. 

Ezekiel fought in the War of 1812.  Then in 1835 moved his family from Rexford Flats, NY, to Warren Co., IL.


My Uncle Hugh Terpening  on the left the man on the Right ??????      


William Bracken Armstrong    "Cousins"  William M. Armstrong

Both William's were in the Civil War from Start to finish.  William M. was my 3rd great-Uncle who came from Ireland with his parents and settled in Kelley Township, Warren Co., IL>


Edwin & Mary Brown Terpening  On Right is John Wesley Terpening, my Grandfather

The young man on the left I have no idea who he is???



Great-Grandmother  Wallace,

John Thomas Terpening Family


Aunt Doll Terpening


Merwyn Armstrong Family

Merwyn Armstrong Family

Merwyn in World War Uniform

Ella Jane Terpening       Samuel Terpening

Ella Jane Terpening & Samuel Terpening



Charles Terpening


Foxie in 2nd Grade


If you need bigger view click on pictures.  This is my immediate family having a family dinner at Aunt Edith Wilson's West of Galesburg, IL.  She was my grandfather's, John Wesley Terpening's older sister.

Grandfather, John Wesley Terp, Gary, my brother, Katherine, my cousin, Me, Rita, Susan, Diane, & Edwin.  Rita is my sister, Edwin is my oldest of little brothers, and Diane and Susan are my Cousins.


Aunt Edith Millican, holding Diane, Susan sitting beside them                              Aunt Arleigh Baldwin & her daughter, Katherine

Alexander Armstrong Family

Submitted by your host Foxie Hagerty....


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coming soon as I can get some more free time more of my Terpening/Armstrong plus some for a very beautiful cousin who called me out of the blue of her immediate family and ancestors. She deserves to see them. But will have to put on another page as this one seems to be filled up.