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Warren County 
Foxie's Family Photo

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Unknown Terpening woman

says on photo could be one of Ezekiel's & Olive's daughters

If you should recognize her please email me. Thanks!

The people are the left are Emma Wallace & John Terpening. I would like to know who the man is

Harrison Peck Terpening, Photo paper copy sent to Foxie by JoAnne LeBaron, my cousin. Copyright....

Harrison Peck Terpening, My Third Great Grandfather.

Photo paper copy sent to me by my Cousin JoAnne LeBaron. thanks JoAnne. Harrison, "Harry", married Martha Nicolina Armstrong she died he married Adelia Thomas. Harry & Adelia are buried in Hope Cemetery, Kelly Twp., Warren Co., IL.

Martha N. Terpening & Her daughter Edith I. Terpening are buried in Missouri. Martha died April 8, 1886 and Edith died same year Nov 11, 1886. Harry & Lena were in Warren Co., IL, in 1880. sometime after that they went to live near Ewing, Missouri. These ladies are buried in the Behtal Baptist Cemetery, Philadelphia, Marion Co., MO. I visited there in July of 2007. that's Foxie by her 3rd great grandmother's grave. Photo taken by Brenda Graves.

John Thomas Terpening, my GrGr Grandfather, Warren Co., IL Genealogy copyright.

My Gr Gr Grandfather & son of Harrison Peck Terpening, John Thomas Terpening. received from JoAnne paper copy I scanned in to print for reunion. He married Emma Wallace. They buried in the Knoxville Cemetery, Knox Twp., Knox County, IL

David Terpening, Foxie's Family Photos page2, Warren Co., IL Genealogy

David Terpening, son of Ezekiel & Olive Terpening

Married Catherine Keiger & raised a family in the old Terpening Homestead. They are both buried in the Terpening Cemetery, Kelly Twp., Warren Co., IL

Oscar & Mamie Terpening Peckenpaugh, Foxie's Family Photos page 2 Warren Co., IL Genealogy

Oscar & Mamie Terpening Peckenpaugh

Minnie & Mattie Terpening, daughters of Peter & Hannah Terpening, photos contributed by Colleen Kelley.

Mary Terpening Ream & her Sister Sarah, never married.

daughters of Peter & Hannah. contributed by Colleen Kelly

Unknown Terpening Sister

Charles W. Terpening & his brother, Frances Terpening

Photos contributed by Colleen Kelly.

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