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I am searching for the family of Hannah Francisco b. May 1823 NY. She married Peter Ezekiel Terpening on 2 Nov. 1842 in Warren Co. IL and are listed in the 1850 census for Warren Co. with son Francis "Frank" b. 1844 and daughter Harriet b. 1848. The only other Francisco that I could find in Warren Co. for 1850 was William age 45-NY, wife Jane 48-NY and son Solomon 24-NY. Peter and Hannah died in Moundville, Vernon Co., MO.

I can find no other information on William who married Jane. Does anyone have any information that could help me connect Hannah and William with other Francisco families from NY? Are Hannah and William related? She has been a brick wall for me. I would sincerely appreciate any help.

Hi Foxy!
Good to hear from you again.  It's been awhile.  I'm still doing the
genealogy thing, though not with as much fervor as in the past three years.
I've started back to school after nearly twenty years and am trying to adopt
my grandchildren who have become wards of the state here.  I'm on break from
school for about a month and would be happy to help type up things to post
on your website...just tell me how I can be of help.

I have also speculated if William Francisco was the father of Hannah, though he is only 18 years older than she.  A Harriet Francisco married in Warren Co., IL to Stephen Presson on Feb 26 1848.  On the same date, Esther Presson married Luther Hibbard, so I am "assuming" that Esther and Stephen are brother and sister. 

As there are very few Francisco's in Warren Co. during this time frame, I "think" that Harriet and Hannah are sisters and probably the daughters of William and Jane. 

In 1850 Bethany Brown (Widow of Valentine Brown/Mother of George Washington Brown who married Mariah Terpening) is listed on the same page as Peter Terpening and Hannah (Francisco). 

 In 1860 Bethany Brown (age 87-Rhode Island)  and Jane Francisco (age 65, widow of William?) is living with Bethany Brown in Keithsburg, Mercer Co., IL .  In 1870, Jane (75) is in Abington, Keithsburg, Mercer Co. and in 1880 Jane is living with George W. Brown and Maria (Terpening).  Jane is listed as half-sister but I don't know if she's half sister (to George? or Maria.)  If we could find the question to that, maybe it would help us discover the relationship between Bethany and Jane, though I tend to think the two women are mother and daughter, though I have not yet found exactly how they are linked. 

According to my notes, Peter Terpening (m. Hannah Francisco) is brother to Mariah/Maria who married George Washington Brown.   Is that what you have? 
Peter and Hannah had three sons according to my grandmother, Hannah C. Miles (daughter of Charles.H. and Minnie (Terpening) Miles.  The boys were:  Francis M. "Frank" b. 5-17-1844 d. 9-5-1920 never married. Charles W. b. 5-2-1863 d. 1879; and Earnest. 
 One of these boys accidentally shot and killed another while hunting moose in Canada, but without searching my notes, I don't remember who killed whom.  My grandmother told me that the Terpening brothers owned a blacksmith business in Missouri.

Foxie's Note: This is not the Terpening line this was out of. There seems to be some confusion in the Terpening Lines as to which one this was in.  I have a copy of a newspaper article. This is actually out of Samuel Terpening, brother to John Peck Terpening, line also brother to Peter Ezekiel Terpening Colleen's relation.  

As far as I know, Peter was Peter Ezekiel.  I wonder if the "C" was a typo or misinterpretation of the handwriting. 
I'll print out a descendency chart for the Terpenings and Miles families and send to you via snail mail.  Let me know if there's anything I can help you with.  Looking forward to whatever you care to send me.


Hi, I'm in the Terpening family now for about a week and then off and on.  I found Peter and Hannah's marriage certificate but there is no return on it.  That's where it tells about the parents and such. 
I also, have the 1840, 1850, 1870 census,  I found one family of Francisco's in 1840 Census.
All it gives is the name William, then one child boy between ages 5-10, one male age 40-50 one female age 5-10, 2 females age 10-15 and one female age 40-50.  This is in Kelly Twp., Warren Co., IL.  Peter isn't listed in the census unless he was still living with his father Ezekiel.  Doesn't give names in this census.  Just ages of the people living in the household.
And in the year of 1842 Peter and Hannah were married on November 2.    On the marriage license it has his middle initial as C. and not E.
Also, in the 1850 Census now list names and dwelling numbers but not the township.  but I know the Terpening's lived in the Kelly Twp.
IN Dwelling no 26 There is a:
Francisco, William  age 45 Farmer  land value $1400  brn NY
                    Jane      age 48  Female born in NJ
                   Solomon age 24 Farmer   born in NY
This is on page #4 of my book
Then on Page #12 gives
Dwelling No. 83----
Terpening, Peter   age 42 Farmer born in NY
               Hannah    age 27               born in NY
               Francis     age 06               born in IL
               Harriet       age 2                 born in IL   but Harriet's name is spelled Harriot.   They are living between Henry Adcock  and then Peter's Aunt Mariah Terpening Brown who was married at the time to George Washington Brown.
I know about where all the Adcock's lived at the time.   Also, William Francisco lived between Charles House family and a James Dunn family.  I wonder what happened to the children in the Franciscoe household.  If maybe one of the two girls ages 10-15 that one of them was Hannah??????.  Because it seems like Peter was 15 years older than Hannah.  At least in 1850 they were still in Warren County, IL.   Am trying to find the church records for the old 'Tylerville Church and records for the old Tylerville School.  That would surely help in all of this.  Plus, I wonder if Peter's middle name wasn't Charles instead of Ezekiel as he named his only son Charles or do you know of another son?  
Well, I've gotta get to work around here and do something but wanted to let you know this much and haven't forgotten about this.  I want to get this line in order and if you have any information on any of the other children of Peter and Hannah could you please email or send it to me by mail? 
I also remember doing some research on this C. H. Miles but I'm not sure who it was for or what I did with it.  Will have to look into that also.  I'm not sure if this Miles was from IL or not.  There were a lot of Miles around Warren County, IL, at the time but that doesn't mean anything.   Sorry to have taken so long and will get back to you with any other information.  My snail mail address is
RR #2 Box 63
1635 Sherwood Road
Dahinda, IL   61428
Have a good day.
Foxie Hagerty
                  need you snail mail address.  Want to send you a copy of this stuff and particularly the marriage license 




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