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   This is a record of LaDawn Johnson from Abingdon, who was raised in Greenbush and has family buried in the Greenbush Cemetery, we are digging up the older tombstones, LaDawn is writing down all names, I'm photographing them for record. The ones below are mostly in black white. On my older digital camera I found they older white ones came out better in black & white or in Sepia. Not much color but they are old.  We first started this adventure on Saturday, May 20, 2006.  My daughter Kate, and I met LaDawn at the Greenbush Cemetery and we spent a few hours digging up some of the older tombstones. I've been down there so much I feel as if they are all my friends.



LaDawn & Kate digging up

 Hattie Gunter's stone

Hattie H. Gunter


Hattie H. Gunter

The whole tombstone.

Sarah Wife of

E. Prampton

Parthenia F.
wife of T. M. Luster

This stone is lying in
a pile and part of it
in the ground. Kate &
LaDawn dug it up, put
it together & we
photographed it.


Thomas Luster
Full view

Thomas Luster

Hattie daughter
of E. & S Prampton
very weather worn,
hard to read, sinking
in ground
Martha daughter of
T N & L A Gunter
was upside down
and covered in dirt,
grass, they dug it up.
William Riley son of
T W & L A Gunter
was upside down
and covered in dirt,
grass, they dug it up.
we left it standing.
Mary Liona daughter

of T W & Lucy A

Sarah E Holeman

daughter of

G W & M G

hard to read

Reuben Holeman

son of G W & M G

this one was dug up

we left it standing





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Oran Leon


Percy R.



daughter of A & J Walker

died of Cholera in 1851





son of A & J Walker


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