The Greenbush Cemetery

 Greenbush Township, Warren County, IL 


This is an older listing of the people buried here.  Am trying to fix the Greenbush township  Cemetery pages so they are all working and corrected.  Also, have lots of photos both digital and 35 millimeter from this cemetery, Bond, & Holeman Cemetery.  Email me your request and will get them to you also going to upload a bunch of them here shortly.... or if you have any information, photos, bios, obits, military, or anything else about the history of Warren and it's ancestors I'd be most grateful in hearing from you.... Thanks. Just feed my doggie emails... He thinks they are a treat.

The Greenbush Cemetery is located on the southwest corner of the northeast quarter of section six. To arrive at the Greenbush Cemetery, it's off Hwy #116, the Road to Greenbush.  Go into Greenbush.  You will come to a four corners.  Turn right here and follow the road out into the country.  There is a curve and it turns into gravel and the Greenbush Cemetery is located on the left hand side of the road up on a hill.  They still bury people here today.  Allot of the older tombstones are in very need of repair.  They are deteriorating, sinking into the ground, some are already laying on the ground and broken.  They need some tender loving care from a relative no matter how distant. 

The first person to buried  in this cemetery was John W., infant son of Rowland and Julia A. Simmons, He was buried there in 1832.

Greenbush Cemetery Tombstone Photo Gallery


Greenbush Tombstone Photo Gallery --- LaDawn, Kate, & Foxie


This is a revised listings of known persons buried in the Greenbush Cemetery.  Kathy Mills graciously typed it up from two different sources and notes of mine. will add more information a little later.  If you are of Simmons descent there online biographies on the "Early Days of Greenbush" page at this site. All names are in alphabetically listings for easier findings.  On the Greenbush Cemetery Tombstone Photo Gallery page are many photos of the tombstones.  some are in very need of of some tenderly loving care of they will not last much longer in the cemetery. They are made of the old slate and many are lying on or in the ground and get mowed over time and time again and then they sink farther into the ground to be lost....

In May 2006, the Greenbush Cemetery inscriptions were identified as:

Adams, John J., d. 14 Sep 1885, age 62y 10m 10d
Adams, Mary F., d. 11 Sep 1965, age 29y 1m 3d, dau of W. & S.C. Adams
Adams, Nelson, d. 1 Mar 1853, age 3m, son of D. & L. Adams
Adams, Silas C., d. 28 Apr 1864, age 19y 1m 6d, son of W. & S.C. Adams
Adams, Susan, b. 26 Jul 1828, d. 21 Sep 1894

Alberts, Henry, b. 10 Jan 1854, d. 3 May 1940
Alberts, Infant, son of H. & M. Alberts
Alberts, Mattie, b. 28 Feb 1866, d. 17 Nov 1895

Almond, Mary, d. 9 Sep 1877, age 66y, wife of Thomas W. Almond
Anson, John, d. 6 Oct 1854, age 49y 2m 4d
Armstrong, Infant, d. 10 Jan 1860, dau of ? & M. Armstrong
Arnsworthy, Milons, d. 24 Dec 1846, son of D.A. & J.E. Arnsworthy
Austin, Clyde W., b. 25 Dec 1888, d. 7 Oct 1965, Sgt Co D Inf Sch Svc Com D WWII
Austin, Verna Simmons, b. 1896, d. 1970
Barbee, Charles F., d. 10 May 1858, age 1y, 29d, son of T.S. & L.J. Barbee
Barlow, Catherine F., b. 28 Dec 1829
Barlow, Frankie, d. 23 Aug 1867, age 11d, son of S. & M. Barlow
Barlow, James N., b. 26 Oct 1824, d. 22 Sep 1900
Barlow, Mary V., b. 30 Aug 1850 d. 7 Aug 1866, dau of J.N. & C.F. Barlow
Barlow, Nathan W., b. 1847, d. 1895
Beam, Adah, d. 12 Oct 1866, age 7y, 2m 6d, dau of H. & N. Beam
Beam, Adarana, d. 12 Oct 1865, age 7y 2m 1d, dau of H. & N. Beam
Beam, Henry, d. 8 Jul 1885, age 72y 3m 16d
Beam, Nancy, d. 20 Nov 1892, age 78y 7m 10d, wife of Henry Beam
Beaver, Mary, b. 6 Mar 1872, d. 12 Aug 1892, wife of O. Beaver

Blue, Famous, b. 1801, d. 1869
Blue, Francis Marion, b. 1832, d. 1914, husband of Malinda Blue
Blue, Malinda, b. 1840, d. 1914, wife of Francis Marion Blue
Blue, Mary, d. 17 Oct 1867, age 3m, dau of F &  N Blue
Blue, Nancy, d. 17 Dec 1867, age 51y 7m 7d, wife of Famous Blue

Blunt, Elton R., b. 1896, d. 1955
Blunt, Eva, b. 1899, d. 1961
Bond, Cordelia G., b. 2 Jun 1850, d. 26 Jun 1918, wife of Henry Staat, DAR marker
Bowman, Arthur B., b. 10 Nov1855, d.. 30 Sep 1864
Bowman, Channie, b. 24 Feb 1878, d. 19 Jul 1878
Bowman, Mable, b. 23 Oct 1862, d. 20 Dec 1862
Bowman, Margaret, d. 7 Jan 1860, age 37y 6m 11d, wife of John Bowman
Bruckner, Huldah K. Ragan, d. 27 Jun 1878, age 21y 11m 6d, wife of A. F. Bruckner of
Burk, Infant, d. 28 Aug 1868, age 1y 8m 17d, son of J.F. & M.J. Burk (unable to read)

Butler, Abraham, Co H 33 Ill Inf
Butler, Abram, d. 26 Oct 1868, age 26y 7m 5d
Butler, Carrie Bell, d. 19 Feb 1868, age 1y 15d, dau of V. W. & H. Butler
Butler, Claraett, d. 19 Sep 1860, age 6m 26d, dau of J. R. & R.J. Butler
Butler, Col. John, d. 18 May 1881, age 78y 9m 23d., spouse of Mary Butler
Butler, Cora E., d. 17 Aug 1865, age 11m 22d, dau of W.W. & S. Butler
Butler, Edna Bell, b. 1893, d. 1894
Butler, Eli Manly, b. 1865 -
Butler, Eli, d. 31 Oct 1868, age 24y
Butler, Elizabeth, d. 8 Jan 1854, age 49y 2m 29d, wife of Isaac Butler
Butler, George T., d. 16 Aug 1868, age 16y 14dson of V. W. & R. Butler
Butler, Harriet, b. 19 Sep 1834, d. 7 Feb 1904, 2nd wife V.W. Butler
Butler, Ida T., d. 16 Sep 1860, age 11m 4d, dau of & Butler
Butler, Infant, -1896-. Son of E.M. & L.A. Butler
Butler, Infant, d. 19 Aug 1851, son of J.R. & R.J. Butler
Butler, Infant, d. 24 Dec 1868, dau of V.W. & H. Butler
Butler, Isaac L., d. 30 May 1864, age 4m 13d, son of J.J. & T. Butler
Butler, Isaac W., d. 26 Aug 1862, age 29y 10m, son of I. & E. Butler
Butler, Isaac, d. 29 Oct 1868, age 66y 3m 3d
Butler, J. Wilford, d. 13 May 1875, age 20y 4m 15d, son of V. W. Butler
Butler, Jiles H., d. 2 Oct 1861, age 9m 7d, son of W.W. & S. Butler
Butler, John J., d. 27 Jan 1864, age 28y30d
Butler, John L., b. 1856, d. 1934, spouse of Nancy A. Butler
Butler, Leonora A., b. 1860, d. 1918
Butler, Luella M., b. 6 Mar 1893, d. 2 Jan 1980, wife of Oril V. Butler
Butler, Mary F., d. 6 Dec 1855, age 2y 11m 15d, dau of J.R. & R. Butler
Butler, Mary, d. 12 Nov 1875, age 69 y 27d, wife of Col. J. Butler
Butler, Nancy A., b. 1856, d. 1924, wife of John L. Butler
Butler, Nancy M, d. 25 Mar 1852, age 21y 1m 12d, dau of I. & E. Butler
Butler, Oril V., b. 2 Sep 1892, d. 29 Mar 1932, spouse of Luella Butler
Butler, Rachel, d. 18 Jun 1860, age 29y 7m, 1st wife of V. W. Butler
Butler, V.W., b. 20 Sep 1825, d. 9 Apr 1900, spouse of Rachel & Harriet Butler
Butler, William J., d. 1 Feb 1857, age 9m16d, son of J.R. & R.J. Butler
Butler, Willie, b.1859, d. 1887

Buzan, Mary E., d. 2 Feb 1853, age 24y, dau of Jacob L. & Nancy Buzan (broken stone)
Byland, Infant, child of G.W. & D. Byland (no other information)
Byland. Delilah, d. 21 Oct 1872, wife of G.W. Byland
Cable, Francis Eugene, b. 7 Sep 1931, d. 7 Apr 1961, PFC US Army
Cable, Jessie B., b. 1901, d. 19??
Cannon, John Patrick, b. 1864, d. 1943
Cannon, Laura Ziegler, b. 1864, d. 1931
Carr, Nancy, d. 12 Dec 1862, age 67y 5m 3d, wife of J. M. Carr
Chadwick, Faithful L., d. 12 Apr 1854, age 3y, dau of G.W. & S.A. Chadwick
Chapman, William H., d.17 Apr 1860, age 13y 7m 6d, son of S. & M. Chapman
Clabaugh, Henry, d. 13 Jun 1859, age 44y 1m 7d
Clark, Hulda J., d. 7 Feb 1873, age 21y, wife of Dallas Clark, [dau of Phillip J. & Ann Karns]
Clayton, Infant, d. 18 Feb 1867, dau of J.A. & E.H. Clayton
Clore, Lucy A., b. 24 Mar 1849, d. 21 Sep 1883, wife of William Clore
Clore, William, b. 13 Feb 1831, d. 20 Nov 1911, spouse of Lucy A. Clore
Coffman, Riley D., d. 15 Apr 1856, age 1y 3m 26d, son of H.T. & L.A. Coffman
Conway, Erastusa, d. 2 Mar 1855, age 2y 3m 13d, son of C. & M. Conway
Conway, Joshua, d. 23 Jan 1858, age 22y 5m 23d, son of C. & S. Conway
Conway, Martha, d. 20 Aug 1859,age 26y, wife of Charles Conway
Conway, Sarah, d. 2 Jun 1860, age 61y 16d, wife of C. Conway
Cox, Infant, b. 20 May 1900, 21 Mar 1901, son of S. & N.E. Cox
Cox, Infant, b. 30 May 1901, d. 30 May 1901, son of S. & N.E. Cox
Cox, Nora E., b. 1863, d. 1941
Cox, Sherman, b. 1867, d. 19??
Crabb, Lovel, d. 30 Dec 1874, age 10m 20d, son of J.M. & A.J. Crabb
Crabb, Maud D., d. 4 Oct 1888, age 5m 29d, dau of G.N. & F.E. Crabb
Craft, Eliza A., d. 29 May 1856, age 47y 3m, wife of Wm. Craft
Cunningham, Altona R., b. 1865, d. 1945
Cunningham, Arvie B., b. 1887, d. 1955
Cunningham, Belzona A., d. 13 Feb 1867, age 3m, dau of ? & ? Cunningham
Cunningham, Dorothy E., b. 1914, d. 1976
Cunningham, Earnest A., b. 1886, d. 1952
Cunningham, Elmer H., b. 9 Jul 1863, d. 13 Aug 1937, spouse of Jennie Cunningham
Cunningham, Harriet E., d. 16 Jan 1869, age 17y 4m, wife of J. T. Cunningham
Cunningham, James M., b. 14 Jun 1833, d. 6 Mar 1898, spouse of Susan M. Cunningham
Cunningham, Jennie, b. 8 Mar 1863, d. 2 Feb 1897, 1st wife of Elmer H. Cunningham
Cunningham, Lizzie L., b. 4 Dec 1864, d. 2 Apr 1955, 2nd wife of of Elmer H. Cunningham
Cunningham, M. Ida, d. 21 Feb 1880, age 14y 5m 4d, dau of G.W. & A. Cunningham
Cunningham, Nina P., 1900
Cunningham, Pearl I., b. 1874, d. 1942
Cunningham, Roland J., b. 1914, d. 1976
Cunningham, Susan M., b. 29 Oct 1837, d. 6 Sep 1916, wife of James M. Cunningham
Darneille, Margaret E., b. 4 Feb 1861, d. 1 Oct 1932, mother
Darneille, Orlando, b. 15 Apr 1852, d. 10 Feb 1924, husband

Davis, Ann B., d. 16 Sep 1880, age 76y 3m 17d
Davis, Charley L., d. 23 Jan 1890, age 5y 3m 28d, son of G.W. & I.M. Davis
Davis, Dulcynia T., d. 5 Apr 1880, age 6m 11d, dau of N.H. & E.E Davis
Davis, George W., b. 1857, d. 1945, spouse of Ida M. Davis
Davis, Hannah Roberts, b. 1874, d. 1949, mother, wife of Warren Davis
Davis, Ida M., b. 1860, d. 1940, wife of G.W. Davis
Davis, James K. P., Co H 83 Ill Inf
Davis, James K. P., d. 28 Nov 1883, age 40y 3m 6d
Davis, Lydia, d. 3 Sep 1892, age 22y 3m 5d, dau of J.K. & S.E. Davis
Davis, Martha M., d. 16 Jan 1890, age 3y 5d, dau of G.W. & I.M. Davis
Davis, Noah Bun, d. 6 Feb 1880, age 6y 28d, son of N.H. & E.E Davis
Davis, Rebecca, d. 8 Mar 1857, age 15y 11m 4d, dau of W. & N. Davis
Davis, Reuben H., d. 19 Sep 1865, age 57y 8m 15d
Davis, Warren, b. 1872, d. 1940, father, spouse of Hannah Roberts Davis

Day, Orval, d. 1 Jan 1875, age 11m 16d, son of Warren & Retta C. Day
Day, Oscar F., d. 22 Nov 1855, age 29y 7m 15d
Day, Sarah, d. 29 Aug 1876, age 61y 3m 26d
Disney, Ava E., b. 2 Dec 1881, d. 29 Jun 1909, wife of George Disney
Disney, George, b. 25 Apr 1874, spouse of Ava E. Disney
Disney, Mary A., b. 3 Sep 1903, d. 8 Jan 1904
Duff, Oliver, d. 6 Mar 1867, age 1y 9m, son of S. & M. Duff
Edie, Infant, son of D. & J. Edie
Edie, Joanna, d. 27 Jan 1867, age 27y 8m 23d, wife of David Edie
Ellinger, Ann, b. 17 Nov 1817, d. 17 Feb 1907, wife of Phillip Karns
Ellinger, Nancy A., b. 10 Dec 1787, d. 29 Mar 1862
Evans, Ira E., d. 26 Mar 1858, age 2m 10d, son of C.S. & E. Evans
Fengel, Robert F., b. 17 Jun 1923, d. 18 Aug 1979, PFC US Army WWII
Frampton, Nettie H., d. 12 May 1863, age 1y 1m 25d, dau of E. & S. Frampton
Frampton, Sarah W., d. 27 Jul 1864, age 30y 3m 21d, wife of E Frampton
Frantz, Jennie N., d. 12 Apr 1868, age 3y 5m, dau of F.M. & M.A. Frantz
Fruite, Alexander D., d. 26 Jan 1861, age 26y 3m 13d
Gilfillan, James, b. 1884, d. 1982
Gillett, Andrew J., d. 28 Mar 1864, age 2y 3m 10d, son of I. & M. Gillett
Gladish, Elizabeth, b. 30 Jul 1826, d. 5 May 1856, age 29y 9m 6d, wife of J. Gladish

φ Griffin, Thomas J. June 27, 1878 aged 1yr 10m 7das found obit  **not on original list
Gregg, M. S.,
d. 19 Oct 1864, age 15y##
Gunter, Charlie W., d. 29 Jul 1869, age 10y 27d, son of T.W. & Lucy A. Gunter
Gunter, Martha E., d.13 Apr 1865, age 2m 1d, dau of T.W. & Lucy A. Gunter
Gunter, Mary Liona, d. 14 Oct 1862, age 10m 20d, dau of T.W. & Lucy A. Gunter
Gunter, William Riley, d. 21 Sep 1864, age 1y 2m 6d, son of T.W. & Lucy A. Gunter
Hains, Mary S., d. 5 Mar 1860, age 11m 18d, dau of H. & M. Hains
Hasson, Elia B., d. 1 May 1867, son of G.B. & E.A. Hasson
Hasson, Joseph B., d. 12 Oct 1863, age 1y 9m 16d, son of G.B. & E.A. Hasson
Hasson, Wesley W., d. 2 Feb 1855, age 2m 4d, son of G.B. & E.A. Hasson
Hedges, Carnelia P., d. 19 Mar 1853, age 1y 4m 5d, dau of P.D. & Mary Hedges
Hedges, Clara, d. 15 Sep ??,dau of L. & M. Hedges
Hedges, Infant, d. 17 Dec 1848, son of P.D. & Mary Hedges
Hedges, John A., d. 14 Feb 1868, age 10m 22d, son of P.D. & M. Hedges
Hedges, Sarah C., d. 13 Mar 1856, dau of J. & R. Hedges
Hiet, Arminda C., d. 11 Dec 1858, age 2m 9d, dau of Wm. & S. Hiet
Hiet, Sarah B., d. 25 Mar 1863, age 45y 1m 25d, wife of William Hiet
Hiet, William, b. 4 Dec 1816, d. 23 Mar 1895

Holeman, Charley F., b. 5 Apr 1892, d. 10 May 1892, son of T.E. & I.M. Holeman
Holeman, Daniel B., b. 20 Nov 1850, d. 31 Aug 1930, father, spouse of Harriet Holeman
Holeman, Daniel D., d. 26 Feb 1866, age 6m, son of I. & J.W. Holeman
Holeman, Delphia, d. 18 Jul 1873, age 76y 16d, wife of I. Holeman
Holeman, Harriet P., d. 3Oct 1863, age 1y 3m 15d, dau of I. & J.W. Holeman
Holeman, Harriet, b. 8 Jun 1851, d. 18 Jul 1904, mother, wife of D.B. Holeman
Holeman, Isaac G., b. 1838, d. 1928, spouse of Mary A. Holeman
Holeman, Isaac, d. 6 Apr1875, age 88y 10m 4d, spouse of Delphia Holeman
Holeman, Jennie E., b. 1868, d. 1917, dau of S.L. & Bessie Johnson
Holeman, Mary A., d. 24 May 1875, age 35y, wife of Isaac G. Holeman
Holeman, Mitchel, b. 1 Sep 1891, d. 31 May 1892, son of A.S. & D.A. Holeman
Holeman, Oriah William, 1839 --1864
Holeman, Reuben, d. 11 Mar 1869, age 1y 7m, son of G.W. & M.G. Holeman
Holeman, Sarah C., d. 6 Feb 1865, age 1y 7d, dau of G.W. & M.G. Holeman

φ-- Holeman, Infant of George W. & Margaret J. aged 3m 14 days--- not on original listings only mine.
Holeman, Sarah E., d. 27 Jan 1872, age 4y 10m 2d, dau of I.G. & M.A. Holeman

Hollenberg, George, d. 24 Sep 1881, age 72y, our brother
Hollenberg, Henry, b. 25 Mar 1816, d. 9 Apr 1888, our father, spouse of Julina Hollenberg
Hollenberg, Julina, b. 11 Jun 1829, d. 25 Aug 1903, our mother, wife of Henry Hollenberg
Hollenberg, Lottie, b. 1858, d. 1943
Hollenberg, Louis S., b. 9 Jul 1854, d. 8 Feb 1921
Hollenberg, Sarah J. Taylor, b. 14 Feb 1853, d. 24 Mar 1926, wife of Louis S. Hollenberg
Hollenberg, William Henry, b. 30 May 1893, d.10 Sep 1895, son of L.S. & S.J. Hollenberg

Honts, Delpha J., d. 17 Jul 1851, age 5y 7m 21d, dau of P. & M.A. Honts
Honts, George B., d. 13 Nov 1864, son of P. & M. Honts
Honts, Mary C., d. 15 Apr 1862, age 2y 2m 5d, dau of P. & M. Honts
Horton, Edan Cox, b. 1904, d. 1939
Housh, Geo. Ulysses, d. 26 Mar 1869, age 2y 5m, son of W.P. & L.A. Housh
Housh, John C., d. 18 Jan 1887, age 18y 4m 26d, son of W.P. & J.A. Housh
Housh, Juliett A., d. 28 Dec 1877, age 29y 11m 17d, wife of W. P. Housh
Hudiburch, Samuel, d. 21 Aug 1852, age 37y 10m 23d
Huston, Floyd J., d. 27 Feb 1884, age 8m 1d
Huston, Frankie, d. 18 Jun 1890, age 1y 1m 5d
Huston, Hettie, b. 1864, d. 19??., mother
Huston, Infant, d.22 Sep 1865, dau of S. & E. Huston
Huston, John H., b. 1858, d. 1926
Huston, Lizzie Staat, d. 19 Aug 1869, age 28y 10m, wife of Samuel Huston
Huston, Samuel, d. 30 Jun 1878, age 48y 1m 11d
Jacobs, Emma, b. 8 May 1867, d. 14 Dec 1930, wife of W.L. Jacobs
Jennings, A. Vern, b.1888, d. 1894, son of L.E. & M.J. Jennings
Jennings, Francis M., b. 1842, d. 1928, Co C 1st Mo Engineers, husband Mary A. Jennings
Jennings, George,
d. 6 May 1881, age 6y 7m 21d, son of F.M. & M.A. Jennings
Jennings, Levi E., b. 1862, d. 1929, father, spouse of Martha J. Jennings
Jennings, Martha J., b. 1863, d. 1924, mother, wife of Levi E. Jennings
Jennings, Mary A., b. 31 Jul 1846, d.6 Sep 1914, wife of F.M. Jennings

Johnson, Alezanna, b. 1875, d. 1961
Johnson, Amos R., d. 12 Jul 1880, age 5y 3m 16d, son of N.J. & I.J. Johnson
Johnson, Augusta H., d. 16 May 1881, age 18y 7m, child of N.J. & I.J. Johnson
Johnson, Bazel, d. 9 Apr 1865, age 100y, husband of Levisa Johnson
Johnson, Bessie, b. 2 Oct 1834, d. 14 May 1915, wife of S.L. Johnson
Johnson, Ella J., d. 26 Jun 1880, age 7y 5m, dau of N.J. & I.J. Johnson
Johnson, Hershel B., d. 18 Apr 1863, age 3m 20d, son of J. & M.E. Johnson
Johnson, Infant, d. 24 Apr 1864, son of J. & M. E. Johnson
Johnson, Josiah, b. 12 Jul 1837, d. 2 Apr 1897, husband of Maryette Roberts
Johnson, Kenneth O., b. 24 Dec 1906, d. 2 Feb 1907, son of O.L. & A. Johnson
Johnson, Levisa, d. 3 Aug 1862, age 64y, wife of B. Johnson
Johnson, Lottie Pearl, b. 10 May 1876, d. 25 Mar 1923, dau of J. & M.E. Johnson
Johnson, Margaret, 21 Feb 1816, d.17 Nov 1885, wife of Wm. H. Johnson
Johnson, Mary Bertha, b. 13 Feb 1882, d. 12 Jun 1883, dau of J. & M.E. Johnson
Johnson, Maryette Roberts, b. 16 Dec 1843, d. 15 Aug 1916, wife of Josiah Johnson
Johnson, Orion Leon, b. 1868, d. 1947
Johnson, Orth R., d. 22 Feb 1861, age 13m, son of J. & M.E. Johnson
Johnson, Oscar J., d. 14 Jul 1880, age 2y 6m 26d, son of N.J. & I.J. Johnson
Johnson, Pauline, b. 2 Nov 1893, d. 9 Oct 1897, dau of A. & C. Johnson
Johnson, S. L., b. Feb 1825, d. 24 Dec 1911,husband of Bessie Johnson
Johnson, William H., b. 12 Dec 1817, d. 21 Feb 1857, husband of Margaret Johnson

Jones, H. Riley, d. 1 Apr 1865, age 18y 4m, son of J. & M. Jones, died in service of his country Jones, H. Riley, Co H 83 Ill Inf
Jones, Joseph, d. 26 Mar 1860, son of D. & E.A. Jones (broken stone)
Jones, Mary O., d. 14 Aug 1859, age 3y 2m 9d, dau of D. & E. Jones
Jones, Nancy J., d. 2 Sep 1858, age 4y 7m, dau of D. & E. Jones
Jones, Nancy T., d. 2 May 1854, age 1y 5m 3d, dau of T.W. & M. Jones
Jones, Thomas, d. 14 Oct 1855, age 80y
Jones, Thos., d. 3 Aug 1851, age abt 35y
Jones, Winifred, d. 4 Aug 1858, age 68y, wife of Thomas Jones
Jordon, William G., d. 29 Oct1854, age 3y 10m, son of S.N. & M. Jordon
Karns, Anna J., d. 2 May 1874, age 9m 5d, dau of J.H. & C. Karns
Karns, Infant, d. 31 Jul 1850, son of Phillip & Ann Karns
Karns, John H., d. 5 Mar 1877, age 31y 6m 17d son
Karns, Josiah C., b. 20 Oct 1859, d. 8 May 1862 son
Karns, Mary Minerva, b. 23 Feb 1848, d. 11 Mar 1860 daughter
Karns, Nellie M., d. 30 Jun 1977, age 6m 20d, dau of J.H. & C. Karns
Karns, Olive V., b. 1870, d. 1944 , wife of William Riley Karns
Karns, Phillip, b. 22 Oct 1815, d. 10 Mar 1898
Karns, Samuel L., Co E 33 Ill Inf
Karns, Samuel L.,d. 1 Nov 1874, age 34y 1m 15d
Karns, William R., b. 1857,d. 1942
Keeny, Harvey, d. 7 Dec 1866, age 48y 1m 13d
Kelsey, Elizabeth, d. 10 Dec 1866, age 1m 22d, dau of S.B. & L. Kelsey
Kelsey, Elizabeth, d. 28 Aug 1872, age 59y 1m 13d, wife of J. Kelsey
Kelsey, Emery, d. 22 Mar 1871, age 1y 1m 22d, son of John & Harriet Kelsey
Kelsey, Herschell, d. 15 Nov 1876, age 2y 3m, son of John & Harriet Kelsey
Kelsey, Minnie, d. 5 Dec 1867, age 3m 6d, dau of S. & L. Kelsey
Kelsey, Ross H., b. 7 Nov 1896, d. 8 Feb 1897, son of Delbert & Cora Kelsey
Keneval, Elizabeth, d. 28 Sep 1859, age 67y 5m 4d, wife of George Keneval
Kington, Leland, b. 26 Jun 1915, d. 18 Sep 1915, twin son of W. & E. Kington
Kington, Leon, b. 26 Jun 1915, twin son of W. & E. Kington
Kirby, Flora Blanche, b. 21 Dec 1895, d. 13 Sep 1898, dau of J.B. & L.E. Kirby
Kirby, John D., b. 1859, d. 1915, spouse of Laura E. Kirby
Kirby, Laura E., b. 1863, d. 1924, wife of John D. Kirby
Kirkpatrick, b. 30 Jan 1898, d. 8 Feb 1898, son of H. & M.A. Kirkpatrick
Kreigh, Elenora, d. 22 Aug 1864, age 40y 11m 8d, wife of William Kreigh
Kreigh, William O., d. 6 Oct 1859, age 9m 17d, son of Wm. & E. Kriegh
Kreigh, William, b. 1 Jun 1812, d. 4 Jan 1881, spouse of Elenora Kreigh
Lahman, Catherine B., d. 12 Aug 1860, age 65y 9m 28d, wife of John Lahman
Lahman, Margaret, d. 29 Mar 1860, age 25y, dau of J. & C.B. Lahman
Larkins, Frank L., d. 4 Dec 1878, age 5m 14d, son of S.S. & M.E. Larkins
Lieurance, Cinthia, d. 13 Mar 1848, age 50y 4m 27d, wife of E. Lieurance
Lieurance, E., d. 25 Aug 1868, age 78y 25d
Lieurance, George, d. 3 Sep 1865, age 8y 1m, son of M. & S. Lieurance
Lieurance, J. A., d. 11 Feb, age 15
Lieurance, Mattson, b. 1818, d. 1897
Lieurance, Nancy, d. 27 Sep 1878, age 68y, wife of E. Lieurance
Lieurance, Perry, d. 3 Nov 1851, age 32y 20d
Lieurance, Peter, b. 5 Apr 1847, killed 6 Mar 1870, age 22y 1m 1d, son of S. & C. Lieurance
Lieurance, Peter, Co E 33 Ill Inf
Lieurance, Sarah A., d. 11 Mar 1848, age 15y 1m 4d, dau of E. & C. Lieurance
Lieurance, Sarah, D. 22 Oct 1901, age 30y 3m 3d, wife of B. Lieurance
Lieurance, Susan, b. 1826, d. 1908, wife of Mattson Lieurance
Lieurance,Perry, d. 18 Mar 1863, age 1y 14d, son of M. & S. Lieurance

Lieurance, John, aged 84, Mar 17, 1891****added from other records. May 01, 2008.

Lincoln, Bign,
b. 1857, d.1943, husband of Julia  A. Lincoln
Lincoln, Blanche, b. 14 Jun 1887, d. 2 Dec 1888
Lincoln, Dell, b. 1891, d. 1911, spouse of Nona L. Lincoln, son of B. & J.A. Lincoln
Lincoln, Gertie., b.17 Jan 1880, d. 24 Sep 1882
Lincoln, Julia A., b. 1857, d. 1929, wife of Bign Lincoln
Lincoln, Nona L, b. 1891, d. ???, wife of Dell Lincoln
Lincoln, Orpha, d.16 Feb 1863, age 8m 23d, dau of L. & S.A. Lincoln
Lincoln, Oscar, d. 20 Dec 1853, age 22y 7m
Lincoln, Walter, d. 7 Jun 1880, age 6m 20d, son of Bign & Julia Lincoln
Livesay, Addie L., b. 1864, d. 1942
Livesay, Jesse Bright, b. 1856, d. 1902
Long, Jacob, Co H 83 Ill Inf
Long, Jacob, d. 18 Jul 1891, age 58y 10m 9d, Husband of Maria Magdalena Long
Long, Maria Magdalena, b. 13 Sep 1842, d. 15 Jul 1860, wife of Jacob Long
Lottman, Albert, b. 3 Jan 1878, d. 25 Dec 1906, spouse of Clara R. Lottman
Lottman, Clara R., b. 29 Jun 1884, d. 1 Sep 1968, wife of Albert Lottman
Lottman, Frederick C., b. 3 Jul 1904, d. 15 Jan 1966, Pvt Co L 350 Infantry WWII
Lottman, Harald A., b. 19 Feb 1902
Luster, Juliett D., d. 26 Jun 1851, age 26y, 1st wife of T. M. Luster
Luster, Parthenia F, d. 25 Sep 1860, age 31y., 2nd wife of T. M. Luster
Luster, Thomas M., d. 29 Jun 1869, age 45y all on the same tombstone
Mabry, Fervoneaus W., d. 5 Mar 1871, age 7m, son of G.M. & R.A. Mabry
Maier, Elizabeth, d. 14 Aug 1882, age 46y 11m 19d, wife of L. Maier
Maier, Louis, d. 14 Aug 1862, age 35y, spouse of Elizabeth Maier
Marcum, Ernest, b. 1893, d. 1950
Mason, C. H., b. 24 Mar 1866, spouse of Cora L. Mason
Mason, Cora I., b. 24 Aug 1870, d. 20 Apr 1903, wife of C.H. Mason
Mason, Eliza B., b. 1878, d. 1943, mother, wife of Leonard Mason
Mason, George I., b. 20 Aug 1837, d. 16 Oct 1912
Mason, Grace E., b. 7 Dec 1890, d. 25 May 1891, dau of C.H. & C.I. Mason
Mason, Hattie M., b. 14 Aug 1875, d. 7 Jul 1900
Mason, Jeremiah, d. 10 Oct 187?, age 67y 7m 17d
Mason, Leonard, b. 1872, d. 1958, father, spouse of Eliza B. Mason
Mason, Malinda, b.9 Feb 1841, d. 31 Jan 1918
Mason, Mildred, b. 7 Jun 1903, d. 4 Sep 1933
Matheny, Mary C., d. 24 Jun 1893, age 18y 10m 28d, wife of David D. Matheny
Matheny, Ora G., d. 27 Aug 1893, age 3m 8d, son of D.D. & M.C. Matheny
McCall, John C., d. 11 Dec 1862, age 12y (broken stone)
McCoy, Essie, b. 4 Feb 1883, wife of Thos H. McCoy
McCoy, Mildred, b. 6 Sep 1902, dau of T.H. & E. McCoy
McCoy, Myrtle, b. 6 May 1904, dau of T.H. & E. McCoy
McCoy, Thos. H., b. 2 Oct 1879, d. 24 Jan 1905, spouse of Essie McCoy
McDonald, J. William, d. 19 Sep 1856, age 12y 6m 27d, son of T. & M. McDonald
McDonald, Theodisia, d. 2 Sep 1856, age 64y 8m
McLaughlin, Nora I., b. 1872, d. 1945, wife of William Jesse Simmons
Meachum, Cleo, b. 1896, d. 1915, son of H.S. & H.W. Meachum
Meachum, Cornelia, d. 24 May 1906, age 84y 8d, wife of Harrison Meachum
Meachum, Ella, b. 12 Jan 1862, d. 19 Mar 1890, wife of John Meachum
Meachum, Harriet, b. 22 Apr 1859, d. 4 Sep 1914, wife of Harrison S. Meachum
Meachum, Harrison S., b. 10 Oct 1855, d. 10 May 1933, spouse of Harriet Meachum
Meachum, Harrison, d. 21 Jan 1893, age 75y9m 28d, spouse of Cornelia Meachum
Meachum, John, b. 21 Jul 1841, d. 24 Jun 1929, spouse of Ella Meachum
Meachum, Johnie, b. 1884, d. 1951
Meachum, Maud, b. 1889, d, 19??, mother, wife of Ora Meachum
Meachum, Ora, b.1887, d. 1958, father, spouse of Maud Meachum
Meachum, Russel, b. 21 Jun 1910, d. 27 Oct 1972
Merrill, Fanny C., d. 15 May 1859, age 1y 8d, dau of F.H. & L. Merrill
Merrill, John E., son of F.H. & L. Merrill (very weather worn stone)
Michael, Delos, d. 1 Apr 1872, son of D.H. & C. Michael
Michael, Eliza, d. 18 Mar 1849, age 5m 27d, dau of D. & C. Michael
Michael, Franklin, son of D. & ? Michael
Michael, Lova, b. 20 Oct 1888, d. 12 Oct 1890, dau of D.H. & A. Michael
Michael, Virgia, d. 13 Jul 1876, age 1y 5m 26d, dau of C. & E. Michael
Miller Ruth E., b. 1923, d. 1976, wife of Harry A. Miller
Miller, Harriet, d. 26 Apr 1872, age 73y 6m, wife of A. Miller
Miller, Harry A., b. 1921, spouse of Ruth E. Miller
Mitchell, Charles E., b. 1882, d.1944, spouse of Laura F. Mitchell
Mitchell, Laura F., b. 1882, d. 1908, wife of Charles E. Miitchell
Moier, Lewis, Co H 83 Ill Inf
Morris, Celestia, d. 11 May 1857, age 19y 11m 3d, wife of George Morris##
Morris, Charles P., b.1877, d. 19??
Morris, Hannah, b. 10 Jun 1812, d. 30 Jun 1891
Morris, Infant, d. 4 Jun 1852, dau of J. & E.E Morris
Morris, Infant, d. 9 Jul 1854, dau of G.W. & C. Morris
Morris, James C., b.1841, d. 1922, spouse of Maryette Morris
Morris, James C., Corp Co H 83 Ill Inf
Morris, Jesse E., d. 17 Aug 1852, age 11m 8d, son of Horatio & M. Morris
Morris, Joab, d. 4 Apr 1866, age 62y 10m 3d
Morris, John, d. 21 Mar 1866, age 58y 9m 29d
Morris, Margaret J., b. 29 Dec 1826, d. 15 Jun 1873, wife of William Simmons
Morris, Margaret, d. 10 Feb 1862, age about 82y
Morris, Maryette, b. 1841, d. 1922, wife of James C. Morris
Morris, Mordecai V., b. 2 Oct 1848, d. 3 Jul 1891
Morris, Nancy, d.30 May 1856, wife of David Morris
Morris, Rebecca, b. 14 Dec 1838, d. 28 Jun 1893, wife of William B. Park##
Murrell, Mary C., d. 7 Aug 1872, age 3y 9m 23d, dau of A. & D. Murrell
Nance, ?, d. 24 Dec 1868, age 9m 12d, dau of R.D. & J. Nance
Nance, Alice M., d. 13 Feb 1866, age 23y, wife of R. D. Nance
Nance, Infant, d. 24 Sep 1862, son of Rufus D. & Alice M. Nance
Neel, Caroline, d. 9 Sep 1883, age 31y 11m 17d, wife of Barnet Neel
Neer, Joseph L., b. 3 Mar 1822, d. 14 Apr 1900, father, spouse of Lydia Neer
Neer, Joseph Tilman, d. 23 Jan 1876, age 13y 11m 19d, son of J.L. & L. Neer
Neer, Lydia, b. 14 Feb 1813, d. 25 Jul 1898, mother, wife of Joseph L. Neer
Neff, J. Calvin, b. 1857, d. 1949, spouse of Mary R. Neff
Neff, Mary R., b.1856, d. 1937, wife of J. Calvin Neff
Neff, William H., b. 1878, d. 1956
Newburn, Isaac, d. 16 Jul 1859, age 53y 3m 4d, spouse of, Nancy Newburn
Newburn, Nancy, d. 9 Aug 1863, age 57y 4m 24d, wife of Isaac Newburn
O'Donnell, Thomas E., b. 10 Oct 1917, d. 11 Oct 1972, Tec 5 Batt B 123 Fld Arty WWII
Olson, Truls, b. 5 May 1833, d. 28 Jul 1880, born in Sweden
Osborne, Mary, d. 3 Feb 1867, age 54y 8m 27d
Palmer, Lorin T., d. 28 Sep 1863, age 17y 7m 28d, son of I.P. & S.A. Palmer
Palmer, Mary V., d. 14 Dec 1847, age 2m 10d, dau of W. & M. Palmer
Palmer, Samuel Z., d. 30 May 1855, age 13y 9m 12d, son of W. & M. Palmer
Park, Infant, d. 25 Feb 1863, dau of Wm. & R.M. Park
Park, John A., b. 9 Jan 1842, d. 29 Mar 1911, spouse of M. Eliza Park
Park, M. Eliza, b. 9 Dec 1842, d. ?, wife of John A. Park
Park, Mary, d. 1 Aug 1888, age 82y, wife of J. L. Park
Park, Rebecca M. Morris, b. 14 Dec 1833, d. 28 Jun 1893, wife of William Park
Perkins, Eliza Ann, b. 1846, d. 1921, wife of Isaac H. Perkins
Perkins, Infant, d. 26 Jan 1865, age 15d, dau of I.H. & E.A. Perkins
Perkins, Isaac H., b. 1843, d. 1891, spouse of Eliza Ann Perkins
Perkins, Mariet, d. 9 Oct 1862, age 1y 8m 9d, dau of I. & A. Perkins
Perkins, Mary Ann, d. 5 Jul 1880, in the 27th year of her age, wife of John Perkins
Perkins, Matilda J., d. 24 May 1861, age 19y 1m 5d, dau I. & A. Perkins
Perkins, Oliver M., d. 24 Apr 1873, age 2y 2m 29d, son of D.R. & E. Perkins
Perkins,Emma S., d.16 Feb 1864, age 9m 21 d, dau of I.H. & E.A. Perkins
Pierce, Infant, d. 3 Sep 1890, d. 3 Sep 1890, dau of S.E. & H.O. Pierce
Pittman, Ethel, b. 23 Jul 1887, d. 29 Aug 1888, dau of S. & F. Pittman
Pittman, Florence N., b. 21 Oct 1863, d. 21 Jul 1943, mother, wife of Samuel Pittman
Pittman, Samuel, 16 Apr 1945, !st Lieut Med Corps, spouse of Florence N. Pittman
Powers, Sarah A., b. 1 Jun 1818, d. 14 Jun 1905, wife of Charles H. Powers
Raberding, C. H., d. 3 Apr 1877, age 68y

Did research for a genltman on the Ragon's of Warren county, IL. They lived around Roseville and one was a doctor. Not all tombstones are here in the plot and not all these Ragon's buried in the same place the ones with the dates after the 1900's are buried in the southwest corner of the cemetery.
Ragan, May, b. 1862, d. 1897
Ragon, Alfred, b. 1861, d. 1945, husband of Emma Ragon
Ragon, Alfred, Co C 138 Ill Inf
Ragon, Alfred, d. 29 Jan 1873, age 50y 4m 11d
Ragon, Charles Daniel, b. 1963, d. 1966, son of A.D. & V.M Ragon
Ragon, Eli, d. 8 May 1856, husband of Rebecca Ragon
Ragon, Emma, b. 1865, d. 1942, wife of Alfred Ragon
Ragon, Hulda J., d. 27 Jun 1878, age 21y, wife of A. F. Bruckner
Ragon, Mary E., d. 13 Mar 1844, age 3d, dau of Doc B. & Hulda Ragon
Ragon, Rebecca J., d. 2 Feb 1850, age 10y 8m 14d, dau of D. B. & H. Ragon
Ragon, Rebecca, d. 31 Jul 1856, age 72y, wife of Eli Ragon
Ragon, Thomas E., b. 1887, d. 1967

Randall, Channing, d. 2 Mar 1869, age 3y 7m, son of William Randall
Randall, Claud, b. 8 Jan 1870, d. 6 Aug 1871
Randall, William, Dr., b. 27 May 1834, d. 23 Oct. 1888, husband of Caroline Snapp
Randall, Caroline
 born June 1, 1843; died May 20, 1875. wife of Doctor William

Ray, Almira, b. 21 Mar 1852, d. 17 Aug 1933, wife of J.G. Ray
Ray, Charles C., b. 1886, d. 1952
Ray, Clara R., b. 1869, d. 1953, wife of Delos P. Ray
Ray, Delos P., b. 1866, d. 1941, IOOF Marker, husband of Clara R. Ray
Ray, Dwight Day, b. 27 Aug 1907, d. 13 Nov 1907, son of M.B. & Clara D. Ray
Ray, Eliza, b. 1855, d. 1906, wife of J.C. Ray
Ray, Ethel, b. 13 Jul 1885, d. 24 Oct 1894
Ray, Harold, b. 1892, d. 1893
Ray, J. C., b. 1852, d. 1939,wife of Eliza Ray
Ray, J. G., b. 9 Jan 1851, d. 16 Jul 1906, husband of Elmira Ray
Ray, J. Woodford newer tombstone no dates
Ray, Katie Pearl, b. 1883, d. 1934
Ray, Mary E., d. 2 Jul 1880, age 3y 8m 18d, dau of J.G. & E. Ray
Ray, Nancy G., d. 11 Mar 1853, age 22y 22d, wife of J. W. Ray

Regan, Clare, b. 1827, d. 1916, mother, wife of John Regan
Regan, Ellen, d. 6 Sep 1875, age 17y, dau of J. & C. Regan
Regan, John, b. 1822, d. 1906, father, husband of Clare Regan
Regan, John, Co H. 83 Ill Inf
Regan, Susan,
d. 31 Jul 1875, age 7y, dau of J. & C. Regan
Reynolds, James B., d. 26 May 1864, age 8m 28d, son of N.J. & L.J. Reynolds
Rhodes, Squire, d. 8 Apr 1861, age 1y 1m 10d, son of J. & H.J Rhodes
Riggs, Getrude L., b. 1905 -
Roberding, C. H., d. 3 Apr 1877, age 68y 13d
Roberts, Abirum, b. 15 Apr 1841, d. 17 Aug 1919, husband of Cynthia A. Roberts
Roberts, Cynthia A., b. 26 Dec 1844, d. 27 Jun 1884, wife Abirum Roberts
Robinson, Jane, d. 7 Dec 1863, age 79y 8m 18d, wife of Joseph Robinson
Robinson, Joseph, d. 24 May 1866, age 88y 8m 8d, spouse of Jane Robinson
Robinson, Nathan, d. 21 May 1865, age 1y 1m 11d, son of J. & Mary Robinson
Roney, John E., d. 24 Aug 1857, age 34y 6m 13d, son of T.G. & E.R. Roney

Rood, Edna M., b. 1884, d. 1937, mother, wife of Julius M Rood
Rood, Julius M., b. 1877, d. 1972, father, spouse of Edna M. Rood

Ross, Joseph, b. 1 Dec 1851, d.14 Feb 1916
Ross, Margery E., b. 15 apr1859, d. 29 jul 1935
Ross, Strausie P., b. 1 Dec 1890, d.2 Sep 1902

Ruark, Charley E., b.1878, d. 1928, father
Ruark, McHenry, Corp Co B 119 Ill Inf
Ruark, McHenry,
d. 1 Feb 1893, age 58y 10m 14d

Sharp, Sarah, 1882, wife of T.J. Sharp
Shaver, Mary Amanda, b. 1877, d. 1900 (Simmons)
Shepherd, Charles Ora, b. 1885, d. 1947
Shepherd, Florence A. B., d. 2 Jan 1877, age 1y 11m, dau of J. & M.R. Shepherd
Shepherd, Ida May, d. 9 Mar 1868, age 1y 10m 19d, dau of J. & M.R. Shepherd
Shepherd, John, Co H 83 Ill Inf
Shepherd, Sarah S., d. 2 Jul 1863, age 8m 24d, dau of J. & M. R. Shepherd
Shepherd, Viola K., b. 1890, d. 1970
Shields, Samuel, d. 28 Feb 1852, age 61y 5m 10d
Sigler, Albert, d. 18 Sep 1863, age 1y 11m 18d, son of A. & H.A. Sigler
Sigler, Frank, d. 22 Nov 1865, age 3m 9d, son of A. & H. Sigler
Sigler, Mary C., d. 12 Feb 1867, age 4m, Dau of A. & H. Sigler

Simmons, A. M., b. 1885, d. 1911, son of T.F. & E. Simmons
Simmons, Ada, b. 1884, dau of James B. & Margaret L. Simmons
Simmons, Albert F., b. 5 Apr 1869, d. 16 Nov 1901
Simmons, Albert, d. 17 Sep 1846, age 4m, son of Andrew W. & M.A. Simmons
Simmons, Alfred D., b. 24 Oct 1854, d. 8 Sep 1928
Simmons, Alfred W., b. 5 Nov 1821, d. 8 Aug 1912, spouse of Sarah Simmons
Simmons, Alva Allen, b.4 Jun 1898, d. 2 May 1922
Simmons, Andrew J., d. 3 Apr 1867, age 1y 2m 2d, son of R.M & D.W. Simmons
Simmons, Andrew W., d. 12 Sep1887, age 71y 10d, spouse of Mary A. & Asenath Simmons
Simmons, Annie May, b. 1873, d. 1952, mother, wife of William J. Simmons
Simmons, Arnold Jay, b. 16 Sep 1907, d. 24 Oct 1907, son of A.A. & E.V. Simmons
Simmons, Ascenath B., d. 19 Jun 1868, age 1y 1m 22d, dau of A.W. & A. Simmons
Simmons, Asceneth, d. 23 Dec 1878, age 4y 1m 12d, dau of T. & E. Simmons
Simmons, Asenath, b. 1825, d. 1911, 2nd wife of Andrew W. Simmons
Simmons, Blanche E., b. 1876, d. 1922, his wife (spouse undetermined)
Simmons, Brittia, b. 2 Oct 1858, d. 8 Oct 1881, dau of H. & C. Meachum
Simmons, Charles Leland, b. 16 Oct 1907, d. 3 Aug 1910, son of C.M. & Dora Simmons
Simmons, Charles M., b. 14 Dec 1868, d. ???, spouse of Dora E. Simmons
Simmons, Charles R., d. 20 Feb 1907, age 81y 1m 26d, spouse of Martha J. Simmons
Simmons, Charles, b. 1869, d. 1953 (possible husband of Blanche E. Simmons)
Simmons, Charles, d. 27 Dec 1852, age 74y 23d
Simmons, Clarra Emma, d. 9 Jun 1855, age 1m 21d, dau of R.M. & D.W. Simmons
Simmons, Cora E., b. 1880, d. 1956, wife of George L. Simmons
Simmons, Cornelia E., b. 1864, d. 1937, wife of James E. Simmons, Sr.
Simmons, Daisy P., b. 1877, d. 1955
Simmons, David H., d. 14 Aug 1863, age 2y 8m 10d, J.H. & L. Simmons
Simmons, Diana, d. 3 Jun 1867, age 22y 6m, dau of Andrew W. & M.A Simmons
Simmons, Dora E., b. 8 Mar 1868, d. ???, wife of Charles M. Simmons
Simmons, Dwayne G., b. 23 Feb 1934, d. 23 Feb 1934
Simmons, Earl M., b. 15 Jan 1915, d. 6 May 1951, Illinois Sgt 1861 SVC Comd Unit WWII
Simmons, Elizabeth M., b. 1886, d. 1904
Simmons, Emily Hahn, b. 1854, d. 1933
Simmons, Eva J., b. 1869, d. 1945, wife of Rowland M. Simmons
Simmons, Francis M., d. 24 Jun 1891, age 67y 7m 14d
Simmons, Frank, b.26 Feb 1874, d. 26 Oct 1950
Simmons, Garland A., d. 6 Feb 1874, age 11m 22d, son of Wm.J. & S. Simmons
Simmons, George F., d. 26 Feb 1872, age 3y 24d, son of R.M. & D.W. Simmons
Simmons, George L., b. 1879, d. 1924, spouse of Cora E. Simmons
Simmons, George T., b. 11 Jun 1852, d. 17 Jan 1867, son of A.W. & S. Simmons
Simmons, George W., d. 25 Aug 1865, age 11m 25d, son of W.J. & Sarah Simmons
Simmons, Glen G., b. 1890, d. 1845
Simmons, Harley F., b. 1893, d. 7 Oct 1918, Pvt. Co I 343 US Inf
Simmons, Harriett, b. 1855, d. 1935, wife of Wm. Riley Simmons
Simmons, Hester A., b. 3 Jul 1845, d. 4 Dec 1887, wife of M.V B. Simmons
Simmons, Infant, age 2d, son of W.J. & Nora Simmons (no date)
Simmons, Infant, b. 17 Mar 1906, d. 24 Mar 1906, dau of E. & M. Simmons
Simmons, Infant, child of R. & J.A. Simmons
Simmons, Infant, d. 15 May 1869, son of A.W. & A. Simmons
Simmons, Infants, d. 11 Apr 1866, twin daus of Wm.J. & S. Simmons
Simmons, James B., b. 1856, d. 1900, husband of Margaret L. Simmons
Simmons, James E., Sr., b. 1863, d. 1953, husband of Cornelia Simmons
Simmons, James L., b. 1904, d. 1904
Simmons, James O., b. 1858, d. 1951, father, husband of Maggie A. Simmons
Simmons, James O., d. 26 Dec 1881, age 2m 18d, son of M.O. & B. Simmons
Simmons, James, Sr., d. 21 Aug 1873, age 78y 4m 13d, spouse of Sally Simmons
Simmons, James, b. 10 Aug 1809, d. 25 Sep 1900, spouse of Malinda Simmons
Simmons, James, d. 12 Mar 1849, age 6y 3m, son of Andrew W. & M.A. Simmons
Simmons, Jasper N., d. 3 Nov 1851, age 9y 10m 25d, son of R & J. A. Simmons
Simmons, Jesse B., b. 1833, d. 1909
Simmons, Jesse H., d. ???, son of W.R. & H.M. Simmons
Simmons, John H., d. 1 Sep 1863, age 6y 11m 26d, son of J.H. & L. Simmons
Simmons, John M., b. 13 May 1850, d. 7 Aug 1852
Simmons, John W., d. 1832, son of R. & J. A. Simmons 1st known burial in Greenbush Cemetery.
Simmons, John

Simmons, Julia Ann, d. 18 Jan 1845, age 41y 2m 21d, wife of Rowland Simmons
Simmons, Laura J., d. 20 Nov 1863, age 6m 24d, dau of J.H. & L. Simmons
Simmons, Lewis A., b. 1852, d. 1927 (funeral marker)
Simmons, Louisa J., d. 15 Feb 1857, age 15y, dau of C. & L. Simmons
Simmons, Louise Mary, b. 1907, d.1911, dau of Mosie & Sylvia Simmons
Simmons, Lucinda, d. 17 Apr 1874, age 43y 8m 24d, wife of James H. Simmons
Simmons, Maggie A., b. 1860, d. 1945, mother, wife of James O. Simmons
Simmons, Malinda, b. 7 Jan 1821, d. 19 Jun 1897, wife of James Simmons
Simmons, Margaret L., b. 1861, d. 1945, wife of James B. Simmons
Simmons, Martha J., d. 5 Dec 1884, age 42y 2m 20d, wife of C. R. Simmons
Simmons, Martin V. B., b. 5 Oct 1839, d. 29 Sep 1877, husband of Hester Simmons
Simmons, Mary A., d. 19 Aug 1847, age 1m, dau of Andrew & M.A. Simmons
Simmons, Mary A., d. 19 Jul 1847, age 23y 7m, 1st wife of Andrew W. Simmons
Simmons, Mary Asecath, d. 8 Oct 1889, age 7y 4m 28d, dau of J.B. & Margaret Simmons
Simmons, Nancy E, d. 26 Oct 1871, age 31y 3m 6d, wife of John R. Simmons
Simmons, Nancy J., b.9 Jul 1848, d.13 Aug 1949
Simmons, Nancy, d. 30 May 1853, age 5m, dau of Andrew W. & A. Simmons
Simmons, Paul P., b. 22 Jan 1893, d. 15 Jul 1968
Simmons, Rose A., b. 29 Mar 1867, d.5 Jan 1929
Simmons, Rowland M., b. 1864, d. 1932, husband of Eva J. Simmons
Simmons, Rowland, d. 23 May 1858, age 64y 7m 23d,husband of Julia Simmons
Simmons, Russell C., b. 1891, d.1955
Simmons, Ruth
Simmons, Sally, d. 8 Apr 1855, age 58y 2m 2d, wife of James Simmons, Sr.
Simmons, Sarah A., b. 18 Sep 1829, d. 18 May 1902, wife of Alfred W. Simmons
Simmons, Sarah E., d. 22 Jun 1869, age 7y 6m, dau of Wm. J. & S. Simmons
Simmons, Sarah, d. 31 Dec 1842, age about 90y
Simmons, Summer, b. 22 Nov 1911, d. 14 Jul 1920, son of W.J. & May Simmons
Simmons, Thompson F., b. 1851, d. 1909
Simmons, Vernia Dale, b. 29 May 1894, d. 8 Sep 1894, son of C.M. & D.E. Simmons
Simmons, Vesta, d. 6 Jan 1864, age 2y 10m, dau of J.R. & N.E. Simmons
Simmons, Violet, b. 6 Feb 1906, d. 18 Jul 1906, dau of G.L. & C.E. Simmons
Simmons, Wesley, d. 1839, son of R. & J. A. Simmons
Simmons, William A., d. 12 May 1884, age 32y 5m 12d, son of J.,Jr. & M. Simmons
Simmons, William J., b. 1867, d. 1955, father, husband of Annie May Simmons
Simmons, William Jesse, b. 1863, d. 1938,husband of Nora I. McLaughlin
Simmons, William, b. 16 Apr 1826, d. 11 Aug 1906, husband of Margaret J. Morris
Simmons, Wm. Riley, b. 1850, d. 1935, husband of Harriett Simmons
Singleton, Cleo R., b. 1905, d. 1948, father
Singleton, Emma Ilena, b. 1887, d.1925, wife of J.C. Singleton
Singleton, James C., b. 1884, d. 1953, spouse of Emma Ilena Singleton
Singleton, Mary J., b. 15 Dec 1878, d. 27 Apr 1902, wife of Johnie Willard
Sisson, Agustine W., d. 26 Aug 1850, age 25y, son of J. & F. Sisson
Sisson, Alice A., d. 2 Sep 1848, age 1y 10m 18d, dau of C. F. & R. A. Sisson
Sisson, Cyrus F., d. 23 Jun 1850, age 35y 10m ?d
Sisson, Joseph, d. 23 Jun 1851, age 61y 8m 5d
Smith, Bernard L., b. 1904, d. 1960
Smith, Clara J., b. 27 May 1874, d. 16 Aug 1875, dau of J. & L. Smith
Smith, Clarence W., b. 1878, d. 1927, spouse of Lorena Smith
Smith, Ella Viola, b. 21 May 1881, d. 7 Apr 1901, dau of William T. Smith
Smith, Joshua A., b. 10 Jun 1849, d. 24 Apr 1913, spouse of Lucinda M. Smith
Smith, Lorena W., b. 1879, d. 1926, wife of Clarence W. Smith
Smith, Lucinda M., b. 6 Mar 1852, d. 10 Dec 1933, wife of Joshua A. Smith
Smith, Margaret E., b. 4 Feb 1861, d. ???, dau of William & Rebecca Park
Smith, Mary L. P., d. 26 Jul 1851, age 3y 5m 26d, dau of J. D. & A. F. Smith
Smith, Naomi, b. 1918, d. 1975
Smith, Nina Alice, b. 25 Apr 1905, d. 11 Jul 1909
Smith, Terrance, -1975-
Smith, William T., b. 17 Jun `854, d. 30 Jun 1901
Snapp, Caroline, b.1 Jun 1843, d. 20 May 1875, wife of Wm. Randall

Snider, A. M., b. 8 Oct 1863, d. 13 Sep 1889, son of P. & D. Snider
Snider, Dianna, b. 2 Aug 1835, d. 14 Aug 1922, wife of Peter Snider
Snider, Peter, b. 6 Jan 1835, d. 17 Dec 1912, husband of Dianna Snider
Snider, Selah A., d. 7 Jul 1879, age 49y 4m 9d

Staat, Edna Metcalf, b. 1892, d. 1958, wife of Norris Henry Statt
Staat, Edwin L., b. 1 Sep 1881, d. 11 Jul 1971, son of H, & C.G. Staat
Staat, Francis H., b. 17 May 1813, d. 1 Aug 1881, spouse of Margaret Statt
Staat, Henry, b. 7 Aug 1842, d. 7 Dec 1937, spouse of Cordelia G. Bond
Staat, Infant, d. 21 Sep 1977, son of H. & C.G. Staat
Staat, John F., b. 24 Nov 1872, d. 18 Dec 1891, son of Henry & Cordelia G. Staat
Staat, Margaret, b. 30 Sep 1810, d. 19 Nov 1880, wife of Francis Staat
Staat, Nancy M., b. 18 Sep 1896, d. 9 May 1899, dau of Henry & Cordelia G. Staat
Staat, Nellie M., b. 30 Sep 1874, d. 25 Dec 1894, dau of Henry & Cordelia G. Staat
Staat, Norris Henry, b. 1885, d. 1973, spouse of Edna Metcalf Staat
Stockton, John T., d. 28 Mar 1875, age 24y##
Stockton, John, d. 2 Oct 1868, age 32y 9m 15d, spouse of Mary Jane Stockton
Stockton, Lewis H., d. 10 Apr 1857, age 1y 6m 27d, son of J. & M.J. Stockton
Stockton, Mary Jane, d. 16 Mar 1885, age 55y10m 2d, wife of John Stockton
Stull, Ethel A., b.1910, d. 19??, wife of Jules W. Stull
Stull, Jules W., b. 1900, d. 1978, spouse of Ethel A. Stull
Taflinger, George E., 1945
Taflinger, James A., 1942
Taflinger, Richard L., 1943
Tally, Martha, b. Apr 1800, d. 15 Jan 1878, wife of William Talley
Tally, Permelia, d. 11 Apr 1883, age 60y, wife of Richard Talley
Tally, Richard, d. 17 Nov 1896, age 62y, spouse of Permelia Tally
Tally, William, b. 15 Sep 1797, d. 3 Nov 1886, spouse of Martha Talley
Taylor, Bernice, b. 27 Jan 1906, d. 2 Sep 1910
Taylor, Edward, d. 17 Nov 1861, age 73y 11m
Taylor, Effie, b. 1 Oct 1869, d. 23 Dec 1894, 2nd wife of Hiram Taylor
Taylor, Hannah, b. 10 Nov 1806, d. 30 Oct 1877, 1st wife of Hiram Taylor
Taylor, Hiram, b. 10 Nov 1803, d. 26 Sep 1882, husband of Hannah Taylor
Taylor, Infant, d.14 May 1891, son of W.H. & Phebe Taylor
Taylor, Infant, d.19 Jul 1896, son of W.H. & Phebe Taylor
Taylor, Marietta, d. 3 Mar 1905, age 73y 7m, wife of William Taylor
Taylor, Martha, b. Apr 1800, d. 15 Jan 1878##
Taylor, Nina A., b. 31 Jan 1875, d. 18 May 1900
Taylor, Phebe A., b. 1862, d. 1932, mother, wife of William H. Taylor
Taylor, Ralph H., b. 1 Jan 1903, d. 3 Feb 1904 (stone within a broken iron fence)
Taylor, William B., Co H 83 Ill Inf
Taylor, William H., b. 1854, d. 1929, father, spouse of Phebe A. Taylor
Taylor, Wm., d. 20 Apr 1889, age 62y 2m 15d, spouse of Marietta Taylor

φ Taylor, Perlie Adefia May 19, 1878 found an orbit for this little girl of boy. not listed on original cemetery lists.
Threlkeld, M. B., d. 17 Jun 1872, age 44y 11m 17d
Threlkeld, Olivia B., d. 25 Feb 1871, age 4m 10d, dau of M.B. & T. Threlkeld
Threlkeld, Samuel A., d. 24 May 1868, age 11m 21d, son of M.B. & T. Threlkeld
Threlkeld, Silas A., d. 19 Feb 1869, age 8m 16d, son of M.B. & T. Threlkeld
Threlkeld, Vincent W., d. 21 Aug 1867, age 5y 3m 7d, son of M.B. & T. Threlkeld
Tillman, Joseph, d. 23 Jan 1870, age 13y, son of J. L. & L. Neer
Todd, Jane V., d. 23 Nov 1884, age 86y 10m 1d, wife of John J. Todd
Turley, M. Ann, b. 1940, d. 1982
Ulmer, Ethel B., d. 10 Feb 1895, age 9m 4d, dau of W.D. & M.E. Ulmer
Ulmer, Manda E., d. 21 Jun 1894, age 28y 4m 24d, wife of W. D. Ulmer
Ulmer, Seal Silver, d. 28 Jun 1888, age 3d, dau of W.D. & M.E. Ulmer
Vandeveer, Arminda B., b. 1866, d. 1954, mother, wife of Charles S. Vandeveer
Vandeveer, Charles S., b. 1858, d. 1928, father, spouse of Arminda B. Vandeveer
Vandeveer, George M., d. 22 May 1873, son of A. & D. Vandeveer
Vandeveer, Harriet M., d. 9 Jun 1861, age 1y 2m 25d, dau of G.B. & L.A. Vandeveer
Vandeveer, Harriet, b. 1818, d. 1876, wife of John A. Vandeveer
Vandeveer, John A., b. 1812, d. 1899, spouse of Harriet Vandeveer
Vandeveer, John Midgett, d.2 Jun 1881, age 19m 10d, son of J.A. & E. Vandeveer
Vandeveer, Polly, d. 1 Apr 1857, age 69y 20d, wife of Charles Vandeveer
Vandeveer, Rev. Charles, d. 27 Jul 1854, age 66y, spouse of Polly Vandeveer
Vandeveer, Samuel, d. ?, age 20y 4m 20d, son of J.A. & C. Vandeveer
Vandeveer, Silas B., d. 21 Sep 1847, age 9m 13d, son of A. & D. Vandeveer
Walker, Abigail, b. 16 Dec 1839, d. 24 Jun 1851, dau of A. & J. Walker
Walker, Abner, b. 10 Aug 1796, d. 24 Jun 1851, spouse of Jane Walker
Walker, Chloe, d. 23 Sep 1852, age 1y 5m 8d, dau of A. & J. Walker
Walker, Frank, d. 19 Mar 1862, age 8m 8d, son of Geo.A. & S.A. Walker
Walker, George A., d. 4 Oct 1872, age 41y 6m 13d
Walker, Infant, d. 29 Aug 1864, age 4m 29d, son of G.A. & S.A. Walker
Walker, Jane, d. 24 Jan 1855, age 45y 3d, wife of Abner Walker
Walker, Lawson, b. 24 Aug 1836, d. 15 Jun 1851, son of A.J. Walker
Walker, Mary Alice, b. 1924, d. 1934
Wallace, Nathaniel, b. 1851, d. 1914
Wallingford, Eddwina, b. 17 May 1860, d. 14 Dec 1888
Watson, George, d. 8 Jan 1861, age 11d, son of J. & E.M. Watson
Watson, Mary, d. 15 Sep 1863, age 9m, dau of J. & E.M. Watson
Welsh, Charles S., b. 27 Feb 1856, spouse of Mary A. Welsh
Welsh, Mary A., b. 4 Oct 1858, d. 6 Aug 1899, wife of C. S. Welsh
Whisler, Jesse H., b. 15 Jul 1875, d. 3 Nov 1955, spouse of Nellie E. Whisler
Whisler, Nellie E., b. 25 Jan 1883, d. 24 May 1967, wife of Jesse H. Whisler
White, Deborah, b. 29 Feb 1840, d. 12 May 1901, wife of John L. White
White, John L., b. 16 Mar 1840, d. 3 Jan 1904, spouse of Deborah White
White, Thomas C., b. 7 Aug 1882, d. 9 Nov 1920, son of J.L. & D. White
Wiegert, Andrew, b. 1833, d. 1916, spouse of Causby Young, Civil War Vet
Wiegert, U. G., b.1868, d. 1947
Wigert, Infant, d. 30 Apr 1896, son of J.G. & M.M. Wigert
Wigert, Infant, d.16 May 1893, age 15d, son of J.G. & M.M. Wigert
Willard, Chester R., b. 20 Nov 1899, d. 7 Mar 1900, son of J. & M.J. Willard
Willard, Johnie H., b. 8 Aug 1875, d. ???, spouse of Mary J. Singleton
Willard, Lydia A., d. 10 Aug 1875, age 22y, wife of A.J. Willard, dau of H. & C. Meachum
Willard, Thomas J., d. 3 Sep 1854, age 3m 6d, son of T.J. & M.J. Willard
Wilson, Sabena F., d. 5 Sep 1864, age 11m 26d, dau of W.A. & N.A. Wilson
Wise, George W., b. 1857, d. 1908
Wise, Grace J., b. 1895, d.1898
Wise, Lavina, b. 1855, d. 1905
Wise, William R., b. 1886, d.1907
Wolf, George S., b. 1904 -, spouse of Nora E. Wolf
Wolf, Marilyn Jane, - 21 Feb 1939 -
Wolf, Nora E., b. 1905 -, wife of George S. Wolf
Woods, Julia I., d. 13 Mar 1864, age 2y 1m 13d, son of P.H. & C.E. Woods
Woods, Lorin H., d. 15 Mar 1864, age 7y 4m 15d, child of P.H. & C.E. Woods
Woods, M. Sheldon, b. 1889, d. 1961, dad, spouse of Nina E. Woods
Woods, N. Louise, b. 1925, d. 1931, wife of Raymond E. Woods
Woods, Nina E., b. 1887, d. 1969, mom, wife of M. Sheldon Woods
Woods, Raymond E., 1918, spouse of N. Louise Woods
Yelm, Cordelia Mae, b. 1898, d. 1966
Young, Caroline, d. 8 Apr 1876, age 30y 7m 16d, 1st wife of John F. Young
Young, Causby, b. 1841, d. 1926, wife of Andrew Wiegert
Young, Cynthia A., b. 28 Aug 1848, d. 22 Apr 1927, wife of J.K.P. Young
Young, David, d. 4 Jul 1868, age 70y 2m 5d, spouse of Sarah Young
Young, Emma Jane, b. 22 May 1858, d. 6 Dec 1927, 2nd wife of John F. Young
Young, Infant, d. 29 Jun 1846, age 2m 6d, dau of David & Sarah Young
Young, J. K. Poke, b. 30 Jan 1845, d. 3 Aug 1913, spouse of Cynthia A. Young
Young, James A., d. 13 Oct 1861, age 1y 2m 10d, son of Wm.L. & S.E Young
Young, James K. P., Co H 83 Ill Inf
Young, James M., b. 8 Aug 1881, d. 14 Jul 1908, son of J.K.P. & C. Young
Young, John F., b. 11 Apr1842, d. 22 Jul 1919, Masonic Emblem
Young, Louis E., d. 27 Dec 1849, age 12y 8d, son of Wm. & S. Young
Young, Sarah, b. 1815, d. 1885, wife of David Young
Zeigler, Amos, d. 15 Feb 1905, age 77y 10m 7d, spouse of Hulda A. Zeigler
Zeigler, Hulda A., d. 20 Aug 1900, age 65y 8m 20d, wife of Amos Zeigler


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