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     The dates of births and deaths, taken from the headstone sin the different burying places are here given. It is not claimed that this list is complete. Many graves are without headstones or markers.

Foxie's Note: you will also find this people on the Cemetery listings page under Greenbush Twp, The Holeman Cemetery and tombstone photos.

Isaac Holeman, born June 05, 1832; died May 20, 1901

Joanah, wife of Isaac Holeman, born March 12, 1833; died August 22, 1901

Israel Spurgeon, born June 30, 1828; died May 08, 1895

John E. Mitchell, born October 01, 1857; died March 09, 1897

Amelia A., wife of J E Mitchel; died March 06, 1893; aged 33 years.

Amy A. wife of T. J. Simmons died February 06, 1894; aged 29 years

Cecil C son of L H & B A Carroll; born February 17, 1889; died October 17, 1897

Pauline, wife of A Sailer; born April 14, 1837; died June 22, 1895

Bethuel Merris; died March 07, 1891; aged 64 years

Mary Merris; died December 24, 1898; aged 73 years

Robert Vanvelsor, born February 05, 1830; died April 19, 1889

Joseph E son of J F & L Wren died March 24, 1874

John Kelly, born March 22, 1810; died May 30, 1884

Leon, son of M S & M E Welsh born October 29, 1882; died December 05, 1882

Isaiah Wren; died April 26, 1876; aged 37 years

Julia, daughter of W & S Lee; died July 11, 1869; aged 20 years

Weden Kelly; died September 14, 1867; aged 39 years.

Martin Johnson; died January 05, 1874; aged 44 years

Betsey wife of J. Peterson; died September 07, 1876; aged 36 years.

Charles McCormack, born December 25, 1813; died April 10, 1895

Alexander, son of J & E Edie; died May 04, 1862; aged 18 years

Franklin Niles, Co F 42d Ohio Infantry

R G Gillett, Co H, 83d Illinois Infantry

John Wren; died June 17, 1856; aged 62 years

Ester, wife of John Wren, died August 22, 1888

Martillers Lloyd died January 15, 1860; aged 21 years

Charles William, son of William and E. Lloyd; died July 07, 1860; aged 27 years

Lucinda F. daughter of William & E Lloyd died March 15, 1846; aged 18 years

Thomas J. Lloyd; died November 26, 1861 aged 20 years

William Lloyd; died January 21, 1862; aged 61 years

Eliza W. Wife of William Lloyd; born July 1801 died November 10, 1884

Joseph Robert Lloyd, son of J R & J Lloyd; born January 28, 1878; died February 05, 1899

Rose, wife of L A Mummey; born April 04, 1871

J R Lloyd died December 21, 1878; aged 46 years

Lennie, daughter of J R & J Lloyd; died November 15, 1876 aged 9 years

Caleb Sparks; died July 19, 1869; aged 41 years

Tobitha, wife of Robert Lloyd; died October 4, 1851; aged 83 years

French Spurgin; died August 17, 1872; aged 68 years

Lewis A son of J J & S J Dickson; died September 17, 1868, aged 1 year

Catherine E. wife of S L Ellinger; died December 13, 1872

Mary J wife of S L Ellinger; died August 05, 1863; aged 40 years

Samuel L. Ellinger; died April 24, 1895; aged 74 years

Louis Ellinger; died December 1865 aged 19 years

Edna daughter of S L & M J Ellinger; died April 14, 1877; aged 19years

Stella, daughter of S L & Ann Ellinger died September 28, 1881

Mary J. daughter of S L & M J Ellinger; died September 06, 1863; aged 1 month 12 days

Samuel Cline born October 26, 1833; died February 21, 1899

Rosa, wife of A. K Crabill, born June 16, 1870; died March 12, 1862

Catherine, wife of Alex. Coursan; died January 21, 1870; aged 27 years

Julia A, Wife of J M Bradbury; died November 01, 1869; aged 48 years

Sammie Crabill; died May 22, 1876; aged 69 years

Noah Crabill Born December 26, 1818; died April 16, 1898

Mary J. Crabill, born September 08, 1847; died January 03, 1896

Thomas H Ennis born January 13, 1827; died June 28, 1895

Barbara E. wife of Thomas Stockton; born November 10, 1847; died April 13, 1867

David, son of M & M Jones; died October 05, 1859; aged 18 years

John W. Ennis, born March 08, 1853 died December 14, 1864

Sibba wife of W Ennis died February  03, 1876; aged 79 years

Priscilla, wife of D. Holeman; died November 28, 1846; aged 35 years

Sophia, wife of M R Gutridge; died June 15, 1863; aged 43 years

Mitchel Ross; died June 30, 1873; aged 76 years

Mary, wife of Mitchel Ross; died March 28, 1862; aged 62 years.

Elizabeth, wife of J J Stockton, died January 10, 1847

Elsie Stockton; died March 24, 1865; aged 64 years

Thames Stockton; died January 17, 1853; aged 64 years

James J. Stockton; died October 25, 1865; aged 42 years

Amanda, wife of William Maguire; died February 28, 1873; aged 24 years

Susanah, wife of R. Holeman; died February 18, 1892; aged 67 years

Clara L., wife of Robert Chambers; born December 10, 1879; died July 04, 1902

Mary F., wife of Phineas P. Smith, Jr died October 13, 1877; aged 21 years

Electa, wife of A. Coppersmith; died May 14, 1871; aged 45 years

Jacob Lahman, born September 25, 1831; died October 17, 1901

Priscilla Buck wife of Jacob Lahman; born September 20, 1829; died April 10, 1864

John Rubart, born July 1797; Died December 30, 1872,

Nancy Lahman, his wife born October 21, 1827, died April 21, 1902

John C. Holeman; died December 27, 1854; aged 44 years

John Carroll; died December 29, 1903

Amanda, wife of Francis Vanvelsor; born February 01, 1835; died January 13, 1904


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