Holeman Olive Cemetery

            I, your host, have been to this cemetery and will put the driving directions on here later.  It sits atop a hill and is very pretty site.  With a pond to south-east with geese flying all around.   Holeman Cemetery is easy to locate. take Il Hwy #166 out of Roseville heading towards St. Augustine in Knox County, IL, in fact it is not far from Knox county border.  You will pass the Greenbush turn off keep going to till you see road sign 165 Street sign.  turn south or right if heading from Roseville. Go to the first four corners.  You can keep going straight ahead.  This is a gravel road and will take you directly to the cemetery entrance. Or you can turn left and follow the blacktop/oiled road around to 40th avenue and turn right, this will also take you the cemetery. 

               Holeman/Olive Cemetery is located in the southwest corner of the northeast quarter of section 14 in Greenbush Twp.  This Cemetery at one time was also known as the Olive Cemetery the old Olive Christian Church was located about one and a half miles northeast of the cemetery, the cemetery was first called the Olive Cemetery and then later Holeman was added..  Land for the cemetery was deeded in 1896 by Isaac Holeman; additional land was deeded for cemetery purposes.  The cemetery is approximately 3 acres in size and is well maintained by Greenbush Twp.  In April 1983, the Holeman/Olive Cemetery inscriptions were identified as:

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Holeman Cemetery Photo Gallery



First Names & w/wife some surnames

Date of Birth

Date of Death

Inscriptions on Tombstones

Military Information.

North Section

Baker Mary E.18671936wife of WW Baker 
WoodsFlorence M.December 02, 1886May 10, 1951  
WoodsPricilla L.

November 26, 1864

Decembers 26, 1951  
WoodsWillie R.March  09, 1857September 28, 1915  
WoodsBessie M.May 24, 1896October 28, 1966  
WoodsFrank W.July 27, 1888September 16, 1973  
StombaughFlorence M.September 05, 1872April 08, 1915`wife of F. Stombaugh 
StombaughFredNovember 01, 1867October 01, 1958Odd Fellows Marker 
SimmonsElsie I.19201957  
Woods, Lela M.Lela M.19001971  
Woods, Max October 06, 1930


son of Orin & Lela Woods 
CloreSamuelNovember 1869   
CloreCastillaJune 07, 1869March 21, 1908his wife 
HaleyHollis LongAugust 17, 1896April 12, 1976  
Haley Raymond T. January 23, 1891 October 08, 1973   Michigan Sgt. US Army W W I
MurphyJamesApril 28, 1899   
MurphyMayre LongMay 19, 1902July 26, 1969  
LongDora S. 18721940Mother 
SimmonsJames E.18841854  
SimmonsIone A.18911939  
AbbottMary SpurgeonFebruary 24, 1863February 11, 1939  
DixonEmma SpurgeonDecember 29, 1969March 16, 1942  
DixonHerschel Spurgeon18961930  
DixonEvalyn Elizabeth19001952  
Woods, WilfordSeptember 16, 1818March 13, 1906  
WoodsRhoda M. ButlerJanuary 06, 1830April 20, 1906His wife 
Woods EllenFebruary 22, 1861November 05, 1918  
SpurgeonWoodrow S.1912 wife 
SpurgeonBronald A.19111981Husband 
SpurgeonSarah AnnNovember 13, 1943November 13, 1939dau of BA & W Spurgeon 
TerrellIrene SpurgeonJanuary 31, 1905June 29, 1951  
SpurgeonIrene I. 18701951  
SpurgeonHenry C.18681938Masonic emblem 
Spurgeon__________ January 31, 1893ae 11m 11d

da of HC & I Spurgeon

Spurgeon Harold I October 16, 1918     Colorado US Army
SpurgeonIone C.19131946  
_________Lydia  STONE BURIED 
SeifertLillian A.May 09, 1891August 13, 1977  
SeifertEdward HAugust 26, 1888September 07, 1960 ILLINOIS COLONEL Medical Corps  WW I & WW II
Holeman IsaacJune 05, 1832May 20, 1901  
HolemanJoanah W.March 12, 1833August 22, 1901Wife of Isaac Holeman 
SpurgeonEva Morrison1901 wife 
SpurgeonFrench A.19011964Husband 
LeVoyjohn thain19321938  
SpurgeonEllaOctober 07, 1876June 08, 1967  
SpurgeonDoris Sundberg19041932  
SundbergA. GustofNovember 04, 1878June 08,1940  
SpurgeonIsraelJune 30, 1828May 08,1895  
SpurgeonElizabeth MarshallOctober 22, 1832February 07, 1908wife of I. Spurgeon 
SpurgeonLouisa  da. of I & E Spurgeon Stone is buried 
________Sarah E.  Stone is buried 
MitchellMinnie C.18691960  
MitchellAmelia A. March 06, 1893ae 33y 11m 21 d Wife of JE Mitchell 
MitchellJohn E.October 01, 1857March 09, 1897  
HolemanFlorence N.18911980  
HolemanHilbert H.18711933  
KelleyThomas JeffersonAugust 01, 1843July 23, 1918Brother to Margaret Ann Kelley 
KelleyMargaret AnnApril 03, 1850December 04, 1908Sister to Thomas Jefferson Kelley 
KellyMargretApril 03, 1850December 04, 1908  
KelleyJohnMarch 22, 1810May 30, 1884  
KelleyElizabeth WeaverJune 10, 1811June 21, 1894His Wife 
RubartRev. Robert B.18951940  
RubartHazel1897 Wife 
RubartAlbert E.18611942  
RubartNellie L.18691955  
WelshLeonOctober 29, 1882December 05, 1882son of MS & ME Welsh 
WrenIsahih April 26, 1876ae 37y 22d 
Wren Salem A. September 19, 1864ae 11y 3m 2d  son of A & A S Wren 
LeeJulia E.18491869da of W & S A Kelley 
KelleyRhoda E18641866dau of W & S A Kelley 
Kelley Weden18281867  
KelleySarah A.18261918His wife 
MummeyRoseApril 04, 1871February 09, 1891Wife of L A Mummmey 
LLoydJoseph RobertJanuary 28, 1878 February 05, 1899son of J R & J LLoyd 
LLoydJosephineSeptember 17, 1839February 12, 1906  
LLoydJ R Decmber 21, 1878ae  46y 10m 5d 
SparksCaleb July 19, 1869ae  41y 7m 
LLoydEliza W.July 01, 1801November 10, 1884Wife of Wm LLoyd 
LLoydWilliam January 21, 1862ae 61 y 1m 16d 
LLoydThomas J. November 26, 1861ae 20y 9m 10d 
LLoydSarah E.December 09, 1836February 12, 1911  
LLoydLucinda March 15, 1846ae 18y 6m   dau of Wm & E Llyod 
LLoydCharles WilliamBROKEN StoneJuly 7, 1860ae 27y  son of Wm & E. Lloyd 
LLoydMartillers January 15, 1860ae 21y 6m 1d 
LloydLennie November 15, 1876 ae 9y dau of JR & J Lloyd 
WrennEster August 22, 1888`ae 88y Wife of John Wren 
WrennJohn June 17, 1856ae 62y 8m 10d 
Van VelzerJohn H. July 29, 1872ae 2m 3d  son of  F & A Van Velzer 
Van VelzerJulia E. May 05, 1859 ae 1m 10d dau F & A Van Velzer 
SpurginFrench August 17, 1872ae 68y 1m 1d 
TompsonThomas J. October 12, 1869ae 1y 10m 5d son of J S & M J Thompson 
WilcoxGeorge A. November 13, 1864ae 1y 1m 13d dau of G W & A T Wilcox 
WilcoxHannah F. July 11, 1861 1y 1m 13d dau of G W & A T Wilcox 
LloydTabitha October 04, 1851 ae 83y 9m 4dWife of Robert Lloyd 
DicksonLewis A. September 17, 18681y 9m 5d  son of J J & S J Dickson 
VanVelsorFrancisDecember 25, 1832July 07, 1919Husband of Amanda VanVelsor 
VanVelsorAmanda J.February 21, 1836January 13, 1904 Wife of Francis VanVelsor 
SmalleyEmma B. LahmanJanuary 23, 1864July 17, 1920wife of P B Smalley 
SmalleyPreston B.January 09, 1857   
PattersonJane Dryden18841918  
PattersonSamantha J.18461939  
PattersonInfant sonJuly 1o, 1888August 10, 1888  
PattersonJamesFebruary 09, 1873March 10, 1880  
PattersonCarolineJanuary 23, 1827April 30 1914  
PattersonJohnNO DATES ON STONEFather 
PattersonJane McCopinNO DATES ON STONEJohn's wife & Mother 
PattersonElvin March 01, 1869Son of S. & A. Patterson 
____________  October 05, 1859ae 18y 1m 16d   BROKEN STONE 
PlymateJohn P. September 30, 1856 1m 7d  son of J & P Plymate 
WendellCarolineJanuary 23, 1827April 30, 1914  
___TridgeSophia June 15, 186343y 1m 10d  Wife of ___  ____tridge stone very worn and hard to decipher 
RossMitchell June 30 1873ae 76y 3m 2d 
RossAlbert September 04  1865ae 11 m 13d   son of J & S Ross 
RubartJ. R.18911970  
RubartEmily NelsonOctober 16, 1859November 23  1937`his wife 
LahmanJacob E. March 29, 1878ae 6y 9m 29d  son of J & s Lahman 
RubartJosephMarch 16, 1856August 03, 1908  
RubartEffieOctober 16 1859November 23, 1937His Wife 
LahmanJacobSeptember 20, 1829October 17, 1901  
LahmanPriscilla BuckSeptember 20, 1829April 10, 1864Jacob's wife 
LahmanSarah JonesFebruary 26, 1830July 09, 1913Jacob's other wife 
RubartJohnJuly 21, 1797December 30, 1872Father 
RubartNancy LahmanOctober 21 1827April 21 1902John's wife & a Mother 
Small Stoneno readablemarkings   
RubartJasper M. March 20, 1841February 20, 1862 Co D Yates ist Bat S-S
Rubart Asenath F.July 20, 1939December 30, 1861  
RubartEnosDecember 30 1827September 06 1853  


HolemanWilliam M. September 26,1849ae 3y 5m 2d

son of C & J Holeman

HolemanJohn C. December 27, 1854  ae 44y 4m   
HolemanSarah P. April 22, 1862ae 4y 6m 6 d---da of R. R. & E. Holeman 
DavisJohn A. December 27, 1863ae 1y 11m 25d---son of JM & E. Davis 
CoppersmithElecta May 14, 187145y 8m 7d---wife of A. coppersmith 
CoppersmithOriah January 29, 1870ae 6m 15d---son of A.&E. Coppersmith 
small stone    no markings 
SmithPineas A.18761877  
SmithFrancis Kimmans18561877  
Small Stone   no markings 
SmithJohn R. 1905  
SmithGrant B.1893???  
SmithBernice Agy1910???  
page six missing     
StocktonUriah H. March 05, 1867son of  T & B.E. Stockton 
Stockton,Barbara Ellen April 13, 186719y5m3d 
EnnisJohn W. December 14, 1864ae 9y 10m---son of TH & FC ENNIS 
StocktonBarbara E. EnnisNovember 10 1847April 13, 1867wife of Thomas Stockton  I Think this is the same lady up above have to check at cemetery.
Ennis, William W.511923  
EnnisEmma J.186119??  
EnnisClarence AFebruary 02, 1884September 30, 1892son of WW & EJ Ennis 
Fleming,A. June 03, 1868  
KilpatrickGeorge F. December 23, 1872ae 1y 2m 26d---son of J & MJ Kilpatrick 
StombaughCelia A.November 10,1829November 23, 1906  
Carroll, Wiliam H.18631953  
CarrollCarrie A.18601937  
CarrolInfant of W.H. & C. CarrolSeptember 22, 1890October 22, 1890  
Carrol,John January 18, 1838December 28 1903  
CarrolPhebeJanuary 26, 1840July 30, 1917John's wife 
ThompsonSarah E.183419????  
ThompsonJohn18601918Sarah's son 
ButlerLawrence E.April 06, 1879July 30, 1905  
Butler Fannie LApril 13, 1880September 14 1919Lawrence's wife  
ButlerHoward M19041967  
ButlerDiane Lee19351955daughter of Howard & Dolores Butler 
CrabillJamesAugust 24, 1853January 23, 1906son of Noah & Sarah Crabhill 
CrabillNoahDecember 26 1818April 16, 1898  
CrabillSarahFebruary 23, 1823July 21, 1918Noah's wife 
CrabillMary J.September 08 1847January 03 1896  
CrabilllSammie May 22, 1876ae 69y 7d 
_____  November 0118??broken stone 
Bradbury,Julia18271870wife of J.M. Bradbury 
CrabillEmmy G. November 05, 1861ae 5y 5m 18d---dau of N & S Crabill 
CrabillSamuel September 20, 1866ae 2y11m 20d  --son of N & S Crabill 
CrabillAlbert P. May 07, 1867ae 1m 28d---son of N & S Crabill 
CrabillRosaJune 16, 1870March 12,, 1892wife of AK Crabill 
CarbillAden K18601938Masonic emblem 
CrabhillLevi E.18501916son of Noah & Sarah Crabill 
Courson, Catherine January 21, 1870ae 27y 7m 6d---wife of Alex Courson 
CoursonInfant son of A & ME Courson---no other information
Chick, Mary L.March 21, 1858December 13, 1882Wife of Z. Chick
______December 13, 1872ae 32y 7m---BROKEN STONE
EllingerCatherine E.wife of SL Elinger  BROKEN STONE
EllingerEdnaApril 14, 1877ae 19y 9m 9d dau of SL & M J Elinger
EllingerSamuel LApril 24, 1895ae 74y 3m 7d
ElingerMary JAugust 05, 1853ae 40y 10m 5d---his wife
Ellinger CatherineDecember 13, 1872ae 32y 6m 5d--his wife
Ellinger LouisDecember 03, 1865ae 19y 6m 30d
EllingerStella M.September 28, 1881ae 3y 4m 8d---dau of S & Ann Elinger
ElingerMary JSeptember 28, 1881ae 1m 12d---dau of SL & MJ Elinger


Infant Son

Infant dau

of SL & M Elinger

M & NA Chapin  all on same stone no other information.

WoodsMary MDecember 01, 1854dau of EW & BM Woods
ClineJohn A.January 09, 1859ae 8m 20d---son of S& OS Cline
ClineJacob T.September 03, 1860ae 10m 25d --son of S& OS Cline
ClineSamuel RMarch 20, 1873ae iy 4m 19d--son of S& OS Cline
ClineAdaMay 27, 1881ae 1y 11m 19d--dau of S& OS Cline
ClineSamuelOctober 26, 1833February 21, 1899
ClineOlive S.March 23, 1841April 22, 1907Samuel's wife
WallisSarah ANovember 1 1871ae 11m 5d ---dau of H & A Walis
Nance Ralph LMay 28, 1911January 14, 1912son of Earl & Etthel Nance
NanceEthel Butler18821956
Gillett R. G. Co H 83rd Ill Inf.
GilettTessie E.18721904
NilesAlexanderMay 04, 1862son of J & E Niles  ae 20yrsbroken stone information obtained elsewhere.
Niles Franklin Co F 42nd Ohio Inf.
BurdoineMary E.unable to read month 1862ae 4y 11m 18d dau. of N & S Burdoine
PetersonAlbertApril---unable to read yearson of J & B Peterson
KingstonJohn W.18721957
KingstonJulia a.18521903
KingstonGeorge F.November 14 1837March 28, 1891 am told Co K Inf. Regt Thomas NC Legion CSA
McCormickCharles H.18121895
McCormickMary A.18391905Charles's wife
MulenAdelia D.18571941
SmithPhineas PSeptember 1817July 18, 1898
SmithMary E.April 06, 1817March 18, 1908Phineas's wife
RayGeorge W.September 12 1848April 12, 1922
RayNancy A.August 27, 1853April 12, 1904George's wife
GillettMary A18641929
GillettEdmund A18581940
GillettArthur L18441914
GillettSarah E. Blue18501920Arthur's wife
CarrollLemuel H.March 25, 1865Sept. 12, 1922
CarrollBertha AOctober 16, 1866unable to readLeumuel's wife
CarrollRobertFeb. 05, 1830April 19, 1889
Van VelsorCharles W.October 26, 1869April 09, 1886son of R & M Van Velsor
MerrisJohn B.October 22, 1849Nov. 04, 1928
BarbourMeribahFebruary 06, 1848Oct. 23, 1910
MerrisBethuelMarch 07, 1891ae 67y 7m 28d---Father
MerrisMaryDecember 24, 1898ae 73y 4m 17d---Mother
MerrisMelissaFe. 02, 1867unable to read
MerrisFloraJan. 05, 1859May 25, 1906
SailerPaulenaApril 14, 1837June 22, 1895Wife off A. Sailer
CarrollCecil CFeb. 17, 1889October 17, 1897son of LH & BA Carroll
 Alva  small stone no other markings 
GillettGlen L18621945
SimmonsAmy AFeb. 06, 1894ae 29y 7m 28d --Wife of TJ Simmons
SimmonsThomas J18571939
MilneWiliam B.18741942
MilneMyrta M.18861954
SailorAlta M.June 28, 1902Nov. 03, 1976
Sailor, Kenneth F.Oct. 08, 1905????
SailerIda E.18691949
SailerFred W.18691954
GillettOscar FDec, 14, 1829Nov.03, 1912
GillettMary J. KnowltonNov. 09, 1834March 02, 1906Oscar's wife
HosierIna M.18841941Mother
HosierClyde L.19061941Ina's son
Gillette, William W.18701940
GillettRosetta M.18761972
EnnisGiles L.August 29, 1881July 17, 1900son of TM & SE Ennis
EnnisSarah Emaline18621930
EnnisThomas Milton18571931
ReinshErnest18991982Corman Memorial Funeral Home Marker
GillettR. G.18601940
GillettMay K.18621949
GillettRaymondDecember 31, 1898Jan.01, 1899son of RG & M Gillett
MasonLoretta JoyceAug. 19, 19211942
Gillett James E. August 30, 1890 Jan. 19, 1969 Il Pvt. 315 Engineers 90 Div WW I
GillettHelen L190419??
GillettMerle D.18981964
GillettAlex GeorgeOct. 25, 1977Nov. 02, 1977
WallisMinnie P1875 1963Mother
WallisHorace W.18691947Father
RiceAlvinApril 05, 1890Jan. 14, 1901son of GW & ME Rice
JonesAlida Wilkins18751963
KitchenMargaret W.18971969Mother
LakeAda E.18921916wife of Robert Lake
NelsonEdith C.189119__Mother
NelsonCarl A.18901968Father
WhiteMarjorie L19311966
BuckErnest J18611919
BuckRose18581927Ernest's wife
CutlerAnna D18601915M. J.'s wife
CutlerEtha19111911infant daughter
CutlerElizebeth18871916wife of F.L. Culter
DamitzAlbert H.18801934
DamitzMary E.18801963
DamitzElsie N.19091920
DamitzEvelyn F.1915???
DamitzOrville L.19021981
DamitzGladys M.19021937Mother
DamitzPurlina M18541920Oscar's wife
DamitzDorin I19061927
DuttonMary Anne18801948
DuttonWilliam H.18681951
DamitzEmma E18881957Mother
DamitzErnest S18821961Father
CrabillR. Lucille1903?????Married Feb. 01, 1922
CrabillAlonzo M19001981Masonic Emblem

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