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Horney Cemetery Coldbrook Twp., Warren County, IL

The Horney Cemetery is located near the northwest corner of section 34 in Coldbrook Twp. It apparently was the Horney Family burial area; Philip Horney owned the land at one time.  This small cemetery, located a short distance from the road, is fenced but overgrown with weeds, briar bushes, trees and saplings.  There has not been a burial there since 1927 when Mary Horney was laid to rest on May 08th, that is known.

My daughter, Kate, and I visited this cemetery with the very nice lady who owns the property adjoining the cemetery now.  She has given us permission to go to the cemetery and clean it up which we have started and below you can see photos of some of that. 

If you have any information or are related to anyone in resting in this cemetery feel free to give me a holler... Just click on my doggie to email me.  Also if you'd like to share any of your ancestor's information, obits, photos, you may do the same..  I'm always ready for new information on people from Warren County, IL....

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This Cemetery is very much in need of some help. If you would care to donate your time, donations to help with repairs, have family buried here, or anything you could do to help in the renovocation of this cemetery either click on my doggie to email me or write me at

Foxie Hagerty
RR #2 Box 63
1635 Sherwood Road
Dahinda, IL 61428

Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

To get a better view of the photos you have to click on them and they open in their own window for a better view.

Overall condition of this cemetery is really sad.  There is even a bunch of junk and wire and stuff in it.  We moved tree limbs and stuff aside so you can at least see the tombstones or some of them.  It's hot right now or we would go back and do some more work here.

 listings of the known burials in 1983:





other information

Military / Clubs

Fisher Susan   July 31, 1852 ae 2y 5m 22d

daughter of M. & M.

Grace Solomon   Aug, 08,1865

This date can't be right. see below***

ae 21y 29d son of J. W. & S. E. Second Lieutenant Co H. 14 Regt.  Solomon also has a Military stone this we located.

Kate and I haven't located this, name tombstone yet, only the Military one.

Grace Elizabeth   April 18, 1847 ae 25y 5m 29d

wife of J. W.

Grace infant daughter   Oct 1845 infant dau. of J. & E.  
Grace Agatha   Feb. 08, 1867 ae 36y 8d

second wife of James W. Grace and possibly sister to Sarah Elizabeth Lyens.  Both girls had same last name.

Hahn Arry A.   April 11, 1860 ae 11m 1d

son of J. W. & A.

Horney Philip May 04, 1808 Feb 12, 1883 Father Military Stone

Sgt. Odd Bn Mtd Rangers Ill Vols Black Hawk War

Horney Dorcas Dec 27, 1814 Mar 09, 1899

wife of Philip ~ Mother

Horney Lydia   Feb 27, 1838

infant dau. of Philip & Dorcas


Children of W. M & M A

Horney Chasles E.   Feb 15, 1863 ae 1y 15d  
  infant     no other markings  
Horney Mary April 30, 1841

May 08, 1927

might be William Horney's wife

where is William???

Samuels Silas   Jan 05, 1869 aged 65 years  
Shutts Nancy J.   Feb 17, 1889 ae 68y wife of Charles W.  
Shutts Silas W       42 Ill Inf.





2 Lt. Co H 14 Ill Inf

this is his military stone.

Photo of a tombstone on it's side

This tombstone is lying on it's side. broken, part of it is off and down on the other side.

Inside view of the Cemetery

another view

looking south west


standing in the cemetery so we know where we are.

Kate again

Horney Cemetery



wife of J. W. Grace

died April 18, 1847 age 25y 5m 29d

Looking North west in the cemetery

You can see Philip Horney's tombstone in the background


Philip & Dorcas


Philip May 04, 1808-Feb 12, 1883

Dorcas Dec 27, 1814-March 09, 1899


Philip's Military Stone

This stone if broken off and lying flat on the ground.



Feb 27, 1838

infant daughter of Philip & Dorcas Horney

This is the oldest tombstone in the cemetery


Silas W.

42 Ill Inf

Some of the letters are coming off. very hard to read and is tipping to one side.



Another view of his tombstone


looking at a tombstone

taking a break


the entrance but we were or rather Kate was heading out. she doesn't like to be in the cemeteries after it starts to get dark and it was getting dark inside this one before sun went down. Trees have grown up all around.



April 30, 1841-May 08, 1927

Last known burial in this cemetery.

view of cemetery

Looking over the Grace's tombstones


standing at the entrace to the cemetery. It was getting dark and this turned out darker than I thought it would.


In the 1878 Past & Present of Warren County Illinois, under Coldbrook Township

Grace, James W., Farmer & stock Raiser; sec 29; PO Cameron; born in Indiana, February 10, 1818; came to this Co., in 1840; Rep; owns 677 acres, value $34,000; first wife's name was Sarah E. Lyen; second wife was Agatha Lyen; third wife's name was Amanda Overman; four children by first wife, Solomon, Percilla, John, and one child unnamed; by second wife five, Mary, Jessie, Franklin, Russell and Betty; by third wife one, Olive; date of first marriage, 1838, (must of been married in Ind before coming to Warren County in 1940), second marriage, 1847, my marriage index gives this as when the second marriage occurred: Septemter 30th, 1847, third marriage Dec. 03, 1872, and not in my index listings of marriages for warren county, Illinois.  Number of children ten.

In the Marriage index I have:

Grace, Jesse married America Parker on March 05, 1857

Grace, Jessie married Jane Sigman on October 13, 1870

Avitt George, lives on James Grace's farm; PO Cameron; Dem; born Illinois.

On pg #189, under Warren County War Record,

Grace, S. e. Feb 17, 1865 as a private.  Solomon mustered out on March 08, 1865 for promotion.

then under the same

******Second Lieutenant Solomon Grace, rank March 09, 1865;Mustered March 09, 1865, Mustered out September 16, 1865--So, according to the government Solomon Grace was still alive in August of 1865.  Have to find the tombstone.

Photo contributed to me by a

 Horney Descendant who lives in Denmark.


Horney, Philip, Farmer and Fine Stock Breeder; Sec. 34; PO Cameron; born in North Carolina, May 04, 1808; came to the Co., in 1835; Dem; owns 460 acres, valued at $30,00; left North Carolina in 1826; came to Schuyler Co., Ill., and then to Warren Co.; there was only one school district in Colebrook township when he came here; has always voted the Democratic ticker; married  Dorcas McKee, Aug, 1834 has seven children, four boys and  three girls, William, Jeffery, Joel T., James H., Elizabeth, Mary and Valeria; has been Justice of the Peace, Supervisor, Overseer of the Poor, School Trustee, and held every other township office except Town Clerk; was Sergeant in the Black Hawk War.

Horney, Joel, Farmer and Breeder of Fine Horses and Swine; Sec. 33; PO Cameron; born in Warren County, Illinois December 27, 1849; Dem; married Jennie Lieurance, March 12, 1876; has one child; Archie C. born Dec 26, 1876; is the son of Philip Horney; lives on his father's farm.

Horney, William married Mary Ann Brown.

Correction here for William and Mary Horney. from Bill Horney who is descended from them.

Phillip Horney was my 3x grt. grandfather and his son, William was my 2x grt grandfather.
You have William married to Mary Law, but Phillip's son, William was married to Mary Ann Brown, daughter of George Washington Brown and and Nancy Bush. William and Mary moved first to Missouri, then Kansas and are buried in McFall Cemetery in Missouri.

Horney, Joel married Jennie Lieurance on March 12, 1876

Horney Elizabeth M married Jesse Jackson  on September 17, 1856

Horney, Valeria   married John W Watson on  August 08, 1844

Horney, Valeria   married  George Robert Wilson on July 07, 1886

Horney, Archie C. married Alta May Mauck on March 20, 1901

Horney, Philip L. married Edith A. Barnes on Mar 04, 1903

HORNEY, Archie Clyde, one of the substantial farmers of Coldbrook Township, is finding it profitable to specialize on hog raising.  He was born in coldbrook Township, December 26, 1876, a son of Joel T. and Sarah J. (Lieurance) Horney, natives of Coldbrook and Greenbush townships, respectively.  The paternal grandparents were Philip and Dorcas (McKee) Horney, he was born in North Carolina, and she in Schuyler County, Illinois.  Philip Horney was a soldier in the Black Hawk War, and came to Illinois at an early day, buying land in coldbrook Township, on section 34.  His wife owned eighty acres near by, and they lived on the latter farm for a time, but later moved to his farm which is now owned by his grandson, Archie C. Horney.  The maternal grandparents, Stephen and Cynthia (Vandeveer) Lieurance, were also among the early settlers of this region.

Joel T. Horney and his wife moved to a farm owned by his father, after they were married and lived there until about 1903 when they retired to Cameron, and there she died April 12, 1911.  He survives, and still resides there being now seventy-three years old as he was born in 1849.  Their children were as follows:  Archie Clyde, who was the eldest; Philip, who lives at Galesburg, Illinois; Leslie R. who lives in Coldbrook Township; and Glenn I., who is a resident of Cameron, Illinois.

Until his marriage Archie Clyde Horney lived at home, but following that event moved to a 200-acre farm of his fatherís in Coldbrook Township, where he continues to reside.  The house is on section 34, but the greater part of the farm is on sections 27 and 33.  He does general farming and raises Short-Horn cattle and registered Poland-China hogs.

On March 20, 1901, Mr. Horney was married to Alta Mauck, born in Mercer County, Illinois, a daughter of H.W. and Lydia K. (Smith) Mauck, natives of Mauckport, Illinois, and Warren County, Illinois, respectively, and a granddaughter of Philip Mauck.  Her maternal grandparents were Stephen and Mary (Ragland) Smith, natives of Tennessee and Kentucky, repectively.  Mr. and Mrs. Horney have one daughter, Ora Mae.

Mr. Horney attended the district schools and the Monmouth High School.  They belong to the Christian Church of Cameron, of which he is a deacon, and president of the official board and  ???? (Need page 419 to complete)


1870 Coldbrook Census Warren County, IL























farm laborer

































1870 Census Warren County, IL, Coldbrook Twp.






















































For Hahn surname:

in the marriage index"

Hahn, Paul married Maria Miller on November 02, 1843

Hahn, John W. married Anne Mahin on July 22, 1847######parents of above child.

Hahn, Elias E. married Joanna L Hahn on Sept 25, 1872

Hahn William married Mary A Page on February 06, 1875

Hahn, Otis Warren married Lura Melton on February 03, 1880

Hahn, John married Lillie E. Erickson on October 071897

Harvey and Tabitha Samuel's parents to be Silas Samuels and Charlotte (Wright) Samuels. This is from another person,

Samuels, Harvey married Elizabeth Rhykart on January 15, 4852

Peckenpaugh, Stephen , Elizabeth Samuels on September 30, 1846

Peckenpaugh, Horton married Tabitha Samuels  December 01, 1848 son of Rachel Peckenpaugh who has her own web page here at my Knox site....

EMERSON, WESTERFIELD married SHUTTS, ELECTA M 02/05/1880 00D/0032

Kindred, Hezekiah married Harriet Malinda Shutts on August 29, 1856

Lee, John  married  Margaret Shutts on February 21, 1860

Eaton, Wesley F,  married Mary D. Shutts on October 11, 1866

Shutts, William S  married Nancy Samuels on October 20, 1853

Shutts, Walter married Nellie Pearle Lovell on November 13, 1904


Only Samuels listed in the 1878 Past & Present of Warren County, IL

was a Samuels, William who was in the Civil War and deserted July  03, 1865.  He had enlisted Feb 17, 1865 in the Fourteenth Infantry (Reorganized)

A D. C. Shutts in the same infantry enlisted Feb 17, 1865 and deserted June 25, 1865 only one listed in the book.


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