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 PUBLISHED 1889 BY Chapman BROS.

it's on page 206
    Warren B. Jenks, the owner and manager of 100 acres of excellent improved land and 16 acres of timber, residing section 26 of Lenox Township, is the son of Erastus and Polly F. (Wilbur) Jenks, natives of the Empire State.  They were married and settled in Warren County, where, in Lenox Township, they have since made their home.  Their family consists of five children,---Alice, Warren B. Ann H., Gertie, and Flora G.  Gertie is deceased.
    Warren B. Jenks, of whom we write, was born in Lenox Township on the 19th day of September, 1846, and received a fair English education and has always made this his place of residence.  When a young man he had accumulated sufficient of his earnings to procure a good farm of 100 acres, which opportunity he took advantage of, and now is the proprietor of as nice a farm as there is in his township the appearance of the same presents that thrift and hard labor characteristic of our subject, and his farm is now cultivated to a high degree, with a find residence and all the necessary and suitable farm buildings erected thereon.
    Mr. Jenks was married on the 7th of February, 1875, to Miss Lucy, daughter of Asa Capps (see sketch of F. L. Capps.) Their ceremony was performed in Lenox Township.  Mrs. Jenks was born there, October 15, 1855.  Of this union were born four children, ---Mabel L.., Wilber B. Edna F. , and Chester G.  Mr. Jenks has served his township as School Director, besides having held other minor offices, and with his wife is a member of the Baptist Church.  In Political opinion he is identified with the Republican Party.

From the Past and Present of Warren County, IL, published in 1877:

 on Pages 131 and 132

    W. B. Jenks is first listed as being of the School Commissioners and ex-officio superintendents with a list of others.  He was in this office before 1865 when the Law changed and by act of the Legislature of 1865, Sec. 11 of the school law was so amended that the office of school commissioner terminated, and created the office of County Superintendent.
on the next page  132
    In 1854 W. B. Jenks was teaching a flourishing private school in the Presbyterian church, and Miss Julia Madden another in the Christian Church.
On page 147 under The Schools
    I'm going to put the whole paragraph so you will understand it better basement of the Presbyterian Church and the Christian Church were rented and occupied.  this occurred about the year 1852 or'3. The schools were under the control of the town and city councils, but no active part seems to have been taken by either board until the year 1855, when at the meeting of the city council, in June, it was ordered that the sum of $2,500 be appropriated to erect the East Ward school house. This same autumn school was opened in the school house already in use, in the Christian church, and in the basement of the Presbyterian Church.  The council employed Mr,. W. B. Jenks to occupy the school house, (East Ward), who was to receive as compensation for his services three dollars per scholar in all common branches, and four dollars from each of those who pursued the higher studies.  They employed Mr. A. H. Tracy for the Christian Church at the same terms.
    On page 159 under City Government
1856 W. B.  Jenks, City Clerk
1858  W. B. Jenks, City Clerk
    on page 297   Lenox Twp.
    Jenks E. farmer; Sec. 23 P) Berwick; rep; Bapt; 80 acres, value $5,000.
    Jenks, W. B.  Farmer; sec. 23; P. O. Monmouth; born in IL September 19, 1846; came to this Co. in 1846; Rep; Bapt. married to Miss Carrie Capps, February 7, 1875.
Then don't know if this one is related or not.
    Jenks, C. O. Farmer and stock Raiser; Sec. 23; P.O. Berwick; born in IL, October 16, 1853; came to this Co. in 1853; Rep; Bapt; 150 acres, value $9, 000; was married to Miss Amanda Smith, of Iowa, September 02, 1875.
Then also on page 199 under First Cavalry--Recruits.
Jenks J. K. enlisted March 01, 1862 mustered out July 14, 1862



Jenks, Erastus married Wilbur, Eliza F. on January 02, 1843

Jenks, Willet B. married Gregg, Emma C. on January 04, 1853

Jenks, Warren B. married Capps, Carrie on February 07, 1875

Jenks, James G. married Thompson, Hannah E. on October 29,1879

Jenks, Wilbur B. married Ralston, Effie V. April 21, 1904







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