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Johnston ~~ Chicken 

Edgar Carroll Johnston  (May have been in the Brimfield area?)
b: ca. 1900, Monmouth, Il.;  m: Dec. 29, 1920, Monmouth, Il.
sp: Anna Hutton
Anna Hutton, b: ca. 1899
f: John Hutton  m: Helen Buzan
Parents of Edgar Carroll Johnston: William E. Johnston/Jennie Graham
William E. Johnston, b: ca. 1874;  m: Sept. 23, 1895, Monmouth, Il.
sp: Jennie Graham
Jennie Graham, b: ca. 1878
f: Elisha P. Graham  m: Levina Powell
Parents of William E. Johnston:  William Johnston/Emma Chicken
I have virtually nothing on any of these marriages, where they came from and what their lives were like.  Would certainly appreciate any help I can get. 

I was raised on a farm in Groveland, outside of Peoria.  As they say Foxie, you can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy is so true.  My kids will never know what they missed having been raised 'city boys'. Kind Regards .

Pat Johnston

Seattle, Wa.

Some of my research for Pat:

And William Edgar Johnston and Jennie Graham got married in Warren Co., IL.  do you have their marriage licsense?  Also, William and Emma Chicken Johnston didn't get married or died in Warren County, IL.  I can not find them there.  Could they have died in or around Chicago, IL?  There are is a William quite a few to be exact and some Emma Johnton's that died either in Chicago or Cook County, IL. could these be any of yours?  Will get out the other stuff a little later.  Having trouble with the Hutton name.  Buzan creeps up all the time.  Let me know what you have so I don't do the same thing.

Date: 09/30/04 13:23:51
Subject: RE: Bio's. - Frustrated!
Hi Pat,
I wish I had known you were here maybe you could of called and I could of helped.  I'm not gone yet today.  I should be but am still sorting out stuff and trying to get a few things ready to mail.  You are right up there on the top on account of when I don't find much I keep digging somewhere I eventually find something.  Been a few rare times when I haven't but I know going to a strange place and trying to find things is awful.  The roads in Warren County aren't like on the map.  You have to substract a zero at the end of them and then it may take you a little bit to get around.  But I do hope you enjoyed your stay.  Is this William Chicken who married a Sarah Scott yours who are buried in the Monmouth Cemetery. 
William Chicken was born June 04, 1822 and died Oct. 07, 1906 he was a Corp Co A 83rd Regt. Ill Vol Inf.
Sarah Scott Chicken was born Feb 03, 1820--October 30, 1912
They are the only Chicken's, pardon but I have to laugh at that, in the Monmouth Cemetery. 
Also, I was at the Center Grove Cemetery in Kirkwood and there is a Emma B. Johnston buried there... born June 19th 1862-July 13, 1938---Grandmother  But I don't know where her husband is. 
I will hopefully get to Monmouth tomorrow first thing.  I have a slew of people you including I got get done before it drives me nuts.  I will check and see what certificates I can get at the courthouse.  That is the best bet at the moment.  They only charge 50 cents for the older ones.  So they really aren't as bad as Knox County is on their prices for certificates no matter what the year.  Will see what I can come up with.  Some of their records are missing so sometimes only get what is in the book sometimes enough and sometimes not.  Don't despair.  Also, here is my cell phone which is always by me and am always on the net.  If you pass through here again.  give me a jingle.... 3093375530..
I'm going to have to go an jump in the shower and run to town.  I'm on my last smoke and last can of coke.  Can't live without either one.  Wish I could the one but it's a habit I can't seem to break... Till later.  don't despair we'll find something on them.  At least we know they existed



           Thanks !         




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