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    Hello, here are some of photo's of Joyce's  ancestors.  If you would like photos of yours added here with your photo attached and I will upload it to this page or make a page of your photos. Which ever you prefer.  Enjoy and Thanks!  Foxie

Sheldon ~ Wiswell Family of Cold Brook Township


Cora Johnson, Ann Shelton Front kneeling, Ella Kenan, Edna Laura Shelton, Mrs. Johnson

Alberta Shelton & Reid Campbell



Family Group at 4th of July gathering at Grandma Wiswell's

This is on a postcard and was sent to Mrs. P. H. Shelton.

I couldn't remember if you had one or not. Come out sometime.

Yours truly, Althia L. Mc


My great-grandmother's chair was over 100 years old.

Alberta Shelton

Alberta Shelton & Reed Campbell

Aunt Edna & Alberta Shelton

Left to Right

Blanche Lee, Edna Shelton, & Anna Frantz

Grandma Shelton & Alberta

This photo is blurry. Can't correct it.

Aunt Anna Frantz & Alberta

Anna & Harry Frantz Harry Frantz
Harry Shelton & Alberta Right to Left

Albert M., Arnold C., & Harry G. Shelton

P. H. Shelton Family P. H. Shelton Family
This one is blurry also. There were no names to tell who they are but from the same bunch with the P. H. Shelton Family with same house in the background. No Names to tell who these women are but came in the same bunch with the P. H. Shelton Family with same house in the background.
With sincerest wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a New Year Happy and Prosperous for you all. '

Bess & Arthur

San Francisco, Dec. 19, '08

Addressed to: Miss Vada Wiswell

Cameron, IL



Submitted by my 3rd cousin Joyce Barnett...


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