As I have been to the Warren County Courthouse about a zillion times through the years and made copies for other people I always kept a copy for myself these I've kept and the records that are going online.; plus, from various other sources I've been involved in. Thanks...

Kathy Mills, a very good friend of mine has graciously finished up typing the marriages for me & your pleasure & leisure in locating where your ancestor might of been married.  We all owe Kathy a great big hand for doing this.  Between my family life, doing research for others and trying to keep up with information she is typing up for both my web sites; I've been keeping some pretty late hours.  Thanks so much Kathy and everyone out there is enjoy...  Email

Foxie's Note: The marriages all in Book C are missing you will only get a copy of the written record from the files. But it gives the same information as to what was on the original marriage certificate. So, when requesting ones from Book C request the copies from the book and not the certificate or they may just tell you it isn't there. I've had this happen and then went and gotten the copies for people. 

 If you would like a copy of a marriage record you may contact the Warren County Courthouse, with the information obtained in these next few pages.  You will need the book and page number, year,  name of the people you are searching for.  Thanks. I thank you much, Kathy; and I know cyberspace  thanks you, too

How to contact the Warren county Clerk
Warren County Clerk and Register
100 W. Broadway
Monmouth, IL 61462
309-734-8592  call & ask for Tina!

Warren County, IL 

click above link for Help!

Their Website click on link above

You may thank these thoughtful ancestors for thinking to preserve our family records.

All transcribing of these early births from a typed and copied manuscript, was done with utmost care to detail.  However, errors do occur and the typed copy was at times faded and difficult to read.  So researchers wishing to document their family histories should obtain the original recording from the Warren County Courthouse.

*Tip:****Another way to search the pages for your ancestors is to use your own web browser, click on Edit, scroll down to Find on this page, click, type in Surname, then click. I use it all the time.  Makes life a little easier. 

Each page will have a link bar at the end of each page for you to continue on in your research. When doing big files like these all no nonsense sense of pages for easier viewing and downloading.

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If you have any problems or want to contribute, add or subtract information, anything feel free to email me.

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Be -Bo

Br -

Bu- End of B's

Ca....... Ch....

 Ch -- Co

C end of C's

Da - De

Di - Du E surname
F surname Ga
G page 2 Ha
He ~ Ho Ho ~ end of H's
I's J's
Johnson's K's
La ~ Lo--have to check Lo ~ end of L's
Ma ~ Me Mi ~ Mo
N's O's
Pa ~ Ph Pi ~ end of P's
Q's Ra ~ Rh
Ri ~ Ro Ro ~ end of R's
Sa ~ Se Sh ~ Sm
Sm ~ St St ~ Sw
V W's
Wallace's X "none in the book"
Kath & I are not responsible for typing errors. If your ancestors name is misspelled due to typos

email me & I can correct them also on some older documents you will find the spellings of some surnames vary. Thanks for your help in making corrections to this site.

Wedding Announcements The surnames beginning with S have the most popularity in Warren County in the Early days.....
I truly hope not to see reproductions of my marriage book on another site after all the work Kathy & I have done to put this here. Thanks & you will know who you are!!! As I've seen some of previous pages elsewhere.

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