Miles Cemetery, Kelly Twp., Warren Co., IL


Grove of trees where the cemetery

is located at. from the Hope Cemetery

Condition of the Cemetery

All Tombstone Photos Courtesy of
Rick Brown. Thanks so much Rick.
Rick also emailed me a map and I'm
Sure I'll be able to find the cemetery
now without any problems just going

 to have to walk a bit to get there.


She was the mother of Harmon Greathouse Brown,
and Samuel W. Brown, second Mayor of Galesburg.
Samuel is the person that introduced Lincoln and
Douglas during the debate at Knox College. I think
the Browns and Miles quit using the cemetery about
1861 since they chose to bury Henry Clay Brown
in Hope Cemetery Warren Co. along with the
majority of other family members.


Rick Brown's

 G-G-G-G Grandmother, Henrietta Brown

    Miles Cemetery is an old and abandoned Cemetery.  I have yet to visit it as have been trying to locate it.  It is not an easy task as it sits off the roadway with no known road leading to it.  I've been told from a family member that if you stand in the Hope Cemetery in Kelly Twp., Warren Co., IL, and look Northeast you will see a band of trees and the cemetery is located somewhere near there.  When the weather permits will try and visit it.

        From my copy of the Miles Cemetery records recorded in 1981 and I copied from the Galesburg Library, Galesburg, IL, for 10 cents a copy from the Warren County Genealogical Society.  They record the cemetery as being located near rural reference numbers 1750E and 2500N midway between sections 25 and 36 in Kelly Twp.  There is no road to this abandoned cemetery; access is by walking through a field and some timber.  The Cemetery is approximately one acre in size and has been overtaken by a stand of timber, weeds and brush.  Most of the stones are apart from their bases; some leaning against trees, others have fallen to the ground, many are broken.

        In November of 1981, the Warren County, Genealogical Society recorded the tombstone inscriptions were identified as:


SURNAMES First Names & wives Surname if known Date if Birth Date of Death Inscriptions Military or other markers
Miles Sarah   June14, 1855 ae 54y 11m 23d  
  John   May 23, 1872 ae 75y 7m 16d Masonic Emblem
Miles Nancy   January 11, 1843 ae 3y 4m 8d  dau. of J. & S. Miles  
Miles Francis M.   August 29, 1842 ae 2y 11m 26d son of J. & S. Miles  
  Charles J.   Nov.  12, 1848 ae 3y 6m 6d son of J. & S. Miles  
Miles Alfaretta   Jan. 24, 1867 ae 9y 7m  
  Henry R.   Jan. 03, 1864 ae 2y 15d  
Gregg Jane   Jan. 08, 1849 ae 15y 10m 14d dau. of H.A. & M. Gregg  
  William I.   Jan. 08, 1849 ae 1y 1m 27d son of H. A. & M. Gregg  
Gregg** John   Oct. 03, 1870 ae 25y 6m 11d son of H. A. & M. Gregg Co B 102Ill INF.
Rogers Angeline   Oct. 1879 ae 32y 10m 24d--wife of S. M. Rogers  
Durand Morton M       Corp. Co. B 102 Ill Inf.
Brown Henrietta   June 27, 1861 ae 82y             OUR MOTHER  
Freeman Fauntleyroy   July 14, 1856 ae 50y 10m 18d  
  Margaret   March 08, 1878 aw 60y 9m 28d   Stone erected by G. A. Stevens of Galesburg, IL  
Livermore Russell F   August 27, 1850 ae 18y 4m 24d son of A. & B. Livermore  
  Oliver   August 28, 1842 ae 14y 29d SON OF A. & B. Livermore  
Cane Horace E.   Dec. 1869 son of N. & E. E. Cane  
  Ira   Dec. 09, 1864 ae 9m infant son of N. & E. E. Cane  
Brown Alfred G.   Oct. 08, 1865 ae 64y 3m 18d  
  Mary   March 31, 1869 ae 68y 9m 23d wife of Alfred  
Brown Nancy L.   Oct. 13, 1868 ae 37y 5m wife of Wm  
  Charlie R.        
  Nancy E.        
  Mary E.        
Howe Sarah J.   Oct. 18, 187 ae 12y 9m 2d dau. of S. R. & M. A. Howe  
Savage George W.   Oct. 03, 1866 ae 6y 11m 16d son of W. R. & M.J. Savage  
Stotts Emily K   March 08, 1856 ae 5y 16d  
Cromley Jane E.   August 20, 1856 ae 6y 9d  dau. of Wm  & E. Cromley  
Hogan Harman   Sept. 19, 1864 ae 71 10m 19d  
Smith Maria   March 06, 1865 ae 64y 4m 12d wife of Reziin  
  Rezin   March 20, 1854 ae 62y 25d  
Stegall Ambrose   Feb. 15, 1875 aw 51y 16d 1st Lieut. Co. B 102 Ill Inf.
Nelson Eliza   Sept/ 05, 1867 ae 19y 2m 3d  wife of H. D. Nelson  
Curtis Lebbeus   April 18, 1855 ae 70y 8m 22d  
Freeman Sarah Jane   June 04, 1858 ae 19y 2m 3d dau of F. & M. H. Freeman  
Miles Daniel V.   June 27, 1869 ae 54y 4m 14d  
  Nancy   July 29, 1848 ae 1y 10m 21d  dau of D.V. & S. Miles  
Hogan Sarah   March 18, 1841 ae 17y 1m 3d  dau of H. & E. Hogan