Millitary People buried in Warren County, IL


Military People Buried in Warren County, IL       



I Pledge allegiance to the Flag

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With Liberty,

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Civil War photo of 17th Infantry submitted by Rick Brown

Military info submitted by unknown person.

Buried in Silent Home Cemetery

Lieutenant  George B. Cross

Co. L 9th Il Cav.

Civil War
Sgt. William Mills

Co. G 1 Ill Cav.

Civil War
Mathias Reyolds

Co. D 12 Ill Cav.

Civil War
Unreadable first name

Berry Parrish

8th IL Cav.

Civil War
James Longshore

Co C 112 Ill Inf.

Civil War
John Davidson

Co L 8th Ill Cav/

Civil War
Alfred Fairchild

Co C 138th Ill Inf.

Civil War 

Joseph Rowe

Died November 16, 1864

AE 75yrs 6 mo

First Settler of Rio Twp., Knox Co. IL 

1831 settled there!

Black Hawk War


James Patterson

Co. G 1 Ill Cav.


Civil War
Donathan Bradly

Co. C Ill Cav.

1849 ~~ 1985

Civil War
Samuel Miner

Co L 9th Ill Cav.

Civil War
Henry L. Miner

Co. L 9th Ill Cav.

Civil War
Harold Carrier

Bugler US ARMY

World War I


Buried in Sugar Tree Grove Cemetery

2 Lieutenant, Aleri Rodgers

Mc Bride's Co, 5 Va M L

1785 ~~ 1863

War of 1812
Isabell Rogers

1930 ~~ 1912


Real Daughter of Revolutionary War Soldier

Erected by the Puritans Cavalier Chapter


1st Sgt. John G. couldn't read last name 4th Co C Ill Inf.  

Civil War

Civil War Home Page




Buried in Lenox/Union Cemetery

Corp. Squire Clayton

Co G 1 Ill Inf


Civil War


Logan Murphy

Co C 20 US Cav

Civil War
Hugh Patterson

103 PA Inf

Civil War
Samuel H. Evans

Pvt. Btry B 28 Coast Arty

Feb. 1918~~ Sept 01, 1964

World War II
Harlan R. Jenks

PVT 506 Comoto Trans. Corp.

July 09, 1893 ~~ Sept. 09, 1965

World War I

Buried in TerpeningCemetery

Martin Reese

Captain of War of 1812

Oct. 03, 1883 ~~ Nov. 02, 1861

Captain in War of 1812

Ezekiel Terpening

my 4th great~grandfather


War of 1812

David Terpening


Civil War

John W. Townsend

Co K 55 Ill. Inf.


Civil War

William Landon

Bty H 1 Mo L Art


Civil War

William Henry Terpening


Civil War


Buried in HopeCemetery


Harrison Peck Terpening

my 3rd great ~ Grandfather

Co B 59 Ill Inf.


Civil War

Harold Luster Nelson

March 31, 1938

Illinois Corp 7 Motor Sup Tn 7 Div


World War I

Isaac Henry Thomas

Co H 14 Ill Inf.


Civil War



Laura A. Price


Daughters of the American Rev.



Florence Schott


Daughter's of the American Rev.



James W. Smith

Illinois Cpl HQ Co 347 Inf


World War I

John Armstrong, Captain

Co B 102 Ill Inf


Civil War

Ned O. Wallace

PFC 52 Fld Arty Bn 18 Div


World War I

Albert F. Stemp

Cook Btry F308 Field Art Illinois


World War I

Charles N. Pruit

Co E 57 Ill Inf


Civil War

John Hodges

Co B 102 Ill Inf


Civil War

Theodore Jay Bullman

6171 Supply Sqdn Air Force


World War I

Harmon G. Brown

McMurty's Co Ill Mtd Rangers


Black Hawk War

Henry C. Brown

Co E 17 Ill Inf.


Civil War

Elisha O. Atchison, Captain

Co B 102 Ill Inf


Civil War

Henry C. Miles, Sgt.

Co B 102 Ill Inf


Civil War

John W. Brown

Co B 102 Ill Vol

Civil War

Robert St. George

Co B 102 Cal


Civil War

Thomas St. George

Co B 102 Reg Ill Vol


Civil War

John H. Landon, Sgt

Co H 14 Ill Inf (GAR)


Civil War

Harlan Francis Miles, SSgt

Army Air Force


World War II

Clifford White

Iowa Pvt 126 M G B N 34 Div

January 01, 1918

World War I

John H. Brown

Co B 102 Ill Inf


Civil War

C. C. Penny

Co B 72 Ill Inf


Civil War

Marion J. Riley



World War II

Samuel P. Haggatt


Civil War


Buried in PotterCemetery

Hiram C. Crandall

92nd Regiment

died in the service of his Country


Civil War



Jas H. Ingersoll

Co C 11 Ill Calvary


Civil War

Buried in MilesCemetery

John Gregg

died in the service of his country

Co B 102 Ill Inf


Civil War



Morton Durand, Corporal

Co B 102 Ill Inf


Civil War

Ambrose Stegall, ist Lieut.

Co B 102 Ill Inf


Civil War

Buried in Gerlaw Cemetery

Rees Micheal S.

Sgt. Co B 102 Ill Inf


Civil War



Thieme, Harry

Co K 76 Ill Inf


Civil War

Johnson, Dale

Illinois Sgt. Army Air Forces


World War II

McCoy, Scibner Woodrow


Illinois LCDR USNR



Buried in Monmouth Cemetery

Monmouth Camp #78 1898-1902

George F. Allen

Andrew W. Barnes

Fred Barnes

William G. Bond

Holt Bradford

Charles L. Brooks

Miles Castello

David E. Clark

James W. Clendenin

George E. Cox

Lloyd Davis

Herman Dueth

William H. Dunlap

Albert K. Ekbom

Ernest A. Featherston

William E. Fowler

James Gettiemy

Earl Grahm

Jessie Gunter

Stephen E. Hinshaw

Ira Howell

H. G. Hull

U. M. Grant Jefferys

John G. Johnson

Charles J. Johnson
Corp Co. H 9 Ill Inf

J. R. Johnson

Oscar Johnson

John Liby

Clifton Loe

Ben L. Maples

Louis A. Martin

Fred McIntosh

William J. McQullan

William D. McRynolds

Chris McVey

 Harold W. Mitchell

Leander M. Moore

William D. Moore

Randall R. Murdock

David L. Murphy

Charles Pendarvis

Albert Peterson

Sam T. Pickard

George H. Raymond

Samuel Reed

Andrew Roberts

Charles Sanderholm

Frances Scott

Otis See

William W.Shields

Robert St. George

William H. Shult

7/10/1879 1/23/1959
ILL Pvt Co B 9 Regt, NY Inf

Charles Sanderholm
died 6/1/1936
ILL QM Sgt 44 US Vol Inf USA Sp War Vet Cuba


Spanish American War


Spanish American War


Spanish American War


Spanish American War


Spanish American War


Spanish American War


Spanish American War


Spanish American War Veterans


James B. Weir

Co F 83 Ill Inf GAR Post #330


Civil War

Andrew Clark

1st Sgt. Co G 12 Ill Cav


Civil War

Warren Frazell

 Corp. Co L 12 Ill Cav


Civil War

Franklyn G DAGGETT

1st Sgt Co D 102 ILL Inf. VFW Marker

Civil War


Major, 118 ILL Inf.

Civil War

Henry AMEY
Co C 83rd ILL Infantry

William M. Miller
Co A 30 Ill Inf

J L Rulon

Artif B Co E 21 US Inf

Henry M. Rulon
13th US Inf Indiana Recruit

William L. Rulon
13th Inf Indiana Recruit


Civil War

Civil War

Civil War

Civil War

Civil War


William Woodburn Beachem
1844-1882 GAR Marker


Civil War

William H. BEACHEM
Co G 54 Ohio Inf.
Civil War

Charles F. Allen
Corp Co A 35 NY Inf


Civil War

Daniel DeRenzy
Co C 83 ILL Inf

Civil War

Jerome Emerson
12/25/1844 4/6/1913
Co I 7 ILL Cav.
Civil War

Chas. H. Hoy
1851 1925 GAR Marker

Civil War

Charles W. Yoder
Co A 17 ILL Cav
Civil War

Oliver P. Brown
Co G 30 Ohio Inf, GAR Marker

William H. Sullivan
Co K 11 ILL Cav

L. J. Bosworth
Co F 140 ILL Inf

Churchevill Furr
Co F 17 ILL Inf, Am Legion Marker

Timothy Page
Co D 102 Ill Inf.

William J. McConnelee
2nd Lieut. Co 14 Iowa Cav 1861-1865

Levi Marlow
Sgt Co D 29 US Gld Inf

Ira Brown
Co H 6 Iowa Inf.
Civil War

Civil War

Civil War

Civil War

Civil War

Civil War

Civil War

Civil War

Civil War

Civil War

Civil War


John A. Struthers
Co B 83rd ILL Inf.


Civil War

Leander Futhey
Co F 83 Ill Inf.


Civil War

John Carr


Civil War

No stone for Military just

GAR Flag Holder.


James Morgan
1st Lieut. Co F 83rd Ill Inf


Civil War

Hiram M. Frantz
Sgt. Co D 31 Ohio Inf


Civil War

Samuel A. Strickler
Co L 12 Ill Cav.


Civil WAR

Champlin C. Chester
Co K 138 Ill Inf


Civil War

Samuel H. McCartney
Co K 36 Ill Inf


Civil War

Washington L. Scott
Co F 17 Ill Inf


Civil War

Jerome Gilbert
Sgt. Co L 9 Ill Cav.

Civil War

Asa G. Merrill
killed at Battle of Fair Oaks, VA
buried on the battle field.
January 27, 1844- May 31, 1862

Civil War

Andrew J. Eby
9/9/1826 1/4/1908
Sgt Co G 1 ILL Cav


Civil War

John Finley Farquer
Co K 145 Ill Inf

George W. Wax
Sgt Co H 1 Ill Cav

John M.Campbell
1848 1908
Co H 47 ILL Inf

Peter P.Shepperd
2/14/1846 8/30/1928
Co B 35 NJ Inf

Civil War

Civil War

Civil War

Civil War


James W. McMillan


No Military stone

but has a GAR flag holder bet he was in the WAR of 1812 instead. too old (65) for the civil war.


Samuel Merrifield
Co G 47 Ill Inf


Civil War

Robert E. Linde
died September 17, 1943
Ill Pvt. IgI Air Corps


World War I

Archie Kidder
1/10/1895 1/26/1955
ILL Pvt Co C 147 Inf. WWI


World War I

Ulysses Harrison
4/12/1892 11/21/1954


World War I

David G. Means
Ill Sgt. I Co Coast Artillery WWI


Word War I

Arthur M.. Means
Ill Pvt. WWI Co I 355 Inf 89 Div

World War I

Kenneth B. McGuire
1/4/1903 3/23/1972

World War II

Douglas L Hoon.
died 5/11/1936
ILL Pvt 1Cl 350 Inf 88 Div.



Ranson Doney
died 7/30/1915
Pvt. Ohio Inf, Mexican War
Mexican War

Bowles, James J.

Lt. Co, A 10th  MO Infantry

Confederate Soldier


Civil War

Samuel P. Hayes

Pvt. 10th TN BN

Confederate Soldier


Civil War

C. Stanley

Army Confederate Soldier

November 06, 1869


Civil War

Walter Houston

Army Confederate Soldier

February 27, 1896


Civil War

George Wallace

Pvt. Co., 14th TN

Consolidated Infantry

Confederate Soldier

If this is the guy who I think he is he's not buried here.  He's buried out West.

Civil War



Buried in Alexis Cemetery

James R.  McCall

Pvt. Co. F. 9th NC Cavalry

Confederate Soldier


Civil War



Buried in Meridian Cemetery

    James Meadows     Rev. War Soldier 

    October 1, 1847 Monmouth Atlas Review


Wyatt B. Stapp, Captain William D. Day, 1st Corporal
George C. Lamphere, 1st Lieutenant James W. Robertson, 2nd Corporal
George W. Palmer, 1st 2nd Lieutenant Joseph Mackey, 3rd Corporal
John H. Mitchell 2nd 2nd Lieutenant George L. Shippey, 4th Corporal
John Holliday, 1st Sergeant Benjamin P. Fifield, 1st Bugler
James Townsley, 2nd Sergeant Robert M. Snapp, 2nd Bugler
Nicholas Pl Earp, 3rd Sergeant Robert C. West, Farrier and Blacksmith
Samuel Douglas, 4th Sergeant  


Robert C. Armstrong John C Fonday Ezra H. Nichols
William Averill James E. Gordon James A. Poland
David Brownlee Alonzo Grover William C. Owens
George R. A. Barnard Elias Guthrie Samuel Pike
Ezra G. Bartram Brice M. Henry Absalom Peckenpaugh
Isaiah Berry Richard Hatton James S. Parmenter
Esau Brown William Hatton Leicester Parmenter
William Barnsley Samuel Harding Orlando Porter
Edward O. Beebee Samuel Henderson Job Rhodes
John Black John B. Howard John F. Ruddle
Samuel J. Backus Ishmael H. Holcomb George H. Ruddle
Oliver Clanhmin Thomas G. Hogue John Reed
Reuben M. Coe Ezekiel Kent James Shields
David S. Cowan Michael King John Sissell
Zechariah Cutlip Calvin Kelley Leander Stanley
Job L. Carter William Kelley George W. Stegall
Thomas H. Davidson George Lanphere William Williams
Warner J. Daniel Clark Lanphere Cyrus Wells
Dixon s. Daniel Augustin Lillard Albert Webb
Joseph M. DeLaBar George W. McNeil Isaac Wilson
Charles Drain James W. Mitchell Luther P. Watson
Nicholas Dunlap William Monteith John J. Worden
Darius Dennis James A. Miles Henry Weston
James D. Eads John T. McWilliams James E. Wilson
George W. Foster George W. Morgan Warren R.  Wilson
Michael Fitzpatrick John Moffit Larkin Wells
James Furgus John B. Motley  

November 19, 1847 We publish list of deaths in the First Illinois Rgt. (Mexican War)

COMPANY A:  Died on the River:  J. Posey; At Ft. Leavenworth: Oliver Moreton; en route to Santa Fe: George Petra, Elias Allen, Lewis Hebiner; at Santa Fe: Felix Ammons, Isam Pierson.


COMPANY C:    Died at Leavenworth: James Baker and Joseph Watkins; Died enroute to Santa Fe: John W. Collins and Robert Easly; at Santa Fe: William N. Jones.

COMPANY D:  Leavenworth:  John McDickens; Santa Fe:  Thomas Angel.

COMPANY E:  Died enroute to Santa Fe:  A. J. Campbell and William Turner; at Santa Fe:  B. F. Brown.

COMPANY F:  Died en route to Santa Fe:  F. McDaniels; at Santa Fe: F. Spencer Pratt, John W. Wheat, Edgar Rools and William F. Black.

COMPANY G:   Died en route to Santa Fe:  Harvey Tresner; Died at Santa Fe:  David S. Blackman and James Carr.

COMPANY H:  Died at Leavenworth:  Daniel McArty, Thomas Morrow, Jacob Penrod, William Jones; died at Santa Fe: William A. Carr.

COMPANY I:  Died en route to Santa Fe:  Captain F. Niles and John Jewett; Died at Santa Fe: James Vincent.

COMPANY K:  Died en route to Santa Fe: William M. Hobbs and G. M. Seely; Died at Santa Fe: William H. Brents.




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