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Wed in Monmouth


Herbert Sauter of this city weds a Canton lady at high noon today


(Special to The Republican-Register)

Monmouth, Ill., September 30th -- Today at high noon in the office of Justice Mapes at Monmouth occurred the marriage of Miss Bertha M. Stewart of Canton Illinois, and Herbert Daniel Sauter of the city.  The couple were attended by Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Franz of the city.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stewart and made a charming appearance. 


Mr. Sauter is a young man of sterling character with many friends in this city. At present he is engaged as a machinist and it is in this city the happy couple will make their home.

 (Galesburg's Daily Republican-Register, Thursday Evening, September, 30, 1909, page 3)


Correspondence From All Parts of the County

(Excerpt from the Galesburg's Daily Republican-Register, Wednesday Evening, September 29, 1909, page 11)

    Alexis (Monday, September 27th)


Mrs. J. D. Alexander of Connecticut spent last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gamble.


Walter Davis of Monmouth visited with his parents here the first of the week.


Mrs. L. N. Graham spent the past week at the home of her brother W. I Harkrader and family at Hamilton, Illinois. 


Mrs. Zuria Fuller of Hastings, Nebraska, arrived here Tuesday to visit with her brother, W. A. Clark and family. 


Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Jamieson of Monmouth return to their home Thursday after spending a few days with Mrs. S. E. Stewart and daughter. 


Miss Anna Holmer who is one of the teachers of the Aledo School spent the latter part of the week with her people here, school having been dismissed on account of fair week. 


Robert Denneson and wife of Memphis, Missouri, have been spending a few days with Alexis and Norwood friends.  They returned to their home on Monday. 


William Filler attended the county fair in Aledo on Friday. 


Berry Wray of Rock Island was the guest of friends here over Sunday. 


Mr. Herman Deuth spent Sunday in Monmouth. 


Ora Postlewaite of Des Moines arrived here on Friday for a stay of several days. 


Glen Jones of near Little York spent Sunday with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Filler. 


Mort Robb was an Aledo visitor on Thursday and Friday. 


Clarence Burns of Joy, Illinois, spent Sunday in Alexis. 


Dr. Emma B. Stanley returned the last of this week from Kansas City, where she has been the guest of her sister for some time. 


Mrs. William Laughead spent the latter part of the week in Aledo. 


Mrs. S. E. Stewart left here Thursday for Kewanee to visit her son, Dr. Harry and family. 


Mr. and Mrs. Ed Swanson of Sterling, are guests at the home of Ed Bengston. 


The ladies of the Thimble club spent last Wednesday with Mrs. S. V. Kyle of Monmouth.  Mrs. Kyle was a member of this club while living in Alexis. 


Mrs. Cal Postlewaite of Chicago visited the first of last week at the home of J. M. Postlewaite, leaving on Wednesday for a visit with relatives in Beardstown. 




Saturday, April 5, 1893


·        William Gardener, of Coldbrook, died March 25th, age 52 years.  Funeral services were held on Thursday at Tolbert Creek Church, by Rev. Mr. Pryor, of Cameron.  He leaves a wife and five children to mourn his departure.  Mr. Gardener was loved and respected by all who knew him.  Sincere, kind and upright, and will be sadly missed in the neighborhood where he had dwelt so long.  They laid him away in the Mosher burial ground, while sobs broke the stillness of that beautiful day.  And we believe he has gone to that beautiful land, the far away home of the soul, where the storms never beat, but the years of eternity roll.

·        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adcock were called to Missouri by the illness of Mrs. J.C. Adcock.  They returned in one week.  She was still living, but had no hopes of her recovery.

·        Mrs. Cap Atchison and Mrs. C.B. Weeks invited the ladies of the neighborhood to Rag Bees.  Mrs. A. on Thursday and Mrs. W. on Friday.  Both were well attended.

·        Miss Emma Loveridge will teach the spring term of school at Locust.

·        Aunt Narcissa Adcock will start for Nebraska soon.  She is a spry lady of 73 years of age.


A MONMOUTH paper claims that nearly a month has passed by without a marriage license being issued in that county.  The reason is, no doubt, because Warren county parties get their licenses and are married in this city.



SAM FELKER’s explanation was “you have to make friends of one gang of thieves in order to catch another gang of thieves.”  A pertinent inquiry would be, “wasn’t that about what the bank did?”



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            Was I dreaming?  No. The sweet songsters of 17 maidens stood at my window and the first words I heard as they wakened me were, “Don’t Grieve for Me Darling”.  Song after song floated on the midnight air and I thought as I listened that this was surely a glimpse of heavenly music, only there the sweet singers will never go away, and we won’t grieve for you, darling for we hope to see you there.

  • Sam Lowhead sold his Alexis home to Jake Bailey for $2,000 cash.
  • Mrs. Ed Holloway is building a fine residence in the northeast part of town.
  • Jack Shaw has purchased lots and will soon build a nice home on North street.
  • The dust is so thick that even the ladies are compelled to keep their mouths closed.
  • Mrs. Jake Hoppaugh and children are visiting Galesburg relatives.
  • The Presbyterian social at A. Weed’s on last Thursday was a grand success both socially and financially.  Proceeds $35.
  • The U.B. congregation is laying the foundation for their new church.
  • Mr. Osborn, of Alpha, is in town.
  • Edwin Osborn, of Springfield, spent a few days in town.  The crop on his upper lip was so immense the Alexis gals are “all gone” on him.  Ah, girls, you are too late.  Ed. will go the big fair, this fall and he will take Mrs. Osborn along---a Galesburg girl.  Don’t tell anybody.
  • Schyler Palmer purchased Roxy Harkrader’s residence on West street.
  • Gretta and George Harkrader spent a week with their aunt at Maquon.
  • John Dearing is in very poor health.  His many friends are anxious for his recovery.
  • The little daughter of Geo. Bellinger weighs three pounds today, while at Fred Bellinger’s the bran new boy weighs ten pounds avordupoise.
  • This is the first summer during my life that I did not take care of milk and butter.  Could not get pasture, so we loaned our cow to milkman Dave Routh, and he brings us good, sweet milk both morning and evening, and butter, we can get it at North Henderson but not in Alexis.  Most every one engages their butter of some good farmer, and that is the way to do if you want it good.
  • Fred M. Hanna will finish his business courses at Davenport in September.  Clyde Hanna, of Little York, a student of Burlington, will spend next week with Fred at Davenport.
  • The Hanna home made hammock takes the lead in Alexis.  All gone but two and there won’t be more.
  • Mrs. Geo. Osborn came down from Alpha this week and will spend August with her mother in Alexis.
  • Miss Wright, of Roseville, is visiting Mrs. A. Weedes.
  • The carpenters are at Norwood, so Dick is a widow this week.
  • The serenaders stood under Banker Lafferty’s window and sang, “Hush, Be Still, as any mouse, there is a baby in the house, not a dolly, not a toy, but screaming, squalling----girl”.  Shame on you girls, that baby never cries.  It came July 9th and weighed 9 pounds.
  • On last Thursday, July 20, Wm. Johnston, of Monmouth, was run over by the cars and killed while in a drunken condition.  Another case where the husband and father is taken away by the awful curse of rum.  His wife, a sweet woman, was my childhood companion, and her two children, Eddie and May, aged 14 and 10 years.  Mrs. Johnston’s maiden name was Emma Chicken and she has the sympathy of many friends.  She is left to bear all this suffering alone while the saloon man stands with wide open door to eat up all the cash a man can carry and then take the man himself, while the wife and the children are helpless to defend the right.  The funeral of Mr. Johnston was held at the residence, 1002 South street, on Friday afternoon.




·        The ice cream supper at the home of O.N. Kellogg was a grand success, both socially and financially.  The lawn was beautifully lighted by Japanese lanterns.  This party was considered the most enjoyable one of the season under the careful management of Miss Bertha Kellogg, president of the Epworth League at this place.

·        There will be a grove meeting August 6th in the grove northwest of the Miles sawmill, to begin at 10 o’clock a.m. conducted by Rev. Beall and other M.E. Ministers.

·        Fred Glass threshed on Tuesday the first job here of the season.

·        Two new subscribers to the Republican-Register this week, one sent to Iowa, and the other to Mrs. A. Hogan, Utah, for which we return our thanks.

·        Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Britt are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine daughter.

·        The Gilson camp-meeting will commence on the 23rd of August and end the 29th.  We hope to meet many familiar faces and mingle our voices together for one week’s worship.

·        Miss Eva Hogan is spending a short time in Galesburg with friends, while her sister Maude and brother Edgar are visiting in Iowa.

·        Thanks for the nice bucket of blackberries we received.  Now don’t any one get jealous.

·        Mrs. Hyde, of Victoria, is here visiting her sister, Mrs. H.C. Miles this week.



The New York World says it is in a position to state that the various rumors circulated to the effect that the Justiceship of the Supreme Court will be offered to Secretary Gresham, or to Secretary Carlisle, or to Attorney General Olney, have no foundation.

            The New York Herald’s Washington correspondent says the federal offices in that city will be filled by President Cleveland as follows:  Collector of the Port, John D. Kernan; Surveyor of the Port, Robert Friese Monroe; Naval officer, William A. Poucher, of Oswego, or Alfred C. Chapin, of Brooklyn.

Monmouth & Warren County, Monday, April 04, 1927

Gospel Team Gives Service:

Monmouth: April 04; A gospel team comp9osed of Allen Hess, Glenn Kniss and T. M. Hess had charge of services at the Reed Church west of town yesterday morning.  Another team led by Roy Dotey of the college Y. M. C. A. and supported by singers fro the college had charge of the union services yesterday morning at Oquawka.

Chicken Thieves Busy Again:

Monmouth, April 4; Chicken thieves continued to keep very busy Saturday night. Tom Simpson who lives near the Alexis .......... Warren, Mercer county line, lost twenty-five or thirty Rhode Island Red chickens and Everett Bruington, two miles east  of Coldbrook had about twenty Ruff Rocks stolen the same night according to reports from the sheriff's office this morning.

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Farmers have Interesting Duty; News Notes from Warren

Warren, IL, April 02, Henry Frymire and son Paul shelled ten carloads of corn the first part of the week. F. E. Medhurst shelled corn on Wednesday.

Many of the farmers are busy breaking colts. Old Dobbin seemed to be gaining more popularity on the farm each year. He never had to be pulled in for repairs and generally hits on all fours.

Quite a number from here attended the farm sale of W. E. Mathers near Galesburg Thursday.

Melba Pauline Oliver visited Saturday and Sunday with Gertrude Famulener.

Miss Ila Robinson has been quite ill for the past few days suffering from inflammation of the throat.

Gilbert Marks has been quite popular of late. His many friends wish for him a speedy recovery.

Asberry Reed who has been suffering from sciatic rheumatism for some time is not so well at this time

Clyde Robinson is now the owner of several fine German police dogs.

Ada Miner visited Sunday with Miss Ellen Barry.

Frank Roberts who was recently operated on in Galesburg, is now able to be about.

Ross Dunievy (not sure on last name hard to make out.). sawed a large pile of wood on Monday.

Miss Ethel Irene Hoots spent the week-end at the C. E. Robinson home.

R. S. Dullinger and the Gustafson brothers shipped hogs and cattle on Thursday.

Jim Newkirk has lost fourteen fine shoats.

Orrin Morris of Macomb is now occupying the Shipett Farm. recently vacated by W. E. Mathers.

Fred Oliver spent last week in Chicago and Rockford.

Ross Dullinger and wife enjoyed dinner at the Kenneth Farmulener home Saturday evening.

Frank Carver of Berwick is visiting at the Frank Roberts home.

An April Fool's day party was held at the Kenan school on Friday afternoon.

Hospital Notes:

Monmouth: April4--Mrs. Harold Shanks was admitted yesterday for treatment.  C. M. Lloyd of Keithsburg was also admitted to the hospital yesterday and Mrs. J. W. Laird of Seaton was admitted on Saturday afternoon.  Mrs. Fay Hanson was dismissed yesterday following an operation.

account of the illness of W. E. Woods--pastor of the Methodist church and the absence on vacation of Howard Congdon, pastor of the Presbyterian church there.

Davis 76 Today

Monmouth, IL April 4--- Magistrate C. H. Davis is celebrating his seventy-sixth birthday today by attending to business in his usual manner.

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Woman's Missionary Meeting in Monmouth

Members of the Woman's Home and Missionary Society of the Augustana Synod, Galesburg District, will meet in the Lutheran church at Monmouth on Wednesday. The Galesburg district missionary meeting was in session there Monday and today, and the usual order at such meetings was followed.

The Monmouth Atlas gives the following program for Wednesday which will be of interest to a large number of women from this city who will attend the meeting.

On Wednesday, the Galesburg District Women's Home and Foreign Mission society will hold their annual convention. The business session will be held at ten a. m.  In the afternoon at 1:30 o'clock an interesting program will be given hearing the upon the work done by the society. In the evening at 7:30 o'clock will be given to address', one by Mrs. Ralph Huit, who expects to go to Africa in the near future, and the other by Pastor J. T. Kraft, on "Home Missions."

The closing mission of the district meeting tonight is as follows:

7:30p---German "The Mission of the Miliant Church" Pastor A. C. Youngdahl.

Sermon --English--"The Vision of the Triumphant Church."--Pastor J. T. Kraft

A Dead One---Oct 12, 1920--Registar Mail Galesburg

     The late Amelia E. Burr, who wrote sixty successful novels, was a keen and original critic. She was discussing one of her own death scenes with the New York publisher last spring, and expressed profound dissatisfaction with the chapter, "That death" she said warmly, "has no life in it."

1900 Daily Review Atlas--not sure of day.


Greenbush, March 20, Last Thursday Miss Nellie Neff, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Neff of Greenbush, was married to Jesse Whisler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Whisler. The words that made them husband and wife were spoken by Rev. Cady at the M. E. parsonage in Roseville. They were accompanied by Miss Nola Smith of Greenbush and Walter Underwood of Berwick. Immediately after the wedding ceremony they returned to the home of the bride's parents in Greenbush where a company of fifty relatives and friends were waiting to receive and welcome them home. After congratulations all were seated to a splendid wedding feast prepared by Mrs. Neff. The bride was gowned in a light blue Henrietta trimmed with white silks and ribbon and white over blue. Both are highly esteemed young people and members of the M. E. Church at this place. Mr. & Mrs. Whisler will go to house-keeping immediately on a farm north of town.


Mrs. E. W. Davis has received word that her relative, Miss Nancy Hopper, who has visited here several times, is dying with consumption at her home in Darlington, Ind.

James P. Firoved and John D. Hickman were here  from Monmouth last night.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Simms received a seven-month-old girl baby from Chicago Monday. Mr. Simms went up there and made arrangements to adopt the child and a nurse brought her down. Yesterday the child was quite sick and required the attendance of a physician. Mrs. F. E. Abbey of Biggsville was visiting relatives here yesterday.

D. S. Sterrett was up from Biggsville Monday.

Mr. Hemminger, who has been here some months with his brother George, went to Chicago Monday and from there will go to Dakota to spend the summer.

Mrs. J. F. Hess has purchased the house and two lots in the north part of town belonging to J. C. Martin of Monmouth.

Rev. E. W. Thomson left yesterday for his home in Ripley, Ohio. His lecture Monday night was well attended, and his talk on the Trappist Monks was interesting and instructive. This peculiar religious sect is located on a 1,700 acre farm near Lebanon, Ky. It is composed of seventy-five men and no woman is allowed to step on their grounds. Some years ago a lady did walk across their land, and immediately men were put to work and the path was which she trod was dug out.

Cyrus Rice, Esq., of Chicago was in Monmouth last night and went to Oquawka this morning.

Roy Reed returned last night from Galesburg, where he has been working in a barber shop. He will enter Monmouth college.

Will. J. Matthews returned last night from a trip in the eastern part of the state, where he has been making dates for the college glee clubs.

Mrs. James Hanna went to Keokuk, Iowa, last night to visit relatives.

J. A. Joel returned yesterday evening from a stay in Hot Springs, Ark.

H. D. Hurd will return to Wichita, Kan., tonight after a week in this city.

D. W. Hare went to Wichita, Kan., last night, to visit relatives for three weeks.

Miss Mary Wells of Macomb, Ill, is visiting at the home of Rev. and Mrs. W. J. Sanborn.

Rev. R. W. McBride of Marisa was a visitor here last night.

Rev. L. A. Emert of Peoria arrived here last night to visit relatives.

Royal Neighbors will give a Bargain Social at the Grand Army hall next Tuesday evening.

Rev. A. Renwick returned this morning from Omaha where he has been for a few weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Davison entertained a company of friends at supper Friday evening in honor of Rev. E. W. Thomson of Ripley, Ohio.

Miss Caroline Duncan of Altona is visiting her Aunt, Mrs. Oliver Lanphere.

Mrs. P. E. Edgerton is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. W. Houston, in Berwick. She has just returned from a month's visit with her son Fred in Chicago.

Glenn and James Perkins, who have been attending Elliott's Business college in Burlington, have returned home.

Dr. H. L. Kampen was a visitor in Berwick Monday.

Miss Laura Holmes has been visiting relatives in Biggsville.

Charly Vandeveer and family are on the sick list.

Henry Staat postponed his horse-sale on account of bad weather till next Saturday, March 25.

Lonnie Gordon has moved from Avon to Greenbush.

J. A. White and wife and little babe are on the sick list.

There is soon to be another barber in our town.

Dr. Range's brother from Keithsburg is paying him a visit.

Ed Blutchard's brother and family came up from Macomb. He will work for John Snapp.

The Woodmen, seven of them, went up and cut enough wood for J. A. White who is sick, to last him three months.

Ralph McCrery of Gerlaw spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John W. Reynolds.

Dan Laughlin is quite sick at this writing.

Arthur Milligan of Davona visited here over Sunday.

Roy Armstrong was in Norwood on Sunday.

John G. Moore of Chicago was transacting business here Friday. He brought two loads of feeders down with him. They are extra choice, and the tiniest cattle Mr. Moore has had for some time.

T. W. Wiley visited with Little York friends Saturday. Miss Anna Donaldson is visiting with home folks. Ross Ragon has gone to Blanchard, Iowa, to work for his brother in the livery barn.

Fresh doughnuts every day at Hood & Co.'s

 and at Miss Butler's

Children's $2.50 suits now $1.68 at the U. S.

Marriage License:

Ed Stahl, Alexis...................................23 Amanda Johnson, Alexis.............................24

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Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek, March 21--Rev. Donaldson will conduct a series of meetings at the church commencing this evening. The object of these meetings will be to create-greater interest in the Sabbath school work, and everyone should attend.

School closed Friday for a vacation of two weeks. The scholars have labored long and faithfully, and this short period of recreation will be welcomed.

Arthur Ligget of the college is spending his vocation with J. B. Ligget and family. Prof. O. E. Way will spend this week with Macomb relatives.

Harry Armstrong visited in Monmouth on Monday. 

Sat, Nov. 14, 1846 Galesburg Newspaper

On the 29th of Oct., by Thomas Moulton, Esq., near Greenbush, in Warren county, Mr. Henry C. Miller to Miss Louisa D. Bond.

On the 4th inst. by Rev. John E. Murphy, near Cold Brook, in Warren County, Mr. Wm. Griffee to Miss Hannah Wallace, daughter of Thos. C. Wallace, Esq.

On the 5th inst. in Monmouth, by Rev. A. J. Kane, Dr. Wm W. Lee to Miss Mary Jane Davidson, oldest daughter of E. Davidson, Esq. of this place.

In the bosom of her family, in this country, Mrs. Martha Allen, wife of Dr. Alfred A. Allen, of Little York, aged 20 years. "Her Trust was in God."

Friday, February 20, 1942 Galesburg Register Mail


Walter A. McMaster, Warren County, Illinois, farmer residing northeast of Monmouth and former game warden of this county, filed his petition for sheriff on the Democratic ticket subject to the April 14 primaries. Mr. McMaster is the first Democrat to file so far for any county office. James D. Stice has filed his petition as candidate for thirty-second senatorial district committeeman on the Democratic ticket.

So far eight Republicans have filed petitions for precinct committeemen in eight of Warren's 15 precints. These are Ralph E. Kreps, Swan Township; George A. Squire, Roseville; A. G. Cowick, Lenox; H. A. Martin, Monmouth 1; H. B. Sweeney, Monmouth 8; Clifford N. Hamilton, Monmouth 9; Clarence L Azdell, Alexis, and J. J. McNeil, Ellison.

County Clerk, John H. Hillen has received a letter from Ben L. Berve, chairman of the State committee of the Republican party, asking him to file in Warren county clerk's office a cal for the state Republican convention to be held at Hotel Abraham Lincoln in Springfield on May 1, 1942, at 12 noon.

Date: October 5 1911

 Galesburg Evening Mail October 4, 1911


Monmouth, Ill., Oct. 4--(Special to the Mail) -- There have been no developments here in the Dawson triple murder mystery that have offered (word unrecognized) sufficient to warrant an arrest and while several different rumors have gone out that an arrest has been made, there is no truth in them.
The funeral was held yesterday and the inquest which was continued until after the funeral will be taken up again tomorrow. So far the weapon with which the crime was committed has not been found. Several more theories have been advanced
regarding the cause of the crime. One theory advanced is that the triple murder may have been committed by the same person who committed a sextuple murder in Colorado Springs recently in which the identity of the murderer still remains a mystery.
The theory is advanced that probably both crimes were committed by a madman who has a mania to commit murder and that he is traveling about the country carrying out his fiendish desires.
In both instances the murders occurred in rather the poorer districts of the cities and under much the same circumstances.
As was anticipated a crowd that could not be accommodated gathered at the Christian church Tuesday afternoon to attend the funeral services of the late Mr. and Mrs. William E. Dawson, and daughter Georgia. The tragic circumstances
of their death and mystery surrounding the whole affair served to make the services an occasion of intense interest such as Monmouth has never before witnessed.
When the Rev. D. M. Hughes commenced the services at 2 o'clock there was a tension in the atmosphere that could be distinctly felt and everyone present involuntarily paid tribute to the solemnity of the occasion.
The three caskets stood before the alter literally covered with floral offerings which expressed in but a feeble way the interest and sympathy felt by friends and the entire community. Seldom has any city been so stirred as our own during the past four days and the services have given the only opportunity for any tangible expression of the deep feeling
engendered by the tragedy of Saturday night.
The services were in charge of the Rev. D.E. Hughes, assisted by the Rev. C.J. Greene, pastor in charge of the First Presbyterian church where Mr. Dawson had served as janitor for a number of years. A quartet composed of the Misses Gail and Merle Hughes, F. T. Long and James Huff sang quite effectively "The Gates Ajar" "Asleep in Jesus" :Waiting By the
River" and "Nearer My God To Thee." Mr. Hughes chose his text the appropriate passage in the twenty-first chapter of the Book of Revelation and the twenty-fifth verse: "There shall be no night there."


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