The information from this page is taken from the The Past and Present of Warren County, IL, H. F. Kett & Co., Publishers, Cor. 5th Ave. and Washington St., 1877. I, Foxie Hagerty, own a copy of this book.  The information is on pages 121--127.

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Old Settlers' Organization

    Pursuant to a call published in the Warren and Henderson County papers, many of the old settlers in the two counties met at Young America, on Saturday afternoon, January 27, 1872.  The meeting was called to order by Col. S. Hutchinson, who stated the object to be the forming of a permanent organization of the old settlers of the two counties, and to make arrangements for a social re-union, to be held on the 22d day of February.

    All persons who had settled in the two counties previous to the formation of Henderson county, were admitted to membership, save the editors of the papers in each of the counties, who were admitted to honorary membership.  It was also decided that the officers should be a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.  At the meeting held February 22d, committees were appointed to draft a constitution and by-laws and to select officers for the ensuring year.  The time for the annual re-union was fixed to be on the first Wednesday in June of, each year.

    On this day the first re-union was held, at which time the constitution and by-laws were approved.  The re-union was held at Young America, and a most enjoyable spirit prevailed.  The old settlers gave many interesting accounts of their early life, and privations endured in the settling of the counties.  It was ordered to change the time of meeting until the first Wednesday in September, hereafter, which is the annual day for the re-unions.

    These re-unions have been regularly held since. Nearly all the old settlers in the two counties are now members, and take an active part in the sustaining the organization.  The constitution is now so amended that all person in the counties are eligible for membership who have resided therein thirty years.

    The present officers are: President, Col. Samuel Hutchinson; Vice-President, James Tucker; Secretary, W. A. Grant; Corresponding Secretary, J. B. Patterson; Treasurer, William Hanna.

    The following is a list of the members of this association, and their date of settlements, as shown by the records of the society:




E. W. Allen, June 14, 1835 Berwick
B. W. Allen June 15, 1835 Died July 10, 1872
R. N. Allen June 15, 1835 Monmouth
James B. Allen May 27, 1836 _______________
Joseph Amey November 3, 1844 Lenox Twp
Elizabeth Amey November 3, 1844 Lenox Twp
T. D. Allen June 18, 1835 Floyd Twp
Mrs. Fidelia Allen October, 1839 Floyd Twp
John Armstrong 1834 Spring Grove Twp
Mrs. John Armstrong 1833 Spring Grove Twp
Wm. H. Armsby 1840 Denver, Col.
I. J. Brooks July, 1837 ___________
John Birdsall September 23, 1838 Ellison Twp

William Birdsall ____ Ellison Twp
John Barnett June 24, 1837 Ellison Twp
J.W. Bond December 24, 1834 Swan Twp
William C. Blake December 15, 1837 _________
H. Balding May 4, 1840 Monmouth, Ills
James R. Brent March 14, 1836 Ellison Twp
Kenner Brent, Sr. 1836 Ellison Twp
E. C. Babcock May 1, 1842 Monmouth, Ills
Draper Babcock October 1, 1842 Monmouth, Ills
Mrs. W. W. Brown November 26, 1841 Monmouth, Ills
George Babcock May 1, 1842 Monmouth, Ills
Mrs. Hiram Baldwin May 4, 1840 Monmouth, Ills
C. R. Barnett May 14, 1841 Ellison Twp
Charles Baldwin May, 1834 Sumner Twp
Mrs. C. Baldwin October 30, 1836 Sumner Twp
Mrs. John Barnett June, 1837 Ellison Twp
Mrs. D. G. Balching May, 1834 Ellison Twp
Mrs. Jane Barton October, 1831 Sumner
Mrs. Martha Bell August 1, 1843 _______
William G. Bond 1834 Monmouth
Jacob L. Buzan 1832 Monmouth
Mrs. Mary A. Bruen March 06, 1840 Monmouth
John Bruen July 01, 1841 Monmouth
John C. Bond December, 1834 Greenbush
Ira Barnum ___________ Tompkins Township
O. S. Barnum ___________ Monmouth, Ill
Ebenezer Chapin December 01, 1839 Henderson County
Mrs. Catharine Chapin December 01, 1839 Henderson County
N. A. Chapin December 01, 1839 Henderson County
Mrs. O. C. Chapin 1840 Henderson County.
John Curts December 20, 1835 Henderson County
Fredrick Curts June 04, 1836 Henderson County
A. P. Carmichel April 10, 1836 Tompkins Twp
John W. Caldwell May 04, 1830 Monmouth Twp
Richie Campbell March 10, 1829 Hale Twp.
Mary S. Campbell September,1836 Hale Twp.
G.W. Chapin February, 1841 Henderson County.
Mrs. G. W. Chapin February, 1841 Henderson County.
Asa Capps August 1840 Lenox Twp.
Benjamin C. Carter September 3, 1843 Swan Twp.
Mrs. Phoeba Cameron October, 1832 Hale Twp.
William H. Cable 1835 Berwick Twp.
John Carruthers ______ ______
Nancy Carruthers October, 1836 _______
Andrew Claycomb November, 1835 Monmouth
Mrs. H. A. Claycomb October, 1830 Monmouth
J. W. Coghill _________ Roseville
J. W. Davidson May 10, 1839 Monmouth
Daniel T. Denman April 15, 1836 Died June, ____
Thomas H. Davidson November 1, 1833 Monmouth
Mrs. Susan Davis April, 1834 Monmouth
Capt. D. T. Denman 1835 Died July, 1876
Mrs. D. T. Denman 1835 Monmouth
William Dilley March, 1841 Roseville
Jacob Emrick March 1, 1840 Swan
Mrs. Abigail Emrick March 1, 1840 Swan
Truman Eldridge November, 1838 Roseville
Mrs. Truman Eldridge 1838 Roseville
Andrew J. Eby 1844 Monmouth
David M. Findley 1835 Henderson Co.
Benjamin F. Harward March, 1838 _______
John H. Frantz 1835 Spring Grove Twp
Anna M. Frantz 1835 Spring Grove Twp
R. F. Freeman November, 1838 Floyd Twp
David Graham June 16, 1836 Monmouth
Judson Graves June 18, 1836 Tompkins
Andrew J. Gibson May 27, 1834 Henderson Co.
L.M. Gates May 3, 1836 Died August, 1874
William A. Grant September __, 1840 Monmouth
L. H. Gilmore June 10, 1833 Spring Grove
L. M. Gilmore September 05, 1835 Spring Grove
Mrs. Mary Garrison July 08, 1833 Late of Monmouth
John R. Gibson October, 1830 Henderson County.
Mrs. L. H. Gilmore March, 1838 Spring Grove
Mrs. Mary J. Graham April, 1836 Monmouth
Mrs. Phoebe Giddings April, 1840 Floyd Twp
Robert Gibson February, 1836, Monmouth
James T. Gilmore June 08, 1832 Spring Grove Twp
M. C. Gilmore 1832 ____
Loren Giddings October, 1841 Floyd Twp
Samuel Hutchinson June 02, 1833 Tompkins Twp
H. S. Haskell June 16, 1835 Floyd Twp
Philip Harney April 1, 1835 Cold Brook Twp
W. D. Henderson May 5, 1835 Monmouth
John B. Holiday March, 1834 Henderson County
Mrs. M. E. Holiday October 10, 1835 Henderson County.
A. C. Harding July 4, 1838 Died July, 1874
Mrs. A. C. Harding ___ Monmouth
Walter Huston ____ Henderson County.
Chancey Hardin August, 1840 Monmouth
Mrs. Chancey Hardin August, 1840 Monmouth
William Hanna November 03, 1835 Monmouth
Sarah Hanna 1833 Monmouth
Mrs. H. Henry February, 1837 Monmouth
Benjamin Hutchinson June, 1833 Henderson County.
Mrs. B. Hutchinson June, 1832 Henderson County.
Margaret G. Huston 1833 _____
H. P. Holcomb ___ _____
Hiram Ingersoll October, 1835, Kelly Twp.
Mrs. Celia E. Ingersoll April, 1839 Kelly Twp.
Jacob Jewell April, 1839 Monmouth
James L. Junkin October 10, 1835 Hale Twp.
John B. Junkin October 10, 1835, Henderson County.
J. C. Jamieson November 27, 1829 Henderson County.
Rebecca J. Junkin November 6, 1841 Hale Twp.
F. M. Jamieson October, 1832 Henderson County.
Andrew Junkin October 10, 1835 Hale Twp.
W. P. Jones October, 1835 Swan Twp.
Moses R. Jones 1839 Cold Brook Twp.
Israel Jared 1836 Swan Twp.
Mrs. I Jared 1838 Swan Twp.
Francis B. Kendall October 6, 1838 Monmouth Twp.
John Kelly January 3, 1840 Deceased.
F. F. Louther November 6, 1841 Tompkins Twp.
Daniel Lacock March 22, 1840 Ellison Twp.
George C. Lamphere March 10, 1838 Galesburg
Mrs. Julia A. M. Louther April 1, 1841 Tompkins Twp.
James Louther November 6, 1841 Tompkins Twp.
William Laut May, 1839 Tompkins Twp.
William Laferty July 4, 1840 Died January 5, 1877
Mrs. Sarah Louther November, 1841 Tompkins Twp.
H.M. Lewis 1835 Berwick Twp.
Mrs. Sarah Laferty November, 1835 Monmouth
Jamieson Leeper October, 1839 Monmouth Twp
Parthema Lockwood May, 1835 ___
Fielding A. Lair October, 1832 Spring Grove Twp.
T. J. McMahill October 15, 1838 Tompkins Twp.
Andrew Mc Kemson April, 1838 ____
Mrs. Eleanor Mc Kemson April, 1836 ____
Mrs. Eleanor McKesson April, 1836 ___
Benjamin H. Martin March 30, 1836 Biggsville, Henderson Co.
Findley Martin May 5, 1835 ____
Mrs. B. H. Martin March 31, 1836 Biggsville, Henderson Co.
John McDill June 7, 1837 Henderson Co.
John McKinney, Jr. March 26, 1832 Keithsburg
Preston Martin March 30, 1836 Biggsville, Henderson Co.
Robert Moore June 15, 1836 Tompkins Twp
Samuel McElhanney October 7, 1839 Henderson Co.
Isaac McCowan October 1, 1836 Henderson Co.
Dr. William McMillan January, 1835 Henderson Co.
George W. Morey October 20, 1841 Floyd Twp
James A. McCoy April 26, 1836 Monmouth
Mrs. Maria M. McMahill September 1, 1841 Tompkins Twp.
Mrs. Nancy McCollum May 3, 1840 Monmouth
John Martin November, 1832 Sumner Twp.
Mary J. Martin November, 1832 Sumner Twp.
Hugh Martin November, 1832 Sumner Twp.
Mary Martin November, 1832 Sumner Twp.
M. McElhanney September 30, 1839 Henderson County
Mrs. Mary A. McClure September 30, 1836 Monmouth
James H. McQuown September 30, 1836 Henderson County
William W. McCullom May 3, 1840 Monmouth
A.O. McQuinn 1842 Henderson County
Sarah McQuinn 1848 Henderson County
David McIntyre April, 1834 Monmouth, Ills.
Margaret McIntyre October, 1833 Monmouth, Ills.
D. H. McCoy February, 1838 Hale Twp.
William Marshall June 3, 1837 Henderson County
David Moler March, 1832 Sumner Twp.
Joseph McCoy May, 1838 Monmouth Twp.
William J. Miller 1834 Spring Grove Twp.
Mrs. William Miller 1834 Spring Grove Twp.
David H. McCurry April, 1836 Spring Grove Twp.
Mrs. Matthew Mitchell November, 1830 Henderson County
John McKinney, Jr. 1835 Mercer County
John T. Morgan 1843 Monmouth
John McGrew, August 1844 Alexis
John C. McDill November 10, 1838 Henderson County
W. A. Mitchell October 23, 1842 Sumner County
Col. William I. Nevins October, 1832 Mercer County, Ills.
Mrs. Mary Ann Nevins October, 1832 Mercer County, Ills.
Mrs. Mary Nutt 1835 Monmouth
J. I. Nevins August 21, 1838 Mercer County
Addison Nash 1832 Hale Twp.
Hugh Nash 1832 Monmouth, Ills
William F. Norcross November, 1843 Monmouth
L. S. Olmstead October 28, 1836 Hale Twp.
Mrs. L. S. Olmstead October 28, 1836 Hale Twp.
John R. Owens April 25, 1830 ______
John A. Pence December 1, 1830 Henderson County
Mrs. J. A. Pence December 1, 1830 Henderson County
J. B. Patterson September 2, 1834 Oquawka, Ills.
Mrs. J. B. Patterson October 6, 1836 Oquawka, Ills.
Azra Patterson December 31, 1836 Monmouth
Joshua Porter November, 19, 1835,/td> Spring Grove, Died.
S.S. Phelps September 10, 1828 Oquawka, Ills.
Barzillai Parker June 11, 1835 Monmouth, Ills.
Thomas M. Paxton October, 1831 Swan Township
William E. Porter September 1839 Spring Grove
Mrs. Mary Porter 1835 Spring Grove
Mrs. Jane Paxton September, 1833 Swan Township
Mrs. Mary F. Perkins November, 1836 _______
A.B. Page June 5, 1840 Monmouth
Porter Phelps May, 1836 Lenox Twp.
Mrs. Porter Phelps May, 1836 Lenox Twp.
Samuel D. Phelps May, 1836 Lenox Twp.
Mrs. D. Phelps November, 1834 Lenox Twp.
J. F. Pollock June, 1837 Sumner Twp.
William S. Paxton October, 1831 ____
Erastus Rise July 7, 1837 Died
David Rankin April 15, 1836 Henderson County
Mrs. C. R. Richie July, 1833 Henderson County
R. W. Richie November 1, 1840 Henderson County
T. A. Russell May, 1, 1831 Henderson County
Jesse Riggs July, 1837 Lenox Twp.
Thomas H. Rice May 20, 1835 Monmouth
John Robinson 1829 Spring Grove
L. D. Robinson April 1, 1835 Spring Grove
Henderson Richie December 23, 1828 lst white child born in Co.
William C. Rice May 24, 1835 Oquawka
T. G. Richie November 7, 1840 Oquawka
J. Louis Bagland March 2, 1831 Cold Brook Twp.
James Ryason October, 1828 Henderson County
John Riggs April 8, 1834 Lenox Twp.
A.D. Rockwell June 18, 1832 Sumner Twp.
Thomas B. Record October, 1829 Henderson County
Mary Record April, 1830 Henderson County
Mrs. Mary E. Rockwell July, 1832 Sumner Twp.
S.W. Rodgers April, 1835 Hale Twp.
James W. Robertson July 7, 1843 Lenox Twp.
Joseph H. Ratekin September, 1835 Swan Twp.
Thomas H. Rice ________ Monmouth
Mrs. Emily Ryder 1833 Tompkins Twp.
Moses Robinson 1844 Floyd Twp.
Mrs. L.P. Rockwell ____ Sumner Twp.
Allen Salisbury October, 1838 Ellison
Mrs. S. C. Stocton 1838 Henderson County
E. M. Stocton 1838 Henderson County
W .J. Smith August 1, 1840 ____
H. Simmons December 26, 1839 Swan Twp.
R. K. Sirson June, 1837 Swan Twp.
James Scott May 22, 1836 Monmouth
A. H. Swain October, 1855 Monmouth
Gabriel R. Short October, 1830 Henderson County
Francis Stuart May 5, 1837 ____
Thomas Strathers 1839 Monmouth
H. F. Sexton April 1, 1840 Ellison Twp.
A. B. Sisson June 20, 1836 Swan Twp.
S. S. Salisbury October 20, 1838 Ellison
William F. Smith November 12, 1835 Monmouth
R. K. Sirson June 1837 Swan Twp.
S. S. Salisbury October 20, 1838 Ellison Twp.
James Scott May 22, 1836 Monmouth
A. H. Swain October, 1855 Monmouth
Gabriel R. Short October, 1830 Henderson County
Francis Stuart May 05, 1837 _______
Thomas Strathers 1839 Monmouth
H. F. Sexton April 01, 1840 Ellison Twp.
A. B. Sisson June 20, 1838 Ellison Twp.
William F. Smith November 12, 1835 Monmouth.
Abner Short October, 1830 Henderson County
Margaret Statt May 5, 1837 Monmouth, Ills.
H. W. Simmons September, 1840 Swan Twp.
A. J. Sirson June 12, 1837 Swan Twp
Mrs. Irene P. Smith January 8, 1843 Spring Grove Twp.
John Struthers 1832 Monmouth Twp.
John B. Shelton November 24, 1837 Floyd Twp.
Judge L. A. Simmons 1833 McComb.
James H. Stewart 1830 Monmouth
Mrs. W. Shelton 1837 Floyd Twp.
Nancy J. Sisson May, 1835 Swann Twp.
William H. Shaw December 10, 1840 Died
Joseph H. Tinkham November 19, 1835 Thompkins Twp.
William P. Thompson April 26,1835 Ellison Twp.
Rosanna Tinkham November 03, 1836 Tompkins Twp.
Mrs. C. A. Tinkham 1836 Tompkins Twp.
Mrs. Joseph Tinkham January, 1841 Tompkins Twp.
Benjamin Tinkham, Sr. November 01, 1836 Floyd Twp.
Mrs. Benjamin Tinkham April, 1837 Floyd Twp.
Annie L. Turnbull October 29, 1832 Henderson County
Caroline J. Tucker July 20, 1835 Swan Twp.
John Tucker June 15, 1840 Swan Twp.
Jacob Vesburg September 1, 1841 Tompkins Twp.
Absalom Vendevere 1836 Swan Twp.
Mrs. A. Vendevere 1837 Swan Twp.
E. E. Wallace October 31, 1841 Monmouth, Ills.
Daniel Woods September 26, 1841 Died May 27, 1873
Samuel Woods May 28, 1838 Monmouth, Ills.
Andrew White July, 1838 Hale Twp
Newton Woods October, 1839 Tompkins Twp.
Martin H. Woods June, 1837 Tompkins Twp.
J. R. Webster May 15, 1837 Monmouth, Ills.
J. H. Watson November 27, 1836 Ellison
William Wood October, 1839 Floyd Twp.
Mrs. Andrew White March, 1833 Hale Twp.
Royal Wiswell October 20, 1839 Floyd Twp.
John Wallace October 5, 1833 Monmouth, Ills
C. H. Warner November, 1836 Tompkins Twp.
Jane E. Warner July, 1835 Tompkins Twp.
Mrs. J. R. Webster August, 1838 Monmouth
Avery Worden April, 1844 Swan Twp.
Isaac A. Watson 1835 Ellison Twp.
Mrs. Maria C. Woodward ____ Monmouth
Mrs. Sarah E. Wray 1833 Tompkins Twp.
Mrs Sarah T. Whitmark September 2, 1833 Cold Brook, Twp.

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