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McCracken ~~ Bruce  

Date: 08/13/05 10:32:39
Subject: Brick Walls
    I am trying to find information on my great, great grandfather,  Henry McCracken who was born in Ohio and died in Warren County, near Little York.  He came to Warren County, after 1835.  I have church records from Sugar Tree Grove Presbyterian Church, Warren County, IL 1838 - 1948, that lists him  as a communicant,on # 235 and the father of Cynthia A. Bruce.  He was received by certificate, admitted, evidently in 1837.
  It also lists Ann McCracken, #236 Wife of H. McCracken
  Also listed is #250, his daughter Cynthia A. McCracken wife of Dr. R. B. Bruce, all being admitted in 1837.
On the page listing Deaths:  Henry McCracken, Ann McCracken, Cynthia A. McCracken, Dr. R. B. Bruce are listed. 
  Henry McCracken died April 21, 1838 in/near Monmouth, Illinois.  He first married Harriet Louisa Gillespie about 1819 then Ann Law after 1835.
   Cynthia A. (McCracken) Bruce, died June 1860.  She married Dr. R. B. Bruce, about 1837 then William McFarren Robinson after 1838. 
   According to an account written by Charles H. Robinson ( Son of Cynthia A. {McCracken} Bruce - Robinson), Henry McCracken "Died on his farm at Little York near Monmouth, Illinois at the age of 45 - - - -  from pneuomonia, dying in a few days.  He was buried in the churchyard at Little York."
  From this information I assume the "churchyard at Little York"  meant the original site of the church, which is now where the current Sugar Tree Grove Cemetery is located.
  I would appreciate any information on this family.



           Thanks ! 





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