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This information was submitted by David Kane.

     Dave would appreciate hearing from anyone who can help him locate and piece together his Pearce Ancestors.  Thomas Pearce was on of the first settler's to be in the Berwick Twp, area of Warren county and the Berwick Cemetery sits on property once owned by him and he started this cemetery much to the belief that some other people have about it. We are also looking for the last resting place and information on his wife Phebe Pearce. please feel free to email Dave and also if you would happen to have information on Phebe Pearce.

 I would love to know about it also as I have searched high and low for more information about her and her family to no avail.

1.Thomas Pearcexe "Pearce, Thomas" #12945 b. 26 August 1778, Virginia, m. Phebe -----xe "-----, Phebe" #5397, b. c. 1789/90, New Jersey, (daughter of "1st husband of Sarah Clark"xe "Clark\", \"1st husband of Sarah" #5396 and Sarah Clarkxe "Clark, Sarah" #8) d. bet. 1860-70, (?) Warren County, Illinois.  Thomas died 22 August 1853, Warren County, Illinois, Buried: Berwick Cemetery, Warren Co., Illinois.


           +   2. iJesse B. (Barnes?) Pearcexe "Pearce, Jesse B. (Barnes?)" #12950 b. bet. 1800-1810.

           +   3.ii Nancy Ann Pearcexe "Pearce, Nancy Ann" #12955 b. c. 1814.

           +   4.iii Andrew G. Pearcexe "Pearce, Andrew G." #12952 b. c. 1816.

           +   5. iv Elizabeth "Betsy" Pearcexe "Pearce, Elizabeth \"Betsy\"" #12948.

           +   6. v William R. Pearcexe "Pearce, William R." #12951.

                7. vi  Lucinda Pearcexe "Pearce, Lucinda" #12946 m. -----  Lewisxe "Lewis, -----" #12947.

                8. vii Matilda Pearcexe "Pearce, Matilda" #12953 m. ----- Barretxe "Barret, -----" #12954.

           +   9. viii Mary E. Pearcexe "Pearce, Mary E." #12957.

           +   10. ix Melissa Pearcexe "Pearce, Melissa" #12962.

           +   11. x Sarah Temperance Pearcexe "Pearce, Sarah Temperance" #12959 b. c. 1834.

Second Generation

2.         Jesse B. (Barnes?) Pearcexe "Pearce, Jesse B. (Barnes?)" #12950 b. bet. 1800-1810, m. 14 May 1835, in Knox County, Illinois, Rebecca Blandxe "Bland, Rebecca" #12960, b. bet. 1810-1820.


                12. i Mary Jane Pearcexe "Pearce, Mary Jane" #12961.

3. Nancy Ann Pearcexe "Pearce, Nancy Ann" #12955 b. c. 1814, Ohio, m. John Carson Latimerxe "Latimer, John Carson" #12956, b. 18 August 1812, (?) Robertson Co., Tennessee, d. after 1870, (?) Knox County, Illinois.  Nancy died after 1870, (?) Knox County, Illinois.


                13.i  Joseph A. Latimerxe "Latimer, Joseph A." #12993 b. 2 April 1839.

                14.iiThomas Pearce Latimerxe "Latimer, Thomas Pearce" #12992.

                15.iii Mary M. Latimerxe "Latimer, Mary M." #12989 b. c. 1844, (?) Abingdon, Knox Co., Illinois.

                16.        iv      Susan E. Latimerxe "Latimer, Susan E." #12990 b. c. 1852, (?) Abingdon, Knox Co., Illinois.

                17. v John G. Latimerxe "Latimer, John G." #12991 b. c. 1856, (?) Abingdon, Knox Co., Illinois.

Information about the Latimer's can be found on my Knox County Web site.

Was going to add information here on the Latimer's for Dave but can't figure it out. John Carson Latimer has to be out of the Latimer's who came and settled in Knox County, IL. There were several sons, just haven't found the right one yet.

4.Andrew G. Pearcexe "Pearce, Andrew G." #12952 b. c. 1816, Ohio, m. c. late 1830's?, Eliza -----xe "-----, Eliza" #12971, b. c. 1818, Ohio.


           +   18. i Theodore C. Pearcexe "Pearce, Theodore C." #12972 b. c. 1843.

                19. ii Mary Pearcexe "Pearce, Mary" #12973 b. c. 1848, Iowa.

                20.iii George Pearcexe "Pearce, George" #12974 b. c. 1855, Illinois.

5 .Elizabeth "Betsy" Pearcexe "Pearce, Elizabeth \"Betsy\"" #12948 m. ----- Nealxe "Neal, -----" #12949.


                21.i William H. Nealxe "Neal, William H." #12965.

6.William R. Pearcexe "Pearce, William R." #12951 m. Mrs. WIlliam R. Pearcexe "Pearce, Mrs. WIlliam R." #12988.  William died before 1851, (?) Warren County, Illinois.


         22.Sarah Ann Pearcexe "Pearce, Sarah Ann" #12969 b. c. 1833, (?) Warren Co., Illinois.

9. Mary E. Pearcexe "Pearce, Mary E." #12957 m. (1) 17 Februry 1848, in Warren County, Illinois, Ivory Quinbyxe "Quinby, Ivory" #12958, b. c. 1817, Occupation: Judge, d. 1869, (?) Monmouth Twp., Warren Co., Illinois, m. (2) Richard Haneyxe "Haney, Richard" #12987, Occupation: Minister.  Mary died (?) Monmouth Twp., Warren Co., Illinois. Buried in Monmouth Cemetery in Quinby Plot.

                     Children by Ivory Quinby:

           +   23.iJane Quinbyxe "Quinby, Jane" #12983 b. 14 March 1849.

Have some Quinby obits and bios online here at the Warren Site, plus, they are buried in the Monmouth Cemetery. Ivory Quinby was a Judge in Warren County.

10.Melissa Pearcexe "Pearce, Melissa" #12962 m. 29 June 1841, in Warren County, Illinois, Riley E. Hillsxe "Hills, Riley E." #12963, b. c. 1807, (?) Vernon, Oneida Co., New York, Occupation: Methodist Epis. Minister.  Melissa died before 1851, (?) Warren County, Illinois.


                24.iTheophilus Hillsxe "Hills, Theophilus" #12964 b. c. 1843, (?) Warren County, Illinois, m. Emily Elizabeth Beebexe "Beebe, Emily Elizabeth" #12970, b. c. 1849, Illinois.  Theophilus died after 1930, (?) Garden Home, Washington Co., Oregon.

11.Sarah Temperance Pearcexe "Pearce, Sarah Temperance" #12959 b. c. 1834, Illinois, m. 26 January 1853, in Warren County, Illinois, William W. Whitenackxe "Whitenack, William W." #12966, b. c. 1820, New Jersey.


                25. Mary I. Whitenackxe "Whitenack, Mary I." #12967 b. c. 1858, (?) Warren Co. Illinois.

                26. ii Effie Whitenackxe "Whitenack, Effie" #12968 b. c. 1865, (?) Warren Co. Illinois.

Third Generation

18. Theodore C. Pearcexe "Pearce, Theodore C." #12972 b. c. 1843, Illinois, m. Susan A. -----xe "-----, Susan A." #12975, b. c. 1849, New York?.


                27.i Mary A. Pearcexe "Pearce, Mary A." #12976 b. c. 1868, Warren County, Illinois.

                28.ii Ida G. Pearcexe "Pearce, Ida G." #12977 b. c. 1870, Warren County, Illinois.

                29.iii May A. Pearcexe "Pearce, May A." #12978 b. c. 1872, Warren County, Illinois.

                30. iv Arthur E. Pearcexe "Pearce, Arthur E." #12979 b. c. 1874, Warren County, Illinois.

                31.v Eva L. Pearcexe "Pearce, Eva L." #12980 b. c. 1876, Warren County, Illinois.

       Frederick G. Pearcexe "Pearce, Frederick G." #12981 b. c. 1879, Warren County, Illinois.

Information added February 25, 2009 as emailed to me, Foxie, from Bruce Williams:

RE person #18 on your site, Theodore Colby Pearce. In addition to the children you have listed, he also had two more sons: Ralph (1881) and Leigh B. Pierce ( Leigh born 28 Feb 1890 Franklin Nebraska, married Pearl G. Lambley Jul 1913 San Mateo CA, and he died 11 Apr 1967, Los Angles County CA). Thanks….Bruce. Thanks for the update, Bruce!!

23. Jane Quinbyxe "Quinby, Jane" #12983 b. 14 March 1849, Berwick, Warren Co., Illinois, m. 29 June 1871, Alvan F. Bucknamxe "Bucknam, Alvan F." #12984, b. 27 Novembr 1838, Yarmouth, Maine, Occupation: Physician.


                33.iMary Lizzie Bucknamxe "Bucknam, Mary Lizzie" #12985.

                34.ii Anna Belle Bucknamxe "Bucknam, Anna Belle" #12986.

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Thanks for your help..... Dave thanks & I thank you.

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