Pierce Cemetery   

    Pierce Cemetery is located in the southwest corner of Section 31 in Berwick Twp. on land originally owned by the Pierce Family.  As the land was changed ownership throughout the years, the care and maintenance of the cemetery has also varied.  The cemetery is a short distance from the township road and, although there is no direct road into the cemetery, there is a well kept path through the cornfield allowing for easy access.  At this time, the cemetery is well cared for with regular mowing and trimmings.  In August 1982, the inscriptions in Pierce Cemetery were identified by the Warren Count Genealogical Society as:

 ( I, Foxie Hagerty, made copies of these papers at 10cents each at the Galesburg Library, Galesburg, IL.)

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Pierce Buddy   Jan. 01, 1872 ae 1y 5m 21d  son of S. & L. Pierce