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     If you have any information or are related to anyone in resting in this cemetery feel free to give me a holler... Just click on my doggie to email me.  Also if you'd like to share any of your ancestor's information, obits, photos, you may do the same..  I'm always ready for new information on people from Warren County, IL.... Also, if you would happen to have any tombstone photos of the original tombstones I would appreciate a copy of them.  This cemetery is right in the Hart of Warren County, IL.

    Kate & I took these photos on one of the Hottest days in the summer of 2005 while waiting between basketball games for my niece at the Monmouth College. One reason why we didn't dig up any tombstones or anything. It was way too hot for that.

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I don't know if it is possible for me to do what I have down below but am going to leave anyway and will check into this.  This is the heart of Warren County right here and Monmouth and as you can see from most of the photos there are but a few that are still standing. Would like to hear from you on this matter. If we don't stand up and take a stand now someday there is not going to be any of these old cemeteries left for anyone to go to. I love going to them, the piece, the quiet, the birds singing, my dogs love going with me and Kate and I sometimes take picnic lunches.  Cemeteries tell stories of who came before us. There is much history here & if something is NOT done soon there will soon be nothing left of this cemetery at all.


This Cemetery is very much in need of some help. If you would care to donate your time, donations to help with repairs, have family buried here, or anything you could do to help in the renavocation of this cemetery either click on my doggie to email me or write me at

Foxie Hagerty
RR #2 Box 63
1635 Sherwood Road
Dahinda, IL 61428

Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


Kate on Entrance steps Looking down entrance Steps
The Warren County

Pioneer Cemetery

Established 1833

looking towards college

and entrance Steps.

another view of the cemetery

building in background is part of the same

 building in the other photos east of the cemetery

View of Pioneer Cemetery looking towards

Monmouth College

Nancy Ann daughter of W. & E. Barrows Elizabeth Barrows wife of William
Colonel R. Gilmore

Maria, His wife

George W. I.

Stephen Mapes & Elizabeth Acker Bonker
Pile of Tombstones Matthew M. Rus?? son of ? & S.
Elizabeth Haley Broken on lying into ground very hard to read
Indian War Vet Only Flag holder is left Parker

This tombstone is very old and

 the next couple are of it also

Parker Parker
bottom of Parker Tombstone small stones not much left of them
Children of H E & B C Haley same as one on left with flower urn
Clay Haly

Sgt Col L


can't read except for a few of the numbers

almost completely buried

Emily Amsden

wife of Charles Cumings 1816-1851

been replaced.

Riverius Amsden


Willard Hurd

Lying on the ground

Part of a broken tombstone
Torrence Children More broken off tombstones
Fredrick W. son A. & M ? of Burtt Edward son of W. & A. A. Smith
Levenia dau of J & M Ray John son of J & M Ray
Hollis B son of J & M Ray Charles Hurd son of  Willard Hurd

Harriet wife of Willard Hurd

Abram & Charles Snell

children next to the following photo

Osborn's this tombstone has been replaced

by C. P. Osborn  the one on the right

Mary Osborn

replaced by C. P. Osborn


replaced by C. P. Osborn

but it is now lying on the ground and broken up.

Can't read much of this one.

broken up and almost sunken in the ground.

daughter of somebody

broken up & sinking into the ground

Same as one before

still can't read

Lying on ground next the daughter one before

all broken up and sinking into the groound.

can't read.

can't read

broken and sinking into the ground

I think these are the same ones but

might be different ones.

It's how most of these tombstones look in the

Pioneer Cemetery

row where Osborn's are located at in Cemetery from the row above

broken and sunken into the ground

William T. Woods son

lying flat on the ground

Sarah Wife of William McMillan
base no stone Hogue Child

broken up & lying on ground

Nercissus A.
wife of
Abishai McBride
lying on the ground
This tombstone has been reset in cement

but it is broken off at the top & I can't read it.

Next photo goes with this one.

the tombstone on right is the same

one as the one on the right above. then a base.

This one also has been reset in concrete

only partial death date and year of child left.





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